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***** Mindset *****

"A free people ought not only be armed and disciplined,
but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to
maintain a status of independence from any who might
attempt to abuse them, which would include their own
government." -- George Washington

"The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun
is a good guy with a gun." -- Wayne La Pierre

***** Training *****

Recognizing the Sound of Gunfire
Excerpt:  If you hear loud popping noises,
don’t allow denial or rationalization to
convince you that they aren’t gunshots.

The Risks and Rewards of Concealed Carry Training – Part II
Excerpt:  While armed citizens carrying guns in public
for self defense are not required to participate in
yearly training, if you have done so anyway, it
certainly is a strong argument in court to prove that
by committing your own time and spending your own
money to continue to train, you take your
responsibilities to society as seriously as other

     Training doesn't have to be the expensive courses
at the big name gun schools.  It could be reading books,
emailing questions to your former coaches and instructors
(if they are worth their salt, they will take the time
to answer you), listening to the guest speakers at your
gun club or gun associations, or taking classes from
the local instructors.

Your Tactical Training Scenario- Where do you Draw the Line?
Written by Greg Ellifritz

Quick Airport Mobility Workout Video

The Risks and Rewards of Concealed Carry Training – Part III
Excerpt:  The power of prevention is likely the
single most important reason to seek out
competent and extensive training.  And then once
trained, continue to take classes to keep your
skills sharp.

Class Review:  Intensive Pistol Skills with Tom & Lynn Givens

Larry Vickers Bans Appendix Carry in His Classes

Train (mostly) with a big gun, even if you carry a little one

Friday, March 11, 2016 at 8:00 AM - Sunday, March 13, 2016 at 6:00 PM (CST)
Memphis, TN

***** Pedagogy *****

Skills are not all that important

     There is a Marine Corps recruiting poster that
has a picture of a Marine in battle dress utilities
holding a rifle, with the caption "Smart Weapon". 
Skills are important, but more important is the
attitude that you will do whatever is necessary
to accomplish the mission, and the mental
flexibility to improvise, adapt, and overcome.

***** Education *****

Excerpt from "In the Name of Self-Defense" by MacYoung.
The most common effects of an adrenaline dump in
response to violence are: 
Pain tolerance and delay
Depth perception and visual distortion
Tunnel vision
Auditory exclusion
Speed and strength increase
Changes is blood flow and heart beat
Time distortion
Fine motor movement decay
Trembling and fumbling
Timing problems and movement drop
Changes in respiratory rate
Unconscious muscle tension
Mono-emotion and emotional detachment
Rhythmic motion and rocking
Bladder or bowel release
Short- or long-term memory loss
Post-incident soreness
Crash and exhaustion
Dreamless sleep or nightmares
Post-incident resurgence
     The detailed explanation of these and the
carefully explained remedies is worth the price
of the book.

Massad Ayoob’s 10 Commandments Of Concealed Carry

***** Tactics *****

Two handed grip for close quarters combat with a pistol.
This technique will result in injury when using a
revolver, because the gas escaping between the
cylinder and barrel will cut your skin and burn you.
Similarly for a pistol with a ported barrel.

Competition vs street training:
more, but with an assist from Larry Vickers
     The video shows how you should be using
IDPA or IPSC stages in your training.  Slow
and methodical.
     Staying away from corners and walls,
shooting what first comes into view.
Shooting a foot or elbow may be enough to
cause the enemy to flee.  If you move far
enough around the corner to get a center of
mass hit, you are exposing too much of

***** Instructors *****

On Training/Safety

***** Gear *****

What You Don’t Know About Holsters by Sara Ahrens

***** Reasons to Carry *****

Concealed Carry On The Rise, Murder On The Decline

The Future of Policing!

***** Survival Tips *****

     Dental health is essential for general health.
     My dental hygienist, Renee Cleary, says you
have to floss (at least) daily.  Flossing is not
primarily to remove food from between your teeth.
The primary reason is to scrape off plaque from
around your teeth below the gum line, where the
toothbrush cannot reach.  If you don’t remove the
plaque, it will turn into tartar or calculus;
definition -- a hard, yellowish to brownish-black
deposit on teeth formed largely through the
mineralization of dead bacteria in dental plaques
by the calcium salts in salivary secretions and
subgingival transudates.
     Bend the floss around the tooth and scrape up
and down.  Do not saw the tooth with the floss.
Bleeding indicates the gums are being irritated
by the plaque.  After a few days of flossing the
gums will get healthy and stop bleeding.

***** Miscellany *****

American Handgunner September/October 2015

***** News *****

US House Passes Concealed Carry on US Bases


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