Thursday, June 11, 2015

CWP, 13 June 2015 A.D.

Greetings Sheepdogs,

***** Mindset *****

     For those who were asking why
I address you as "sheepdogs",
Dick Riggar sends us this link.
An excerpt from "On Combat"
by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, U.S. Army (Ret.)
[The term sheepdog is also explained
in the recent movie "American Sniper".]

"Why Obama’s advice to police to
'abandon warrior mindset' won’t work"

Combat Mind Set

***** Training *****

NRA Refuse To Be A Victim® crime prevention seminar
  The Psychology of the Criminal Mind
  Home & Phone Security
  Automobile & Travel Security
  Personal & Technological Security
  Self Defense Devices and Training Options
  And more.
Date:  June 28, 2015
Venue:  Strategic Edge Gun Range,
        2613 Hwy 270, Chapel Hill, TN 37034
Cost:  $25.00 per student (all course material included)
Time:  1:00pm-5:00pm
Please call Jon Leverette at 615-406-4906
or email
for reservations.

"Skill Set: Confidence"

Beretta 92FS/M9 Safety Deactivation: An Easier Way

Two for Flinching: How to Stop Anticipating When You Shoot

NRA Defensive Pistol course.  See attachment.

***** Pedagogy *****

***** Education *****

"Into the Fray" (Concealed Carry magazine)
     A series of helpful videos.

     Cool web site for firearms manuals.

How a firearm works - Animation (1911 semi-auto handgun)
     Technically correct, except for his statement about
equal force.  Momentum is conserved, force is not.
The forward and backward forces are not equal.

Guns & Ammo
     Slow motion video at 00:38 to 00:49 / 02:43
clearly demonstrating why we use the Weaver grip
instead of the isosceles grip.  You just can't
pull with the support side hand when your support
side arm is locked out straight.  And you have to
pull with the support side hand to mitigate muzzle
flip.  The muzzle flips because the force vector
is above the wrist joints.  So, there is a torque
about the wrist joints.  Reducing muzzle flip
allows you to get subsequent shots on target faster.

***** Tactics *****

"Reload an AK with One Hand"
You have to download and play the file.

FBI training video
The demonstration of ricochet is invaluable.
     This makes me think I should teach classes
with only one student.
     This video shows how drastically techniques
have changed over the years.

***** Gear *****

"Hardware Issues and Concealed Carry – Part 1"
"... the City of San Francisco, California,
at this writing has an ordnance which bans
hollow point bullets, and a State of New Jersey
law prohibits the handful of concealed carry
permit holders there from carrying hollow points ..."

"Hardware Issues and Concealed Carry – Part 2"
What a great high resolution picture of a
hollow point bullet after expansion.

***** Good Guys Win *****

"3 Alleged Armed Robbers Pick Wrong Victim:
1 Dead, 1 Critical, 1 Wounded"

"VIDEO: Armed Citizen Intervenes,
Stops Mass Shooting in Georgia Liquor Store"
Primary source:

***** News *****

"The Second Scoop with Chris Cheng"
     A weekly broadcast on

Texas Outlaws Signs that Prohibit
the Carrying of Concealed Guns

Judge Denies Stay,
DC ‘Forced’ to Issue Concealed Permits Now

"Vince Vaughn Is As Pro Gun As It Gets"

***** Opinion *****

"Guns are Dangerous! Imagine that!"
Posted by John S. Farnam on 28 May 2015

Why I Choose To Carry A Full Size 1911

***** Promotions *****

Pilla sports glasses

Self-defense insurance

***** Politics *****

Stop Obama's Planned Gag Order on Firearm-Related Speech
     Use the web site,
to contact your elected representatives.
     Related newspaper article,

     More evidence that gun control laws
are not about guns or violence.
"Rahm Emanuel: Epic Failure Of Chicago Gun
Control Proves More Gun Control Needed"

     This is why you should always carry.
"3,700 illegal immigrant ‘Threat Level 1’
criminals released into U.S. by DHS"

     Propaganda is all about perverting language,
changing the definition of words.
"Mets Pitcher Says He Was Duped
Into Wearing Gun Control Shirt"

***** Recalls *****

***** Instructors *****

     The 2nd Amendment enforces the God given right to
keep and bear arms, and by extension the right to
receive training in the use of those arms.  Criminal
gangs recognize their incompetence with firearms and
are actively seeking training.  Please be judicious
in who you accept as students.

     Instructors who train the enemy have a
devastating affect on morale.

***** Miscellany *****

     Past emails are at
     Lesson plans are at
or send me an email to get the latest version.


Jonathan Low

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