Friday, February 13, 2015

CWP, 13 February 2015 A.D.

Greetings Sheepdogs,

***** Mindset *****

     Everyone you train to be a sheepdog is
protecting you, your family, and your community. 
Everyone you train will influence others,
possible train others to be sheepdogs.
You don't have to do the training yourself.
Encourage your friends and relatives to
get professional training.  Tell them of
your training experiences.
     The wolves will always be with us.
"The enemy comes for this purpose, to steal,
kill, and destroy." -- John 10:10
     What determines the character of our
culture is the number of sheepdogs in
the population. 

***** Training *****

Cold Weather Training
by Bob Henckel

***** Pedagogy *****

***** Education *****

Unintended Consequences of Silence
by Marty Hayes, J.D.
     As the author says, this is not legal advice.

The Three Most Common Post-Shooting Errors
by Gila Hayes

You Have the Right to Remain Silent
by Marty Hayes, J.D.

Other interesting articles in the left hand column at

***** Tactics *****

     Avoid getting ambushed in your vehicle.
Excerpt (paraphrased):
1.  Paperwork should be done in a secured
location where others cannot approach your car.
(This includes balancing your check book,
putting on make up, etc.)
2.  You should always know an escape plan.
Park for a rapid exit (back into parking
spaces) and leave a cushion with cars
around you on the road (Leave enough space
in front of you to allow you to turn and
drive out.).
3.  Check mirrors often and observe those
around you.
4.  Make sure you aren’t being followed.
A few left turns will help you identify
potential danger.
5.  Try to avoid using the same routes daily.
This vigilance should continue while driving home.
6.  Scan parking lots and intersections
as you enter them.
7.  Make eye contact with others when you can.
Pay particular attention to those that avoid
looking at you.
8.  Be cautious when cars stop suddenly in front
of you or when they fail to pull completely off
the road when they stop.
9.  When suspects exit their vehicle, if they
leave their door open that could be an indication
they plan on attacking and running back to their car.
10.  Never let someone approach you while
you are sitting in your car.  Drive away.
     During Operation Iraqi Freedom, the
brief for incoming troops ordered us not
to stop to render aid to anyone on the
side of the road.  Even if you saw them
bleeding and suffering, it is an ambush.
And it was.  While things are different
in the continental United States.  You
still have to consider the safety of your
family in your car if it happens to be
an ambush.  Always safer for you and your
family to call 911 and let the pros
handle the situation.  This is not the
parable of the Good Samaritan.  This is
the reality of the Obama administration
releasing 30,000 convicted violent criminals,
who are illegal aliens, into our society
every year; and failing to secure our
southern border.  In 2008, I witnessed
(as much as an intel analyst can
witness anything) battalion sized armed
units crossing our southern border
into Arizona.

***** Gear *****

Alternate Concealed Carry Clothing Options Revisited
By Andy Loeffler

BreachBangClear’s Thyrm Switchback Review

***** News *****

"Home Invader Flees upon Finding
11-Year-Old Girl in Closet with Shotgun"
as opposed to
"Body of 11-Year-Old Girl found after
kidnap, rape, and murder"
     "Love is action.  Love is the things we do.
Train your children, for that is love."
-- my pastor at Sunnyvale Presbyterian
(Sunnyvale, California, U.S.A.)

Glock releases commercial
     I love Gunny's commercials.

***** Promotions *****

Friends of the NRA Donation Contest,
please see the attached flyer.

Brownells has quite an assortment of ammunition for sale.
     Especially for those looking for rimfire ammo.

***** Politics *****

***** Miscellany *****

308 Winchester / 7.62x51mm NATO: Barrel Length versus Velocity (28? to 16.5?)
     I bet this guy got A's on his physics labs.
He does an interesting error analysis at the end.

     For the hard core nerds.
     What's the point Staff?  Prolate objects spinning
about their axis of symmetry are not stable.  That's
why in archery, arrows are fin stabilized.  [ The
purpose of canting the fletching on arrow shafts
is to maximize air friction upon release before
the arrow starts spinning and is flexing due to
archer's paradox (is in an unstable state), and
minimize friction when the arrow starts spinning
(has a stable flight path).  Which makes sense
when using fingers to release the arrow.  Mechanical
releases that don't induce archer's paradox should
fletch without cant (without spin).]
That is why tungsten armor penetrators are fin stabilized.
Spin stabilized bullets (or American footballs) are
not stable.  They would much prefer to rotate about
an axis perpendicular to their symmetry axis.
That is their stable rotational axis.
[Yes, as a matter of fact, I am a physics professor.]

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