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CWP, 26 September 2014 A.D.
Greetings Concealed Weapons Permittees,

***** Mindset *****

"Mindset of Shooting"
by Jon Hodoway
"... invite the professionals to the emergency
as early as possible. And on those occasions
when we don’t have the gift of time to allow
for the professionals to arrive we should be
well versed in judiciously deploying our firearm."

     Someone saw an old man planting a carob tree.
This person asked the old man when the tree would
bear fruit.  "After 70 years," the old man said.
"What!" the other man exclaimed.  "Do you expect
to live 70 years and eat the fruit of your labor?"
The old man answered, "I did not find the world
desolate when I entered it.  As my ancestors
planted for me before I was born, so I plant for
those who will come after me."
-- From Taaith, Fol. 23, col., in The Talmud
     Every sheepdog we train is another sentinel
who will protect our children, grandchildren,
great-grandchildren, ...
We can also reasonably expect a significant
fraction of those we train to train others
in the skills and mindset of the sheepdogs.

The truth about “stopping power” – Anatomy First
Excerpts paraphrased:
     There is no well defined quantification
of stopping power.  If you can't quantify
it, you can't measure it.  If you can't
measure it, it is outside the realm of
     The bullet is the wrong topic.
Where to place the bullet is the correct
topic of discussion.
     "... the human body twists and contorts
in frustrating ways and this makes your
“center mass” shooting a severe difficulty."
     The author, Aaron Cowan, cites two articles,
"Whats Wrong With Wound Ballistic Data, and Why"
by Dr. M.L. Fackler (1987), and
"Undeniable Evidence" by Dr. M.L. Fackler (1999)
in "Wound Ballistics Review",
International Wound Ballistics Association
(no longer an active entity), 
to say that speed of the bullet is more
important than the mass of the bullet for
penetration.  Which would lead the reader to
buy the lighter faster bullet as opposed to
the heavier slower bullet.
This directly contradicts the opinion at
Front Sight Firearms Institute.  Front Sight's
reasoning is that the kinetic energy equation
is not appropriate.  Rather, the momentum
equation should be used because momentum is
a conserved quantity.  Kinetic energy is not
conserved, so it's really hard to say anything
about it. (Total energy is conserved.  Kinetic
energy is not conserved.  Kinetic energy is
easily converted to other forms of energy.)
Upon impact with the body, the bullet rapidly
loses its kinetic energy (speed).  If the
bullet does not fragment (or disintegrate)
the mass is approximately constant, as it
would be with a copper jacketed round nose
bullet.  So, the more massive bullet will
retain more momentum, which Front Sight
interprets to mean would give deeper
     I do love to give my readers
opposing opinions.
***** Training *****

"Why Firearms Training is a Must"
by Jon Hodoway
"Guys, don’t attempt to instruct your beloved
how to shoot. You are emotionally connected to
each other. This makes it very difficult to be
objective for both parties."

***** Pedagogy *****

     The IDPA match is an essential part of
our Defensive Pistol course.  But, we will not
be shooting the match as all the other
competitors will be shooting the match. 
     They will be going fast to win the
competition, to get a good score.  We will
be going slow to avoid getting killed.
They will often fail to engage a target,
because they didn't see the target,
because they were going too fast.  We will
go slow enough to ensure all threats
behind us have been incapacitated.
     They will crowd cover.  We will stay
away from walls, because we understand
how bullets ricochet.  We will stay away
from corners because we know there is an
enemy behind the corner who will grab our
gun or arms.
     They will not be too concerned
about shooting innocent bystanders
(it's only a three second penalty). 
We will never shoot a "no shoot" target,
because we understand that that is a
loved one who will die when we shoot her.
     "Tactically correct" is different
from the tactics used to win the IDPA game
or the IPSC game.  Let us never confuse them.

***** Tactics *****

     In the class that I am presently giving,
a student asked, "What if I'm not sure about
the guy?  I have an uncomfortable feeling
about him, but there is no overt speech or
action that I could articulate to a jury that
would reasonably cause me to present my gun."
     First option is to run away.  [If you
fear looking like a coward in front of your
girlfriend, you need to bring your girlfriend
to a self-defense class to educate her, so
that she will understand that running away
is the smart, mature, and manly thing to do.]
Distance is your friend, it gives you time. 
But, if you have your kids with you, or are
carrying someone else's baby,
this might not be an option.
     In such a situation, you must determine
the intent of the guy.  Screaming "STOP!"
is a means of determining intent.  Any normal
person would stop or walk away.  If the guy
continues toward you, one could infer malicious
     Profiling (while politically incorrect)
is a reasonable tool.  Sheriff Nash (Dorchester
County, South Carolina) said that signs of a
criminal are:  no shirt, tattoos, bad teeth,
and body odor.  Gang tattoos are a dead give
away, though if you don't study gangs, you
probably won't be able to recognize them.
     Calling 911 is a smart thing to do.
Not only does it let the guy know that you're
calling for police, it creates a witness for
you.  Be aware that modern smart phones are
controlled by the 911 dispatcher, not you.
You can't hang up the phone, only the
dispatcher can hang up the phone. 
Even if it turns out to be nothing
(or you've turned it into nothing by your
actions) a police officer will probably show
up to talk to you.  Yes, this happened to me,
while lunching with ladies from my church
in Lebanon, TN.  It was much less
embarrassing than one might expect.

***** Gear *****

Animated graphic of how silencers work.

Why tritium sights are futile.
     On the other hand, the purpose of
tritium sights is to enable you to find
your gun in the dark, not necessarily
aim your gun in the dark.
     What are we aiming at in the dark?
If we light up the target with a
flashlight to positively identify the
target, the sights will be silhouetted
against the target.  So, no need for
tritium sights.

***** News *****

In Missouri, Public School Students
Are Learning How to Handle Guns Safely

How Gun Control Made England The
'Most Violent Country In Europe'

Square Reader denies service for gun transactions.

***** Promotions *****

Franklin Gun Shop is one-stop shopping for the
items on the Defensive Pistol equipment list.

***** Miscellany *****

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