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CWP, 31 March 2015 A.D.

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***** Mindset *****

"True Drowning Story: Why Mental Preparedness is Everything"
By: Ben Sobieck | November 6, 2013
Remember, it is not what you have in your prepared
supplies that will cause you to survive anything.
It is what you know.  What you have can just make
your survival easier.  If you do not have the
proper knowledge, training, and ability, do not
use your emotions to make a victim of yourself as

"Not thinking things through"

***** Training *****

I Used This Pistol To Defend
Myself Against An Armed Attacker
Excerpt:  "Things are never perfect."
This is something I have told my children
many times.  Do the best with what you have, NOW. 
Perfection is the enemy of accomplishment.

***** Pedagogy *****

***** Education *****

Parents Talking to Their Kids About Gun Safety
- NSSF & Project ChildSafe
     Wow, this is just like talking to your
kids about sex or driving.
     "I know a lot about guns from video games."
Whoa, this statement is so false, on so many levels.
     If you don't talk to your kids about guns,
they will learn about guns by watching TV and
movies.  If you take them to a gun school,
they will be irritated by everything they see
on TV and in the movies.  They'll be pointing
out all the mistakes, as you try to watch the show.
That's a good sign.  They are separating reality
from fiction.  Something uneducated people can't do.

"Security Theater!"
Posted by John S. Farnam on 27 Mar 2015
     Mr. Farnam's friend talks about the Philippines.
But, I have seen the same in Turkey and the Kingdom
of Saudi Arabia.
     In Turkey, movie theater seating is reserved.
So, enemies are not seated next to each other.
     In the Ankara airport, I saw lines of Turkish
soldiers armed with submachineguns standing between
groups of Jews and Arabs.
     But, that was over a decade ago.  I'm sure
things have gotten better.

***** Tactics *****

Why one cop carries 145 rounds of ammo on the job

***** Gear *****

Ammo prices

***** News *****

Armed Customer Captures Bank Robber In Georgia
     Body language is critical.  Body language comes
from training and confidence.  Confidence comes from
training and practice.

Defense of others,

Viral Video Of Man Being Held At
Gunpoint Is More Than Meets The Eye

2 Dead After West Philly Triple Shooting
     Analysis at

***** Promotions *****

Battery powered flashlight
The specs and price look good.  But, I've never used one. is selling them for $47 plus shipping.
Or, $49 with the Multi-Angle Helmet Mount.

Beretta Tactical Knives
Click on the "GET 10% OFF" on the left side of
the web page to get a coupon.  A bit expensive.
Made in Italy.

Oakley, ballistic eyewear
Their advertisement claims the glasses meet or
exceed U.S. Military Spec Mil PRF31013 and
ANSI Z87.1-2010
     When I was in the Marine Corps (Mike Battery, 3/14),
they issued us this one,
I wear prescription glasses, so I let the
girlfriend wear them and she said they were comfortable. 
They are supposed to afford you some protection
against lasers, but I wouldn't bet on it.

***** Politics *****

     I am glad my children are growing up in
times when we are winning.  Most of my life
has been lived in times when we were losing.

North Texas lawmaker aims to limit gun-free zones

***** Miscellany *****

Steve Martin and Edie Brickell Sing
A Pro-Gun, Pro-Self-Defense, Song

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