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CWP, 25 February 2015 A.D.
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     "No possible rapidity of fire can atone for
habitual carelessness of aim with the first shot."
-- Theodore Roosevelt, (26th President of the United States)
The Wilderness Hunter, 1893.

***** Mindset *****

Why Conceal Carry a Firearm?
by Kristin Larson, lead instructor at Prime Defence,
     You can't predict random events.
This is deep.  Random events cluster
(in time and space).  Because, clustered
events have a higher entropy than uniformly
distributed events.  Third law of thermodynamics
says that the universe and all non-reversible
systems move toward states of higher entropy.
(Galaxies cluster.  They are not uniformly
distributed in space.  When you flip a fair
coin, you don't get alternating heads and
tails.  You get clusters of heads and clusters
of tails.)
     The probability of you guessing when and
where a lethal force encounter will occur is
less than the expected value you would
calculate using any a priori probability
density function.
     The cost of losing this bet is
so extreme that the weighted probability
density function is not smooth and
continuous.  Rather, we are dealing with
delta Dirac functions.  Which puts this
analysis outside of normal game theory
analysis. (If you fix a finite dollar value
to human life, then you are back in the
realm of game theory and actuarial analysis.)

     Mark Twain said that fiction is harder
to write than non-fiction, because fiction
has to make sense.  So, if this doesn't make
sense, you know why.

***** Training *****

Sight misalignment, speed, and accuracy

     May I invite your attention to the following
class on strength and conditioning?
     No, you don't need any equipment.  Soup cans make
perfectly good dumb bells..

Posted by John S. Farnam on 13 Feb 2015
Excerpt:  We occasionally “do it,”
but we never “live it!”

FBI agent accidentally shoots himself at California training facility.
     This is why it is so critically important
to watch what you're doing as you carefully,
gently holster. 
     I know some schools and
Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers
(FLETC) teach keeping your head up and looking
around when holstering.  But, why would you
be holstering if there is still something to
be looking for?  If you're holstering, it
means the situation is copacetic.
     Statistically speaking, holstering is
the most dangerous part of any training
regime.  Holstering is when students shoot
themselves in the foot and leg.

Chicago cop accidentally shoots himself at courthouse.
     The gun did not discharge.  The officer fired
the gun.  Guns cannot discharge by themselves.
The officer was not taking the gun from a locker
when he negligently fired the gun.  If that were
so, the bullet would have gone into the locker.
The negligent discharge was while the gun was
pointed at the officer's upper leg.  That's the
only way the bullet would hit his upper leg.
     Watch what you're doing when you holster.
Lots of things can get caught between your pistol
and your holster:  your shirt, a draw string from
your windbreaker, etc.  If you forcefully ram
your pistol into your holster, you're begging
for a negligent discharge.

***** Pedagogy *****

***** Education *****

How a Handgun Works: 1911 .45
Amazing detail.

***** Tactics *****

***** Gear *****

Gun Ownership Primer --
Revolver or Semiauto? Part 1
Revolver or Semiauto? Part 2
Cartridge Choice, Part 1
Cartridge Choice, Part 2
Holsters and Accessories, Part 1
Holsters and Accessories, Part 2
     Make sure to read the story at the
end of this article, page 5, "Final Lesson".
(The Tea Ceremony is a Japanese performance art form.)

Good deal on SureFire flashlights.

***** News *****

Man Fights Off Three Would-Be Robbers by Ignoring Sonic’s Gun-Free Request

Domino’s Gun Ban Update: At Least 8 Drivers Shot, 3 Killed Since Start of 2012

District Judge Rules Federal Interstate Handgun Sales Ban Unconstitutional

Alabama family is irate that a Good Samaritan
shot their son as he held a gun to an employee’s
head during an armed robbery.
     The primary source video has been removed
under pressure from the pro-criminal activists, who claim
that the saving of the employee's life was racist. 
So, I can only cite this posting on

***** Promotions *****

Brownells is selling ammo.

     The NRA Endorsed Insurance Program,
administered by Lockton Affinity, LLC,
sent out an email for Second Call Defense,
insurance for the legal costs of defending
against criminal charges and civil litigation.
     I don't have any first hand knowledge
of this.  I just thought I'd mention it.

***** Politics *****

***** Miscellany *****

     My aunt Lois told me, if you don't have anything nice
to say, don't say anything.  Well, I've got to say some
thing, so I just won't mention names.
     The effective range of a rifle projectile is the
range over which it is supersonic.  Because as long
as it is supersonic, it is out running its shock wave.
When it slows to sonic speed, it is in its own shock
wave and subject to turbulence.  This turbulence
causes it to yaw and pitch (tumble). (It's already rolling
due to the rifling in the barrel, so we'll ignore
that perturbation.)
     This is not the range at which the bullet is
lethal.  That is a much longer range, because the
bullet only needs to be traveling at 400 feet per
second to penetrate a human body.
     Sonic speed is about 1200 feet per second at
sea level under standard temperature (25 decrees C)
and pressure (1 atmosphere).  [So, smallbore match
ammo has a muzzle speed of ~1100 fps.]
     Many pistol rounds are subsonic, as the military
standard 230 grain copper jacketed round nose bullet
in the .45 ACP round, 850 feet per second.  Subsonic
pistol bullets lose energy relatively slowly compared to
supersonic rifle bullets, because air resistance goes
as the cube of speed, approximately, in the range
of speeds we are dealing with.  They are stable until
they stop, because they never go through the sonic
transition from supersonic to subsonic.
     What's the point, Staff?  There are cartridge
manufacturers who are selling very light (50 grain
bullet) pistol ammunition with an advertised muzzle
speed of 2000 fps.  (The bullet has to be very light,
otherwise the recoil at that speed would be
intolerable.)  Hollow point bullets have very
low ballistic coefficients and are not aerodynamically
stable.  So, they lose speed very quickly. 
Which means these 50 grain bullets are going to go
through the sonic transition from supersonic to
subsonic within self-defense distances,
0 to 25 yards.  You can determine the exactly range
with your ballistic calculator. 
You can't get accurate shots with a tumbling bullet.
     This past Saturday, 2/7/15, I took a class at my gun
club, Strategic Edge in Chapel Hill, TN, and we
saw many examples of bullets that hit the target
sideways, because they went through the sonic transition. 
Yes, there are stupid products on the market. 
Buyer beware!

Jonathan Low

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