Thursday, August 28, 2014

CWP, 28 August 2014 A.D.
Greetings Concealed Weapons Permittees,

***** Mindset (attitude) *****

     Why you should carry your pistol
with a round in the chamber,
     Yes, this is a matter of attitude,
more than a matter of tactics or mechanics.

***** Training *****

Drawing a pistol in a car,

     NRA Free Style
     I found episode 12 very interesting.

     I have noticed - in combat, training, and
competition - the predisposition to rush.  That
is to say, moving so fast that the operator
doesn't see enemies in plain view and so does
not engage them.  Yes, the enemy is wearing
camouflage.  Yes, it's dark at night.  Yes,
he's hiding behind cover.  Yes, you are under
extreme stress.  So, you have to train yourself
to slow down, to look carefully, to see things.
     Strive to scan and shoot from a stationary
position behind cover.  We practice shooting
while moving, but this has a low probability
of hitting.  Far superior is to hunker down behind
cover, scan and shoot from this covered position.
If you have to move, move to cover.  This means
you have to find cover before moving, not
while moving.  Run directly to the covered
position.  Even tanks loiter in covered positions
(forests, cities, etc.), never out in the open.

     "The best way to improve your accuracy is
by not shooting live ammo.  Dry practice."
-- Tom McHale (paraphrase)

     "You should be firing 10 shots in dry
practice for every live fire shot."
     "Live fire is only to verify what you've
learned in dry practice."
-- Ignatius Piazza (paraphrase)

     Scattering your rounds low left (for a
right hander, low right for a left hander)
indicates anticipation of the
recoil and pushing against the anticipated
recoil before the bullet exits the muzzle.
[Don't adjust the sights.]
     The solution is to achieve a surprise break.
Do not intentionally fire the shot.  Rather,
touch the trigger, take the slack out of the
trigger, smoothly increase pressure on the
trigger while holding the sights on the 
target.  The pistol will eventually fire.
But, because you don't know exactly when,
the bullet will be past the muzzle before
you disturb the shot with your autonomic
nervous system responses.
     It's almost impossible to learn the
surprise break while firing live rounds,
much less engrain the correct muscle memory.
You have to practice dry.  In general, it
takes 2000 repetitions to engrain muscle
memory.  So, if you correctly dry practice,
achieving a surprise break on 10 shots (it
may take you 20 shots to get 10 correct shots)
a day, you can engrain the surprise break
muscle memory in less than a year.  Then
you will be able to place rounds on target
on demand, not by luck.

"Ten Things You Learn by Carrying a Gun Every Day"
by Tom McHale

     In training the instructor will give you
a verbal command to start the exercise. 
But, in combat a visual cue will cause
you to initiate, if you are aware and
have made a plan.

     It is very common for the shooter to close his
eyes in response to (or anticipation of) the recoil
and report.  The shooter must force himself to
keep his aiming eye open to watch the sights
move through recoil and back to the target.
Because follow through determines where the
pistol is pointed when the bullet exits the muzzle.
[Sight alignment, sight picture, and trigger
control determine where the pistol is pointed
when the firing pin hits the primer, a millisecond
before the bullet exits the muzzle.  A thousandth
of a second is a long time.  More than enough
time to move the sights off the human sized
target at 3 yards range.]

***** Pedagogy *****

     Hey, Staff, why do you waste class time reading
the lectures to us?  Just email the lectures to us,
and we can read them on our own.
     First, it is highly unlikely that any of the students
will read the lectures.  If the student didn't read
the lecture before the class, the student will not
be able to ask questions about the lecture during
the class.
     Second, the purpose of the lecture is to
generate questions and discussion.  Some people
learn by listening, others by actively questioning
and discussing.
     Third, the lectures are copyrighted.  While we
have permission to present the lectures, we don't
have permission to duplicate and distribute the

     Hey, Staff, if the lectures are copyrighted,
why not rewrite the information in your own
words and distribute them with the other class
documents?  All the information is already
in the public domain.
     First, that would be unethical.
     Second, the lectures provide a great deal of
opinion, some of which I disagree with, and so
would never write in my own words.
     Third, the lectures teach some techniques that
conflict with the techniques we teach.  This is
intentional.  We want our students to know that
there are other techniques and other schools of
     We are teaching a mindset and a skill set,
not a religion.  So, we are not dogmatic.
We teach what we teach because we think it is
the best.  But, we are not infallible.  Those
who have been with us for a few years know that
the curriculum has changed as we strive to
teach the best practices.

***** Gear *****

     At a recent IDPA match, a gentleman sat in
a folding metal chair in preparation for the
start of a stage of fire.  When he stood up, the
magazine in the magazine pouch on the his belt
positioned on his back picked up the chair by its
back rest. 
     Best to keep your magazines in the
9 or 10 o'clock position with the magazine pouch
inside your belt, so the belt holds your pouch
tight against your body, preventing them
from flopping around, preventing anything from
getting caught on them.

Things to consider when choosing a carry pistol,
     The truth doesn't have a favored messenger.

***** News *****

     Prepping for the Zombie apocalypse?

     Store owners defend their property,
because the police in Ferguson, MO can't.

     Islamic State of Syria and Iraq is a zombie apocalypse.

     Gun bans result in robberies and shootings.

***** Promotions *****

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also law enforcement, fire and emergency response.

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