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***** Mindset *****

Posted by John S. Farnam on 8 Mar 2015

“Like parachutes and fire-extinguishers,
guns are emergency/safety equipment.
When you require one, your need will be
immediate, critical, and desperate. And,
when unprepared, you’ll likely never
need one again!” -- Anonymous

     When I was a child, my paternal grandmother
and I were arguing about defensive driving.  I
had learned in school that you can always avoid
a collision (I am in control attitude). 
My grandmother told me that sometimes you can't
do anything to defend yourself when driving
(I am a victim attitude).  She cited an example: 
You're stopped at an intersection and a driver
(not a car, a car is an inanimate object)
drives up behind you and rams you from the rear. 
There is nothing you can do about that.
     I believed that, until I took a course from
Front Sight, where Brad Ackman told us about his
mother who was stopped at an intersection.  She
was checking her rear view mirror and saw a car
barreling down on her.  So, she pulled off the
road, onto the shoulder of the road, to get out
of the way.  (She had intentionally left enough
space between her car and the car in front of
her to make this maneuver.)  Unfortunately, the
bad driver plowed into the car that was in front
of her, pushing it into the intersection, causing
a collision with crossing traffic.  But, Brad's
mother avoided injury.
     You don't have to be a victim.  You can
always avoid the incident, if you pay attention
to what's going on around you.  This is truth.
But, more importantly, it is attitude.

***** Training *****

"Why don’t people train?"
     Claude Werner says a lot of untrained people
successfully defend themselves with guns everyday.
So, why spend the time and money to train?
     My answer is that training is not just to allow
you to win the fight.  Training is to allow you
to avoid the fight. 
     In golf, the more you train, the fewer
strokes you are forced to play on the course. 
So, as with self-defense, the more you train,
the fewer shots you will be forced to fire in
     Good training should teach you principles
that allow you to avoid complacency and stay in
condition yellow.  Good training should teach 
you life survival skills, not just gun skills.
     Good training should be teaching you how
to end the fight with your first shot, even if
good judgement forces you to continue firing.
(Good training would allow you to explain the
preceding sentence.)

Safety Matters: How to Use a Belt Holster
     Table of contents,

The Pros and Cons of Babywearing
Excerpt:  Go to the range with your wrap or baby carrier
and a weighted baby-doll or bag of kitty litter. Practice
drawing and shooting, moving, magazine changes, and
single-handed shooting. If you find errors in your carry
system, work them out now.

     This is why training in the lawful use of
firearms is so vitally important.
     Ignorance of the law is no excuse.  Following
the advice of ignorant politicians is no defense.

***** Pedagogy *****

***** Education *****

Fundamentals Of Ballistics

***** Tactics *****

***** Gear *****

     A friend at the Gun Room (in Lebanon, TN)
let me shoot his Heckler & Koch VP9 chambered
in 9mm.  It has ambidextrous magazine releases
and ambidextrous slide locks.  No manual safety. 
It has several back straps and grip side panels
to fit the pistol to your hand.  It sells for
$700 new.  I recommend it, especially for left

     The holster should not cover the magazine
release button (or lever).  If it does, you won't
be able to reload the magazine in your pistol
without taking the pistol out of the holster.
Which is an useful administrative operation.

     The slide lock and magazine release should
not be reachable when in your correct shooting
grip.  If they were, you might accidentally
release the magazine or lock the slide while
shooting.  So, extended mag releases and extended
slide locks are wrong.

***** News *****

***** Promotions *****

Target Sports USA has all kinds of police
trade in guns on sale for less than $400.
For example,

***** Politics *****

***** Miscellany *****

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