Monday, September 22, 2014

CWP, 19 September 2014 A.D.
Greetings Concealed Weapons Permittees,

***** Mindset *****

"Everyman use of force: grey and not so grey areas"
by Aaron Cowan.  September 3, 2014
"[Use of lethal force] does not require that
your attacker be armed with a weapon,
nor have already injured you."
     The author refers to reasonable distance
when attacked with a contact weapon.  Remember
the Tueller drill.  Seven yards (21 feet) is
too close.  The author says to get the 21 foot
rule out of your head.
     Many schools teach two rounds to the
center of mass and then assess the situation.
But, the author says use maximum force to
stop the attack.  That is, continue to shoot
until the threat stops.
     "Some people deserve to be shot."
     "Situational awareness and the ability
to swallow ones pride are two great ways to
avoid a situation that can devolve into

***** Training *****

Immediate Action

"A Critical Look at Failure Drills"
by Aaron Cowan
Part 1 of 2, September 14, 2013
Part 2 of 2, September 16, 2013

***** Pedagogy *****

"The Importance of Training"
by Aaron Cowan
November 21, 2013

     I just got back from a three day level 3 rifle coaches
course at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs,
CO.  There was a pisol coaches course in the room next door
and we had a lot of interaction with them.
Much of the learning came from discussions with
other national level coaches.  There was a lot of conflict
between what is taught in the professional gun schools
and what is taught in the Olympic/International
coaching schools.
     For instance, they didn't recognize "surpise break",
and when I expalined it, they rejected it as crude and
not "what the elite do". 
     They don't feel the need to teach the safety rule,
trigger finger in the register position when the
pistol is not on the target, as when resting between shots.
Because, they fear not getting the trigger finger back in
exactly the same position on every shot.
     But, of course, Olympic shooting is a very
different game.

***** Gear *****

     The magazine pouch is necessary. 
It should carry at least one magazine,
and perhaps your flashlight. 
You need to carry an extra magazine to
clear malfunctions, not because you
fear running out of ammunition. 
     Only fully loaded magazines will be in
your magazine pouch.  Empty magazines
will be on the ground.  Partially
filled magazines will be in your pocket.
     Leather pouches are nice,
but Kydex are cheaper and perfectly

     The dummy ammunition, Snap-Cap
(brass base) or Zoom (machined aluminum),
is essential for training.  Your pistol
must function correctly when dry practicing. 
Your extractor will eventually rip the rim
off the cheap plastic dummy ammo.

     The best long term decision on a
flashlight would be a rechargeable flashlight
such as the Streamlight Strion,
because the cost of batteries will kill you.
     The disposable battery type flashlights
are cheaper,
Or, the Surefire, though they are much more
expensive, is usually the cheapest
place to buy them.
     I've found perfectly functional
flashlights in the sporting goods stores
for as little as $40.  The important thing
is to have a thumb pressure switch on the
rear of the flashlight.  Press on,
release off.  No clicking, no strobes,
no colors.  Simple is better.

***** News (propaganda is further down) *****

Good Gal Wins.  Yeah!

Good Guy Wins.  Ya!

***** Promotions *****

Looking for ammo.

Alien Gear 2 holster combo.

Springfield Armory, 3 magazines and
mag pouch.

***** Propaganda *****

     The Obama Administration attempts to make
the gun control debate all about race, but the
National Association for the Advancement of
Colored People and the
National Council of La Raza won't bite.!

***** Miscellany *****

     Older postings may be found at

     Rather than emailing the lesson plans
to students, I published the lesson plans
as a book on
"Defensive Pistol" by Jonathan D. Low
ISBN: 9781311454133
This publication will be updated from time
to time.  The ISBN will remain the same.
You are welcome to invite your friends to
download their own free copy, rather than
sharing yours.


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