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CWP, 5 February 2015 A.D.

Greetings Concealed Weapons Permittees,

***** Mindset *****

"Failure is an indication that someone
tried to do something." -- Ingersoll

***** Training *****

     Yesterday (1/11/15) I shot a match at the
Volunteer Pistol Club in Alexandria, TN.  I
missed a target completely.  I replayed the
scenario in my mind to figure out why I had
missed.  I had seen the target, clearly. 
On every other target, I had seen the target
only as a blurry background to my front sight. 
The front sight had been clear.  So, I missed
because I did not have a proper sight picture
(I was not focused on the front sight). 
     Why had I not gotten a correct sight picture 
on that target?  How could I have seen the
target clearly?  I must have been looking
through the top lens of my bifocal glasses. 
On all the other targets, I had tilted my
head back to look through the bottom lens
of my bifocal.  Head tilted back is an
awkward, unnatural position.  Should I
change my glasses, or train to get the
correct head position consistently, or
look for some other solution?  A bright
fiber optic front sight?  Wear my contact
lenses with shooting glasses that allow 
me to focus on my front sight?  Wear a
different contact lens in my aiming eye
to allow me to focus on my front sight?
(That would interfere when I shoot left
handed, aiming with my left eye, around
the left side of a barrier.)
     This is why we train.  Some solutions
don't work under stress.  We need to find them
and discard them before we train them into
engrained habits and reflex responses.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Concealed Carry:
Not Going Through the Motions
By: Tom McHale, 12/26/13

***** Education *****

     Advice for handling a traffic stop while
carrying and choosing an instructor.
by Massad Ayoob.
Excerpt: (paraphrase)
Who is teaching the course?  Get his resume.
Vet the instructor.  [Several employers have
told me, during interviews, that they were
surprised that I had actually done everything
on my resume, because everybody lies.  A sad
commentary on our society. -- Jon Low]
Find out what they are teaching, especially
the rules of engagement.  Are they teaching
how to better compete in matches?
Are they teaching police or military tactics?
Are they teaching civilian concealed carry

American Gunsmithing Institute
Armorers courses on DVD, buy one get one free,
limit 5 free with 5 purchased.  Enter code
"GIFT15".  $40 each plus ...
Or, phone:  (800) 797-0867 and ask for code "GIFT15".
     I've never done any of these courses.
I just mention it because Gun Digest recommends them.
So, maybe this should be under promotions
rather than education.

***** Tactics *****

Arm stop

     From the Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy,
"close quarter battle" technique,
"1.  The enemy always has the ambush advantage.
 2.  Never grapple with the enemy by choice.
 3.  There is no tap out."
     This technique is a natural extension of
the retention Sul position that we teach
while scanning.  And is another reason to
have a minimum 4 inch barrel on your pistol.
The circular motion to get the enemy off your
pistol is exactly the same as that used in
baton and rifle close quarter combat.

     Pistol retention technique, Pin and Spin,

***** Gear *****

     Why a retention holster is a good idea
for civilian concealed carry,
by Massad Ayoob.
     I have always taught my students to use
a holster without any retention device,
because high stress causes us to forget to
do things, such as defeat the retention device.
     Much of what I put in my emails from
other instructors conflicts with what I teach. 
Diversity of opinion is an indication of
independent thought.

     The Smith&Wesson M&P Shield has a
semi-single stack magazine.  Its thickness is
between a single and double stack magazine.
     The only way to find a pistol that fits
your hand and has an acceptable trigger
is to go to a gun store (or your friend's
house who owns every possible gun, we all know
such a person, whether we know it or not)
and try them out.  Chamber check,
magazine check.  Grip.  Dry fire.  Hold the
trigger to the rear, rack the slide, reset,
and dry fire.

     The IDPA changed their rules to create a
Compact Carry Pistol (CCP) division, because
they found that classifier times were
7% to 24% slower than Stock Service Pistol
(SSP) division for the same person on the
same day.  Smaller pistols are more difficult
to shoot.  A short barrel means a short sighting
radius.  Which means larger sighting error. 
Short grip means you can't get all your
fingers on the grip, so you don't have
a stable grip.  I hope this influences your
choice of carry pistol.

***** News *****

"American Sniper: A Good Guy With A Gun Stopping Bad Guys"

No charges for Calif. man who shot and killed burglar
Jan 27, 2015
Lesson to learn:  Never speak to the press after such
an incident.  They will make it appear that you didn't
need to shoot the assailants (because they have an
agenda).  Thank God the District Attorney did the
right thing and did not press charges.

Gun Range Owner Bans Muslims, Business Quadruples
This is her Facebook page,
Bravo, Miss Morgan!
     The headline is misleading (as it is meant
to be, to generate buzz).  She only declines
service to those she suspects of being terrorists.
The flight schools that trained the 9/11 terrorists
could have done the same.  Any restaurant may
legally decline service to anyone.  "Suspected
terrorists" are not a legally protected special
interest group.

Life time concealed carry permit in Virginia.

FBI Report:
More Guns Correlated With
Less Crime In First Half Of 2014

***** Promotions *****

Challenge Targets|++Newsletter&utm_campaign=ba312361f8-January+2015+-+Civilian&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_15969e019f-ba312361f8-115083341
Video demonstration|++Newsletter&utm_campaign=ba312361f8-January+2015+-+Civilian&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_15969e019f-ba312361f8-115083341
Please contact us any time. 
My direct line is 1-800-859-5841 ext# 910. 
Brad Brune - President
Helen Brune,
Enter this code during checkout: CMCTDI
     I enthusiastically recommend Challenge Targets.
Quality design, materials, and workmanship.
Clear instructions for assembly and use.
The targets reliably leave the bullet remains on
the ground in front of the target, as opposed to
ricocheting anywhere else.  You're going to need
a crescent wrench and a four foot length of 2X4
to assemble it.

***** Politics *****

Bill Whittle tells the truth to rebut the
lies about guns.

     New York's abuse of power under color of law.
Yes, this is really happening in your country.

***** Miscellany *****

     Trap shooting at radio controlled aircraft.
I've got to get the Nashville Gun Club to do this.

10 Things You Learn by Carrying a Gun Every Day
By Tom McHale, 8/6/14

5 Tips For New Concealed Carriers
By Tom McHale, July 24, 2014

8 Reasons You Need Professional Help
By Tom McHale, March 7, 2014

Rob Pincus, PDN's Executive Director,
answers questions related to personal defense.

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Jonathan Low

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