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CWP, 15 July 2015 A.D.

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***** Mindset *****

"The less you know,
the less you think there is to learn."
-- Kathy Jackson

     At Front Sight, I took a class in which
the instructor asked us,
"Would you be willing to use lethal force to
stop a rape in progress?" 
It was part of a lecture in which the instructor
was trying to get us to think about in which
situations we would use lethal force and in
which situations we would not.  The discussion
was along the lines of, is the victim
in imminent danger of death or serious bodily
injury?  One could argue that she is not, so
lethal force is not justified.  (Yes, we discussed
transmission of diseases and pregnancy.)
     Under the Uniform Code of Military Justice,
rape is a capital crime.  But, I don't think it
is a capital crime in any state of the United
States of America.
     If it's just one assailant, you could just
grab him and yank him off her. 
     No way!  I'm not going hands on with anyone. 
I'm not a cop, so I'm not required to. 
I'm not stupid, I could get hurt (or killed). 
The purpose of practicing marksmanship is so
that we don't have to close with the enemy.
     If it's multiple assailants ...
I'm not getting close enough for anyone to touch me.
     But, of course, this presupposes that we can
identify a rape in progress.  Can you?  Have you
had any training in doing so?  Do you have any
experience?  Have you ever seen a rape in
     I don't need a class.  I can recognize
a rape when I see it. 
     Well, no, that's false.
     In the early 80's I was a Lance Corporal and
driving the Jeep for the Sergeant of the Guard.
We were patrolling around Kaneohe Marine Corps
Air Station (presently Marine Base Hawaii) in the
middle of the night.  On the beach by Pyramid Rock,
we see two naked people rolling around in the
sand yelling and screaming.  So, we jump out and
pull them apart and separate them.  The Sergeant
takes the lady to the Jeep and I hold the young
male Marine on the ground. 
     The Sergeant asks the lady, "Were you being raped?" 
     She says, "No." 
(Yeah, there's a lot more to this story,
but I'll spare you the details.)  The point is,
just because he is copulating and beating her in
a public place and she's screaming bloody murder,
does not mean it's rape.  Rape requires lack of
consent.  Regardless of her behavior, she was
a consenting participant.
(We should have asked the Marine if he was being
raped, but this was the early 80's.)

***** Training *****

How to run the 1911

Don’t blame the gun:
Why the argument against striker-fired guns is flawed
Mindfulness reflects a standard of care and
a commitment to the values of safety. It
means that safe gun handling is a part of
your value system and that you pride
yourself on your safe gun handling. When it
has been shown to you that your gun
handling safety is deficient, you don’t
become defensive or argumentative but
instead, take active measures to ensure
that your gun handling skills rise to
acceptable levels.

***** Pedagogy *****

Fighting: Be honest to the problem, be honest to yourself
     Craig Douglas says there is no point in teaching
something the student can't do, even if you think it's
a good technique.
     John Farnam said a similar thing in that he adjusts
the course content to the students capabilities.
     The big gun schools with their big classes can't
do this.  And many have a philosophy of consistency
of content (as McDonalds restaurants) and sticking to
the script (for consistency of product, the trained
student being the product of the gun school).
     That's why I believe in small classes.  I never
take more than 5 students in a class.  You have to be
able to adjust the curriculum to the students.
     If the student can't do something because his muscles
are too tight, you have to tell him to stretch.  If he
can't do something because he is too fat, you have to
tell him to lose weight.  Not telling him these things,
because you don't want to hurt his feelings is a grave
disservice to the student.

     Some people follow instructions and succeed. 
Some people don’t follow instructions and wonder
why they failed. 
     Blind spots are not things you can’t see. 
Blind spots are things you don’t know that you
can’t see.  Following instructions avoids blind
spots.  Refusing to follow instructions causes
blind spots and is why the Boy Scout Law says,
a Scout is obedient.  [In recruit training, the
Drill Instructors told us a story to explain
why immediate obedience to orders is essential.
A group of Marines were sitting around a fire
to keep warm.  Mortar shells were randomly
landing around them.  A lieutenant tells them
to take cover.  The Marines ignore the lieutenant
because he was not in their chain of command
and they didn't know him.  A mortar round lands
in the fire and kills the Marines.  The Marines
did not see that the mortar crew was adjusting
fire.  The lieutenant saw what was going on.
The Marines failed to obey orders and died.
From the Vietnam War as told by Drill Instructor
Sgt. Sheikle who was an eye witness to the events. 
Sgt. Sheikle was a helicopter machine-gunner.]
     Superstitions are not things that you know
are false.  Superstitions are things that you
know are true, that are false.  The purpose of a
coach is to inform you of superstitions and
blind spots.  It is your choice to make use of
the coach or ignore him.
     Why follow the instructions of the instructor,
coach, teacher, pastor, etc.?  Because they have
training or experience that you don't.  People
learn from their experiences (hopefully).  Smart
people learn from the experiences of others.
     I was reading "In the Name of Self Defense"
by MacYoung.  I thought to myself, this stuff is
obvious.  Then I stopped, took a step back, and
thought.  The material appears obvious after
reading it.  But, before reading it, none of it
was obvious.  In fact, it wasn't known to me at all.

***** Education *****

The American Revolution against British Gun Control
by David B. Kopel

1911 complete disassembly
(as opposed to field stripping for cleaning)

1911 assembly (except trigger and magazine release)

What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self-Defense Law
     "If the judge trying the case believes that you
started the altercation, he or she is allowed by law to
withhold a self-defense instruction from the jury.  The
jury then does not get to decide if you were justified in
using deadly force."
     "There is one thing that will restore your right
to self defense even if you were the initial aggressor,
and that is withdrawing from the altercation. Your
claim to self defense can be restored if you can show
evidence that you reasonably withdrew from the
altercation, and then the person you shot came after
you and started a new altercation."

The Risks and Rewards of Concealed Carry Training – Part I

***** Tactics *****

How the Fight Starts

     Dialing 911
Remember I told you about the exercise at Tactical Response
where under stress during a tactical scenario the students
tried to dial 911 on their cell phones and couldn't do it?
     Well, Marc MacYoung in his book
"In The Name Of Self-Defense" suggests a solution. 
"... tuck the arm of your phone hand against your body,
then dial."
     The problem is that both hands are moving (trembling,
shaking with adrenaline).  By stabilizing one hand, the
operation gets much easier.
     This book is full of such trade craft.

***** Instructors *****

***** Gear *****

Question:  My wife and I went for a walk on the beach yesterday,
and given current events and warnings, I felt compelled not to
be caught unarmed.  I am now on a quest to determine the best
smallest handgun to carry that I can shoot accurately.  A knife
is better than fists.  An American Arms 22 long rifle 5 shot
revolver is better than a knife.  Your thoughts?

     Fists should not be on your list at all.  If you punch
someone with your fist, you may break your fingers or wrist.
(Using the side of your fist, as a hammer strike, won't
hurt you.)
The Marine Corps LINE hand to hand combat program only
used open hand techniques.  (an oldie but goodie)
     Using a knife is lethal force in every jurisdiction
that I know of.  So, carrying a knife instead of a pistol
reduces your range without reducing your liability.  So,
carry the pistol. 
     If you can't legally carry the pistol, move out of
that jurisdiction.  It's a free country, you can move
easily.  I did.  My ancestors did.  I have no sympathy
for people who live under oppression when they can move.
     My recommendation would be a .38 Special hammerless
revolver with at least a 3 inch barrel.
     If you read the technical specs and standards documents,
you will see that the modern revolver cartridges really need
(expect) at least a 4 inch barrel to effectively burn the
powder in the case.  So, 3 inches is not really sufficient,
but concealable.  [I know you are thinking about a 2 inch
barrel.  But, you need large quantities of fast burning
powder to make a 2 inch barrel effective.  (Magnums get their
power from large quantities of slow burning powder.  Slow
burning so as not to generate dangerously high chamber
pressures.  So, they need long barrels to be effective.)
But, ya the 2 inch barrel is more concealable. 
     I am sure the 2 inch barrel is combat effective
at contact distances.  But, I am an engineer.  So, the
theory bothers me psychologically.  Hence, I would
adjust my clothing and carry a longer barrel.]
     The hammerless recommendation is so that the revolver
may be fired from within a pocket or purse without the
hammer getting caught on anything.  Revolvers are also
better in this situation, as semi-autos may malfunction
because there is insufficient space for the expended cases
to eject.
     The .38 Special recommendation is because it is
commonly available, effective for self-defense, and the
recoil is manageable.  The .357 Magnums are more expensive,
and it makes no sense to practice with .38 Specials and
then carry .357 Magnums, as they will give you a different
point of impact and different recoil.
     If you shoot a hollow point bullet from within a pocket
or purse, the bullet's cavity will immediately be plugged
with material.  The body's fluids will not be able to enter
the hollow point, so there won't be much hydrodynamic
pressure to cause the bullet to expand.  Even soft solids
just don't behave as fluids.  So, I would shoot copper
jacketed round nose bullets.  They are effective and much
cheaper than hollow point ammunition.
     Unfortunately, there are revolvers on Gun Broker and
such that don't have trigger guards.  This is shear
     No matter what revolver you choose, you must carry
it in a correct, properly fitting holster.  To do otherwise
is asking for negligent discharges.
     I intentionally neglect to mention makes and models.
Because I am not competent to do so.
     Of course, the zeroth recommendation is to keep your
head up and looking around so that you see the bad guy in
time to walk away.
     If the enemy is within 21 feet (distance from wall to
wall of a room indoors, two car lengths outdoors), the
Teuller Drill tells us that you won't have time to deploy
a weapon before the assailant is on you.  So, you must
have hand to hand techniques practiced and reflexively
available to you (in your repertoire).  Study Krav Maga.

***** News *****

U.S. High Schools Embrace Shooting as Hot New Sport
In Bloomberg Business of all places.

Donald Trump: Abolish Gun Free Zones
On Military Bases

***** Promotions *****

***** Opinions *****

***** Politics *****

     Well, Duh!  If you give criminals sanctuary
in your city, they are going to stay in your city;
even after being deported 5 times.
     And they are going to do what criminals do,
murder your residents.  Yet another reason to
get training, look around, and always carry.
By the way, the pistol that the illegal alien
felony convict used to kill the innocent lady
belonged to a U.S. Bureau of Land Management agent.
     Federal agents lose hundreds of firearms
every year.  Some of them machineguns.
     You wouldn't believe the number of federal
agents running around with guns and badges.  Just
about every bureaucracy has its own police force.
My ex-wife's boyfriend's wife was a gun toting
IRS agent.  My ex was a gun toting Postal Inspector.
Mailmen and tax collectors with guns, what has
this world come to?

More Than 347,000 Convicted Criminal Immigrants At Large In U.S.
     This is why you have to carry.

Sanctuary Cities Released Over 8,000
Illegal Aliens With Criminal Records This Year
***** Miscellany *****


Jonathan Low

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