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CWP, 20 June 2015 A.D.

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***** Mindset *****

     Self-defense is not about fighting.
Self-defense is incapacitating the enemy,
immediately, not fighting with him.  So,
if the instructor is teaching you
techniques that do not immediately stop
the enemy, he is doing you a grave
disservice.  (Yes, I attended a very
disappointing self-defense class
     The enemy's death is incidental
to your purpose.  So, don't even
consider his death.  It really doesn't
matter.  You should only be concerned
with the survival of the good guys.
     But, Staff, if I kill him, I might
get court martialed.
     Only living Marines are awarded
court martials.  And only scum bag
Generals allow the court martial in
the first place.

***** Training *****

Two Day Defensive Handgun Training for Women Only
The price per woman is $1100. 
Dry Weapons Training
     This video is much deeper than
it may appear on first viewing.

Answers to questions

The Importance of Target Identification
Excerpt:  "Since most reading now is done on
the Internet, you have to assume everything
you read is wrong because most of it IS wrong."

Common sense
Excerpt:  "Ninety-nine percent of what most
people know about firearms usage they learned
from TV and the movies.  In those media, there
is never any ambiguity about the
'shoot / no-shoot' decision."

Shotgun Tips from John Motil

Fighting Shotgun! The Three Keys To Success!
The tests with 7-1/2 and 8 shot may surprise you.

***** Pedagogy *****

***** Education *****

John Farnam Interview Part 1, 2, and 3

John Farnam, pearls of wisdom

Words of Wisdom by Greg Ellifritz

***** Tactics *****

Front Sight Reality Check #8
     All kinds of good lessons in this video.

***** Instructors *****

     I heard that a former student of mine had a
negligent discharge that caused serious injury
to himself.  So, I called him to ask him about it.
He said that he was using a Blackhawk Serpa holster
and that he had continued to press with his trigger
finger after releasing the pistol from the holster.
His trigger finger pressed the trigger as the pistol
came out of the holster and he fired a round into
his leg.
     Why was he using that holster?  We had
discussed the basic design flaw of that holster. 
I had disseminated the letter from the U.S. Interior
Department prohibiting the use of that holster.
In my emailing to my students, I had cited
John Farnam's posting at
     He told me that he just didn't believe me.
I was just an instructor, not famous, no reputation.
I taught classes in borrowed facilities, not a big
established gun school.  No professional web site.
Most significantly, I did not charge a lot of money.
So, he just didn't take me seriously.  (The NRA
Instructor Staff at NRA Headquarters is always
telling us instructors to maintain a professional
appearance.)  Besides, the U.S. Army uses them,
the local SWAT unit uses them, and there are
advertisements for them all over the magazines
and internet.  So, they must be good.

     Training is for the self-select few
who know they need it and are willing to
put forth the effort to achieve the goal
of competence (perhaps even proficiency).
Just as it is important to reach out to
those who cannot afford the big gun schools,
it is equally important to avoid those
who would waste your time.  You, instructors,
are an invaluable resource.  Don't waste
your time on the intentionally incompetent.

John Farnam
Excerpt:  "My instructions are intentionally vague."

***** Gear *****

***** News *****

***** Promotions *****

***** Opinions *****

***** Politics *****

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is releasing
"the worst of the worst" violent sex offenders into
our society.
     This is why you must carry.

***** Miscellany *****

     Now this is cool.

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