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CWP, 15 November MMXXIII Anno Domini

 Greetings Sheepdogs,
     This morning on the drive in to work, I heard the radio news reporting that a young
lady, Jillian Ludwig, Belmont College student recently graduated from a
New Jersey high school, had been murdered by a known criminal with a long violent
record.  The parents of the girl were outraged because the criminal had been recently
released after being arrested for an aggravated assault.  The prosecutor said that they
could not prosecute the criminal because he was not mentally competent to stand trial.  
The "medical professionals" who evaluated the criminal said that he did not meet the
standard for involuntary commitment.  So the Sheriff released him.  He then killed
the college student, the young lady, Jillian Ludwig.  
     Your government is not going to protect you.  Your government is going to protect
the rights and feelings of the criminals.  
     Many countries such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia don't have repeat offenders.  
In Saudi, all cases adjudicated in the previous week [not year or decade] are resolved
by beheading in the city square on Friday.  Every Friday.  Visitors and foreigners are
invited.  There is no car theft in Saudi.  Amputation of the right hand is a deterrent.  
There are no carjackings in Saudi.  Beheading is a deterrent.  
     The subjects (not citizens) of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are safe in their
persons and homes.  It's not just a feeling; it's real safety.  Because their government
cares for them.  The King feels a God given duty to protect his people.  Our Founding
Fathers felt that duty.  Our political leaders now days, not so much.  But, you feel
the duty.  TO SERVE AND PROTECT.  You can't accomplish that by gentle words.  
It requires joint breaking, eye gouging, shooting, and such.  Because the government
won't do it for you.  Welcome to reality.
Table of Sections:  
*****     *****     ***** Prevention *****     *****     *****
All the things you can do to avoid the lethal force incident.  
Table of contents:  
     Training (you're not training to win the fight, you're training to aviod the fight)
     Practice (you're not practicing to win the fight, you're practicing to avoid the fight)
Any self-defense instructor who is not teaching you how to avoid the fight is doing
you a grave disservice.  
----- Mindset (figuring out the correct way to think) -----
     ‟We don’t decide what is necessary to survive a
lethal force encounter initiated by someone else.  
That person decides what’s necessary for us to survive.”  
– William Aprill
“Amateurs built the Ark.  (Noah's ark.)  
‘Professionals’ built the Titanic” -- Anon
     "Delusion!" by John Farnam
“ ‘Intuition’ is knowing something is wrong,
but not knowing why.” -- Gavin DeBecker
     ‟Fear is an instinct.  Courage is a choice.”  
-- Rear Admiral Joseph Kernan, USN
     This is why you must always be aware of your surroundings, who is around you and
what are they doing.  This is why you must always carry a loaded pistol.  There is evil
in this world and only you can protect yourself.  No one else will protect you; certainly
not the government.  
"Honduran man, twice deported from US, charged with murders in Nashville
after 2 bodies found
Badly burned body, decomposing remains linked to Kevin Castro-Garcia,
Nashville police say"
by Stephen Sorace
     Oh, look, it happened in my / your neighborhood.  
     “Willingness is a state of mind.  Readiness is a statement of fact!”  
-- Lt. Gen. David M Shoup, USMC Commandant, 1960-1963
     Elon Musk
     Offer me money.  Offer me power.  I don't care.  
     ‷If you look at someone bigger, faster, and stronger and immediately think,
‶I'm at a disadvantage″,  
I have news for you:  you are.  
But that's only because you just put yourself there for no reason.  
     The truth is that anyone can do debilitating violence to anyone else.  
Your size, your speed, your strength, your gender --
all the factors that untrained people think make the difference when it comes to violence --
all matter far less than your mindset and your intent.‴  
-- Tim Larkin
***** Situational Awareness ***** (How to avoid being taken by surprise.)  
"Situational Awareness: 14 Ways to Walk Like You Drive" by SemperVerus
"Self-Defense Tactical Driving Tips" by SemperVerus
     SemperVerus Tactical Blog
"How to Improve Your Situational Awareness Skills" by Eugene Nielsen
Hat tip to Tom Givens.  
     “You need to have the capacity for danger.  
You need to be ‘dangerous’.  Yet, you need to
learn how to not use it except when necessary.  
And, that is not the same thing as being harmless.  . . .  
     There's nothing virtuous about harmlessness.  
Harmless just means you’re ineffectual and useless.”  
-- Jordan Peterson
----- Safety -----  (How to prevent the bad thing from happening in the first place.  
How to avoid shooting yourself, friendlies, and innocent bystanders.)  
Jeff Cooper′s Rules of Gun Safety  
     There are no exceptions.  Do not pretend that this is true.  Some people and
organizations take this rule and weaken it; e.g. "Treat all guns as if they were loaded."  
Unfortunately, the "as if" compromises the directness of the statement by implying
that they are unloaded, but we will treat them as though they are loaded.  No good!  
Safety rules must be worded forcefully so that they are never treated lightly or
reduced to partial compliance.  
     All guns are always loaded - period!  
     This must be your mind-set.  If someone hands you a firearm and says,
"Don't worry, it's not loaded," you do not dare believe him.  You need not
be impolite, but check it yourself.  Remember, there are no accidents, only
negligent acts.  Check it.  Do not let yourself fall prey to a situation where
you might feel compelled to squeal, "I didn't know it was loaded!"  
     Concerning Rule III, keep your trigger finger in the register position (straight
touching the frame or slide) until your sights are aligned on the target, and you
have decided to shoot.  Immediately return your trigger finger to the register
position when your sights leave the target.  The trigger finger must be in the
register position (straight along the frame of the handgun) before the pistol is
drawn from the holster.  The trigger finger must be in the register position
before the pistol is holstered.  
"Friends Don’t Let Friends Open Carry" by Greg Ellifritz
     This article has been updated since last I cited it.  
This is a safety issue.  This can get you killed.  
"The Serpa Compendium" by Greg Ellifritz
     "ANY holster that uses the trigger finger to release the gun is dangerous."  
     This article has been updated since last I cited it.  
This is a safety issue.  This can get you killed.  
     Snow can also jam the retention mechanism,
making it impossible to get the pistol out of the holster.  
     Greg recommends the Safariland ALS (thumb release).  
Safariland also has other retention mechanisms:  
SLS (thumb down and then forward),
GLS (pressure from the side of the middle finger, my favorite),
and others.  
     ‟If violent crime is to be curbed, it is only the intended victim who can do it.  
The felon does not fear the police, and he fears neither judge nor jury.  
Therefore what he must fear is his victim.”  
-- Col. Jeff Cooper, "Principles of Personal Defense"
"Current Threats You Should Be Avoiding" by Greg Ellifritz
     Let the dumb shits shoot each other.  You don’t have to play their game.  
     . . . you don’t have to “be a good witness” either.  
     Say it again with me:  “Not your people, not your problem.”  
     Get out.  Not playing is the only route to victory.  
     The rules have changed.  Your tactics have to change as well.  
"Tend To Your Own Business" by The Tactical Professor
     While I admit that the advice is correct from a safety perspective.  It is also
disheartening that we should surrender our society to the criminals.  To witness
scum bag criminals teaching their juvenile children to commit crime is bad.  
Having to walk away from the store where you were shopping because the store
management and security are too cowardly (fear of getting sued, fear of being
called a racist, fear of being looted by Black Lives Matter, etc.) to do anything
is worse.  And worst of all is the child abuse of teaching a child to be a criminal.  
Which ensures the child's incarceration and eventual death at the hands of other
criminals or law enforcement officers.  
     Consequences of disobeying the safety rules --
     "Police: Man charged in 9-year-old’s killing quoted ‘Scarface’ prior to shooting"
by David Wilson
    "Rhode Island father charged after accidentally shooting 4-year-old son in head, police say"
by Lindsey Thorpe
     Hat tip to Stephen P. Wenger.
"Fire Safety in the Church" by Sheepdog Church Security
     Because fires at churches are overwhelmingly arson, not accidental.  
"3 Rules to Keep Your Firearm Training Class Safe" by Heidi Lyn Rao
Ammunition Must Be Identifiable   
Firearms Must Be Modern  
Ammunition Must Match Firearm’s Data Stamp  
“Good Victims!” by John Farnam
John Farnam's rules to keep you out of trouble:  
     Don’t go to stupid places.  
     Don’t associate with stupid people.  
     Don’t do stupid things.  
     Be in bed by 10:00 PM.  (Your own bed!)  
     Don’t look like a freak.  
     Don’t fail the attitude test.  
----- Training (figuring out the correct tasks to practice) -----
     You need training because:  
You don't know what you don't know.  
Much of what you know is false.  
It's good to the have the answers before the criminal tests you.  
-- Claude Werner (paraphrased)
" 🚨How to Spot Sleeper Cells at Your Church ✝️ "
by Christian Warrior Training
"The Swords of Nehemiah:  
The Rings of Church Security:  
Creating and Implementing a Realistic Operational Strategy for Protecting Houses of Worship:  
Non Apud Me, Mea Custode! (Not in My House, while I Stand Guard!)"  
by Joseph M. Gilbert
Contact directly at
for bulk discount and autographed copies.  
     Randy Harris recommends.  
     [I know Joe Gilbert and can attest to his competence in teaching firearms and
security related issues, though I have not yet read the book. -- Jon Low]  
--- Start of Classes ---
Mead Hall Range and Tactics
          Schedule 2023
   Modern Samurai Project Red Dot Instructor Course (Sold Out) 4-5Nov2023
   Tim Herron and AJ Zito – Train For Mastery 2-3Dec2023 8am-6pm
          2024 Schedule (including prelim)           
   Immediate Action combatives -Cecil Burch – 23-25Feb2024 (23Feb is 6pm start time)
Grappling in a weapons based environment.
   Sentinel Concepts – Steve Fisher – 2 Day Carbine – 9-10Mar2024
   Symtac Consulting – Rob and Matt Haught- Shotgun Skills-23-24March 2024
   FPF Training – John Murphy- Street Encounter Skills- 13-14Apr2024
   Presscheck Consulting – Chuck Pressburg – 18-21Apr2024
No Fail Pistol 18-19Apr2024
No Fail Rifle  20-21Apr2024
   Dr. James Williams – Shooting with Xray Vision Instructor – 4-5May2024
   Apache Training Solutions – TBD - 17-19May2024
   Lone Star Medics – Caleb Causey – TacMed EDC – 22Jun2024
   Sentinel Concepts – Steve Fisher – 2 day Handgun  – 28-29Sept2024
   RangeMaster – Tom Givens – Master Instructor Development – 4-6Oct2024
   Tim Herron Shooting – Practical Performance – 26-27Oct2024
   As usual Will Andrews will be out here as well during the times of
the year he prefers to teach 😊
2024 -- Mar 16, Apr 6, May 11, Jun 15, Oct 12, Nov 23
"Self-Defense Training" by Gabe Suarez
Agape Tactical
     Firearms Training
     Church Security Training
     Active Shooter Response
"Suboptimal Concealed Carry Rigs - Are you doing #EDC wrong?"
by Jeff L. Gonzales
     Trident Concepts training schedule,
     "The Concealed Carry Manual:  
An In-Depth Study in the Discreet Carry of Firearms"
by Jeff Gonzales
$25.  The Kindle Edition is free (for those with Kindle Unlimited),
Ed Monk's training schedule,
--- End of Classes ---
     “Take training from different instructors.  
We are all wrong about something.”  
-- John Farnam
     And the good ones are constantly taking classes from others and reading
to find best practices.  And then after due consideration, making changes in
their classes to implement best practices.  
"Vision Training" by Mike Ox
     The meat starts at 9:46.  
     “The secret of success is this.
Train like it means everything when it means nothing –
so you can fight like it means nothing when it means everything.”
-- Lofty Wiseman
"Everyday Carry Advice From 6 Experts" by Richard A. Mann
     ". . . carry one gun, and carry it in one carry location . . ." -- Sheriff Jim Wilson
     "Relationships with guns are like relationships with women:  They’re complicated
and require constant tending.  There’s a reason it’s unwise to have more than one
woman, and the same applies to carry guns." -- Richard A. Mann
     "Those motivated by a desire to improve their
gunfighting skills as opposed to a quest for trophies,
must be willing to bleed ego on the match results
to avoid shedding blood in combat."  
-- Andy Stanford
"How Concealed Carry Good Guys Don’t Get Shot By Responding Police"
by Jacob Paulsen
     "Telling the bad guy to stop, show you their hands, get on the ground, drop the gun,
back off, or go away are all commands consistent with good guy behavior.  I'm not
endorsing any of those commands specifically or universally just pointing out that
being loud and giving commands is a good practice for reducing the risk of being shot
by responding officers as well as likely to be helpful in winning the fight and reducing
legal liability."  
     [The responding officers don't know that you are deaf.  They don't know that you
neglected to insert your hearing aids before the gunfight started.  So you must look
around.  It may be their responsibility to positively identify you, but if they don't,
who is going to suffer?  
     Remember, there aren't many old experienced veterans in the police departments
anymore.  All the ones who could retire, did, when the "defund" the police movements
started.  So there are a lot of young inexperienced under trained officers responding
to your incident.  
     Police department human resources weed out the warriors and welcome the
social workers.  Social workers are not brave nor confident in their fighting ability.  
So they go to guns much sooner.  And they shoot much sooner.  Because they have
no confidence in their hand-to-hand combat skills.  As Ralph Mroz says, now days
most police department recruits have never been in a fight, not even a shoving
match in high school.  (Any kind of derogatory record effectively disqualifies them
from serving in the modern police departments.  Because police department leaders
are primarily concerned with avoiding liability.) -- Jon Low]  
     I was going to suggest that identifying yourself as the good guy by wearing your
badge on a chain and tossing it on to your back, or pulling out that Miss America sash,
would be a good idea.  But that would draw fire from the bad guy's gang banger buddies.  
So, as always, it's a no win situation.  
     Leave.  You can't get shot if you're not there.  You can always call 911 from a safe
location and explain that you did not flee the scene, but rather you left for your safety,
which is reasonable.  
"How Much Training Do You REALLY Need for Lawful Self-Defense?"
by Andrew Branca
     The vast majority of civilian self-defenders have no training.  
     Some bad guys have a high level of gunfight training.  
     Training gives you skills, which makes you harder to kill.  
Training gives you better judgment, which makes you hard to convict.  
     Minimum -- Have a gun.  Don't shoot yourself.  
"Are you attending class with the right mindset?
Or “Class is not a Competition.” " by Steve Havey
     ‟Training is NOT an event, but a process.
Training is the preparation FOR practice.”  
-- Claude Werner
----- Practice (how to get competent at that task) -----
     “Train, Practice, Compete
are the key elements in the development of humans.”  
-- John M. Buol, Jr.
"Effective Dry Practice" by Tom Givens
     ‶Practice is the small deposits you make over time,
so that in an emergency, you can make that big withdrawal.″  
-- Chesley Burnett Sullenberger, III
"There IS a Timer in a Gunfight
Your target measures your accuracy.
The shot timer measures your speed."  
by Chris Cypert
Why practice?  
    “To each there comes in their lifetime a special moment
when they are figuratively tapped on the shoulder and
offered the chance to do a very special thing, unique
to them and fitted to their talents.  What a tragedy if
that moment finds them unprepared or unqualified for that
which could have been their finest hour.”  
-- Winston Churchill
     ‟Be careful what you practice.  
Because you will do in combat
whatever you have practiced,
no matter how ridiculous.”  
-- ‶Shooting in Self-Defense″ by Sara Ahrens
*****     *****     ***** Intervention *****     *****     *****
     Suggestions on how to deal with the incident that you failed to avoid.  
Table of contents:  
----- Strategy (deciding on the end state and how to achieve it,
which tactics to use, which includes walking away) -----
     “How do you win a gunfight?  
Don't be there.”  
-- John Farnam
"A Guide To Building an Effective Church Security Team" by Keith Graves
     -- Identifying Ideal Candidates --
     Characteristics of Successful Volunteers --
     Selecting the right individuals for your church's security team involves identifying
those who exhibit key characteristics vital for this sensitive role.  Ideal candidates are
those who demonstrate a strong sense of responsibility, an essential trait for
individuals tasked with the safety of others.  They should have excellent
communication skills, enabling them to effectively convey important information and
instructions in both routine and high-pressure situations.  The ability to remain calm
under pressure is another critical characteristic, as it ensures level-headed
decision-making during emergencies.  
     Additionally, candidates should be adept at working collaboratively in a team
setting.  The dynamics of a security team require seamless cooperation and
understanding among its members.  Adaptability is also a key trait, as security
scenarios can be unpredictable and require quick, on-the-spot adjustments.  
     Lastly, potential volunteers with prior experience or training in safety, security,
or emergency response are highly beneficial.  Such background provides a foundation
of knowledge and skills that can be pivotal in effectively managing security-related
incidents in the church environment.  
     Recruiting from Diverse Backgrounds --
     For a comprehensive and effective security team, it’s important to consider
individuals from a variety of backgrounds.  This diversity brings a range of
experiences and perspectives that can significantly enhance the team’s capabilities.  
Encouraging church members to participate is a good starting point, as their
familiarity with the church environment and congregation can be a valuable asset
in maintaining safety.  
     Recruiting individuals with law enforcement or military backgrounds can be
particularly advantageous.  These individuals typically have experience handling
emergency situations and can offer critical insights into developing effective
safety protocols.  Moreover, their training in crisis management and conflict
resolution can be instrumental in diffusing potential threats efficiently.  
     Additionally, including members who are emergency medical technicians (EMTs),
doctors, or nurses can greatly benefit the team.  Their medical expertise is invaluable
in handling health-related emergencies that may arise during church services or events.  
     In summary, by actively seeking out volunteers with diverse backgrounds and skill
sets, a church can create a strong and effective security team, well-equipped to ensure
the safety and wellbeing of its congregation.  
     Vetting Process --
     A comprehensive vetting process is paramount in assembling a church security team.  
This process should start with a detailed application to understand each candidate’s
background and motivations for joining the team.  Following this, thorough reference
checks should be conducted to gain insights into the candidate's character and past
conduct.  Background checks are essential and should include reviewing criminal
history and, in some cases, fingerprint verification.  Depending on the church’s policy,
a credit check might also be considered to assess the financial responsibility of
potential members.  
     This vetting process is rooted in both practical safety needs and biblical principles.  
Drawing inspiration from scriptures like 1 Timothy 3:2, team members should be
“above reproach, faithful to his [or her] spouse, temperate, self-controlled,
respectable, hospitable, [and] able to teach.”  These qualities are not just desirable
but essential in individuals who will be entrusted with the safety of the church
     The ethical and moral standards of team members must be beyond question.  
As protectors of the congregation, they must exhibit integrity and ethical behavior
at all times.  It is crucial that congregants feel comfortable and safe with those
selected to protect them, making the vetting process a critical step in forming a
trustworthy and reliable security team.  
     By ensuring that each member of the security team is thoroughly vetted and
meets high moral and ethical standards, churches can create a secure environment
where members feel safe to worship and participate in community activities.  
     -- Team Structure and Roles --
     Leadership and Coordination --
     A successful church security team requires effective leadership and coordination.  
It is crucial to have clearly defined roles for team leaders who can provide guidance
and direction.  These leaders should ideally include individuals with experience in
managing security or emergency response teams.  They should work collaboratively
with church staff to identify and recruit potential volunteers, ensuring a diverse and
skilled team.  
     Diverse Roles --
     The church security team should consist of individuals with a variety of skills and
expertise.  This diversity ensures a comprehensive approach to security and safety.  
Key roles within the team might include:  
    Patrol and Surveillance:  Responsible for monitoring the church premises,
identifying potential security risks, and ensuring the safety of congregants.  
    Emergency Response:  Trained to handle various emergency situations, including
medical emergencies, natural disasters, or any violent incidents.  
    Communication and Coordination:  In charge of maintaining effective
communication systems and coordinating the team’s efforts during events or
    Training and Development:  Ensures that team members receive ongoing training
in safety procedures, security protocols, and are aware of legal guidelines pertaining
to church security.  
     By establishing a structured team with clear roles and responsibilities, churches
can effectively manage and respond to safety and security challenges, ensuring a
secure environment for all congregants.  
     -- Training and Skill Development --
     Professional Training --
     Professional training is a cornerstone in the development of a competent church
security team.  This training should not only cover the basics of security and
emergency response but also specific scenarios that might occur in a church setting.  
Partnering with local law enforcement agencies can provide access to specialized
training programs, which can include situational awareness, crisis response, and
conflict resolution.  Such collaborations are invaluable, keeping the team informed
about current security threats and best practices.  
     Church-Specific Security Training --
     In addition to general security training, it’s essential that team members undergo
church-specific security training.  This training should focus on the unique needs
and challenges of the church environment. Key aspects of this training include:  
    Familiarizing team members with the layout of the church, including entry and
exit points, operational areas, and areas that require extra surveillance.  
    Developing communication protocols for efficient reporting of incidents or
potential threats.  
    Conducting regular drills to simulate various emergency scenarios, ensuring the
team is well-prepared to respond effectively.  
    Instruction on the lawful use of force, understanding the church’s policy on
weapons, and their use within the premises.  
    Emphasizing vigilance, pastoral care, and creating a supportive environment
for church members.  
     By combining professional and church-specific training, the safety and security
team can be well-equipped to protect the congregation and respond effectively to
any potential threats, ensuring the well-being of the church community is always
the top priority.  
     -- Developing Policies and Procedures --
     Establishing comprehensive policies and procedures is critical for the effective
operation of a church security team.  These guidelines should be clear, concise,
and tailored to the specific needs and dynamics of the church.  
     Policy and Procedural Guidelines --
    Scope and Objectives:  Define the overall purpose and objectives of the security
team, clearly outlining its role within the church.  
    Roles and Responsibilities:  Clearly define the roles of each team member,
delineating their specific duties and areas of responsibility.  
    Communication Channels:  Establish efficient communication channels for
regular operations and emergency situations, ensuring seamless coordination
among team members.  
    Emergency Procedures and Incident Reporting:  Develop protocols for handling
various types of emergencies, including procedures for reporting and documenting
     By developing and adhering to these policies and procedures, the security team
can operate with consistency and effectiveness, enhancing the overall safety and
security of the church community.  
     Ethics and Conduct --
     The ethical conduct of church security team members is a fundamental aspect
of their role.  Given the sensitive nature of their duties, it is imperative that team
members uphold the highest standards of ethics and behavior.  
     Guidelines for Ethical Behavior --
    Honor and Respect:  Team members should conduct themselves with courtesy
and respect, both towards fellow team members and the congregation.  They should
embody humility and professionalism in their interactions.  
    Diligence and Reliability:  Responsibilities should be performed accurately
and punctually.  It's essential that team members understand the importance
of their role and reflect their training in their actions.  
    Leadership and Example:  Security team members serve as role models for
safety within the church.  Their behavior, both on and off duty, should exemplify
the principles of safety and security.  
    Commitment and Faithfulness:  Team members should demonstrate a strong
commitment to their duties and the church's mission.  This includes regularly
attending training sessions and fulfilling scheduled shifts.  
    Discretion and Confidentiality:  Security team members must handle sensitive
information with utmost discretion.  They should be cautious in sharing details
about the church's security measures and respect the privacy of the congregation.  
     Adhering to these ethical guidelines ensures that the security team not only
protects the physical safety of the church but also upholds its moral and spiritual
     Balancing Duties and Personal Commitments --
     It's crucial for church security team members to balance their security duties
with personal life commitments effectively.  This balance ensures team members
remain motivated and avoid burnout, allowing them to serve the church community
     Managing Time and Responsibilities --
    Church Service Attendance:  Team members should maintain their own
spiritual growth and church involvement.  Scheduling should allow them to
attend services regularly.   
    Family Time: Recognize the sacrifices made by volunteers in terms of time away from family. Scheduling should be considerate of their family commitments to avoid undue stress.
    Commitment to Training: Regular and engaged participation in safety training sessions is essential. Team members should prioritize these sessions to stay prepared and updated. 
    Service During Key Events: Team members need to understand the commitment involved in serving during Sunday services and large church events. Proper rotation and scheduling can help manage this effectively. 
     By maintaining this balance, team members can serve the church effectively without compromising their personal and spiritual well-being. 
     Continuous Improvement and Evaluation --
     For a church security team to remain effective, a continuous process of improvement and evaluation is essential. This process ensures the team adapts to new challenges and maintains high standards of security and safety. 
     Regular Evaluation and Training --
    Performance Reviews: Conduct regular evaluations of team members and overall team performance. This can help identify areas for improvement and reinforce strengths. 
    Ongoing Training: Regular training sessions are crucial to keep the team updated on the latest security protocols and procedures. This includes refresher courses and new training modules as security threats evolve. 
    Feedback Mechanism: Establish a system for team members and church staff to provide feedback on security procedures and team performance. This feedback is invaluable for making necessary adjustments and improvements. 
Through continuous improvement and regular evaluation, the church security team can stay ahead of potential security challenges and ensure the safety and well-being of the congregation.  
-- Keith Graves
     "You win gunfights by not getting shot."  
-- John Holschen
----- Tactics (maneuver and fire in support of your strategy) -----
     "Real fights are short."
-- Bruce Lee
     "Search in rays, not bands!"  
     "Take your time!  The natural tendency is to rush."  
     “Fortuitous outcomes reinforce poor tactics.”  
-- Chuck Haggard
"Where Should You Sit?" by Greg Ellifritz
Awareness, Avoidance, De-Escalation, Escape
"When Proper Chokeholds Unexpectedly Become Murder" by Andrew Branca
     In the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, we were taught that blood choke
holds will cause the person to pass out in at most 8 seconds.  Often much less
than 8 seconds.  In my experience it's been 2 or 3 seconds in the real world.  
In the gym it's been 1 or 2 seconds before a tap out (meaning the guy felt himself
losing consciousness).  So taking an 8 second beating while applying the blood
choke correctly almost never happens in reality.  
From an email from Gabe Suarez --
     Good question. After all, don't all those other notable trainers still advocate
center of mass shooting?  Here is the why.
     1) Human beings are bigger and stronger today than at any other time in history
due to advanced nutrition, the social prevalence of weight lifting and the popularity
of contact and martial sports.  Any casual perusal of military museums will reveal
that the average male was much smaller as close as a couple of generations ago.  
     2) The prevalence of tactical pharmacology, both legal and illegal is far more
common and refined today than in the past.  Substances from methamphetamines
and cocaine to excessive HGH and similar substances give rise to mental attitudes
of invincibility.  
     3) Proliferation of body armor.  While ammunition has progressed dramatically
in the last decade, so has the availability of protection from that ammunition.  
Today the technology of body armor has developed to the point that even an
assault rifle may be defeated.  Armor has always been common, and even back in
1991, one of my gunfights involved armored suspects.  
     4) Finally, the reality of today shows that the adversary might be a Jihadist,
or other terrorist, and not just the uneducated urban sloth seeking to take your
watch at point of stolen pistol.  At the time of this writing, ISIS is exhorting its
followers around the world to carry the jihad to every western shore.  As well,
any cursory study of Active Shooter events around the nation reveals that in a
great percentage, there are explosives on or near the terrorist, ready to be
detonated when capture or defeat is at hand.  
     Group all of those elements and the only valid conclusion and solution is to
get really good at proactive head shots.  Outside of the Special Operations and
SWAT worlds, the head shot has been relegated as an airbag method, only to be
used when the initial body shots were inadequate to stop the threat.  In the
minds of those who teach that way, the head shot is defensible under those
circumstances, but not otherwise.  And even then, these paragons of tactical
liability awareness will suggest shots to the pelvic structure as a more desirable
     Well, regardless of who these proponents are, or what their credentials are
(or lack thereof) – they are wrong.  Here is why.  
     A) In the case of items #2, 3, and 4 above, preliminary body shots will not
solve the problem.  Sure, if you are set upon unexpectedly and must react
suddenly, the burst to the chest is the best default as it is faster, and easily placed
at close ranges regardless of the level of shooting skills.  But if you have prior
understanding and information of altered mental states, armor, or it is evident
that the scene unfolding before you is Active Shooter-based, or Jihad-motivated,
trying to shoot them in the politically-correct chest is foolish, and may cost you
your life.  
     B) Insofar as the Pelvic Girdle Shots go, it does not take a degree in medicine
to realize that the pelvic bone is not connected to the hands, nor the brain, and
that a pelvic shot – even if successful – will not stop a terrorist from continuing
to fire, or setting off an explosive.  
     Medical explanation:  The pelvis is a ring structure. It is exceedingly strong
and people with broken pelvises in car accidents have in fact been ambulatory
immediately afterwards.  In order to break and destabilize the pelvis, it must be
broken in two places. Those places are near where the two pockets would be in
a man wearing Levis. They are far smaller than the area suggested for a brain shot.  
So a proponent of the pelvic shot wants you to hit not one, but two targets that
are smaller and harder to hit than the head shot’s highest value area . . . and two
targets that will prevent neither return gunfire nor explosives detonation.  
Stupid idea, do not take such advice.  
     Solution?  Simple – shoot them in the face from the start.  If you shoot most
creatures on earth in the face, they will tend to stand down from the fight.  I am
even aware of a case where a man brought down a bear with a magazine full of
.40 S&W.  Imagine that.  Surely a human will require less.  
     Like any target discussion, we have a tiered system for desirable placement.  
In the best case, shoot them in the eyes.  A skilled marksman, with an accurate
and modern weapon can make eyeball shots at room distances of ten to fifteen feet.  
The way to a terrorist’s brain is right through the eyes.  If you are an overachiever,
go for the tear duct.  
     Next best placement area is bordered thus:  eyebrows to moustache and inside
the outer corners of the eyes.  This is the “face” proper and an easy area to penetrate
through into the brain.  It is also much larger than the internal-affairs-approved
pelvic shot.  
     The objective of the shot is flaccid paralysis.  This is a common result when the
bullet enters the "best target zone" in a terrorist's face.  When the bullet enters thus,
it tends to strike the medulla oblongata causing flaccid paralysis.  The subject is
incapacitated instantaneously preventing involuntary muscle contraction that may
pull the trigger or detonate an explosive device.  
     Expanding from there is the head proper.  Some will eschew anything outside
the last targeted zone, and truly that will yield the greatest return on investment.  
However, let’s consider the following.  
     It is easy to knock someone into unconsciousness by hitting them on the forehead
with a baton or a heavy metal flashlight.  A boxer or MMA fighter can knock
someone out with a punch to the jaw or mouth.  Are we to assume that a punch to
the mouth will have a solid effect, but that the 9mm or 40 round will simply be
ignored?  As well, anyone who has ever been punched in the throat will verify that
a throat punch is not anything to be scoffed at.  
     So the extended target area extends from the eyebrows, down to the base of
the throat, or the suprasternal notch.  So we are looking at a roughly 8” X 4” box
we can throw lead into.  To give a better idea take a standard 8.5x11 piece of
paper and fold it in half.  That is about it.  This is much easier to hit than the
lawyer-fearing pundits would think, and easier to turn someone off most Riki-tik.
     So practice your face shots boys and girls, and as your skill grows, make the
face shot the default proactive response (saving the easy body shots for unexpected
close range fights).  The face shot is not only defensible in today’s world, but it
may be the only real solution you have available.  
     Next time we will discuss dealing with the apparently downed adversary.  
Just when do you stop shooting?  It is surprisingly easy to fire accurate face shots
on a terrorist or active shooter that is on his back attempting to detonate an IED.  
-- Gabe Suarez
     "The shorter the fight, the less hurt you get."
-- John Holschen
----- Techniques (ways to execute a given task in support of your tactics,
                             especially when disabled or under stress) -----
     "Use only that which works,
and take it from any place you can find it."
-- Bruce Lee
"How To Master Double Taps" by Richard A. Mann
     "Time matters, but with regard to whether I was executing a hammer or
a controlled pair, time isn’t the determining factor . . . it’s whether I was
obtaining a sight picture for each shot I fired."  
"To Thumb Rest or Not" by Ben Stoeger
"It's not daily increase but daily decrease - hack away at the inessentials!"
-- Bruce Lee
*****     *****     ***** Postvention *****     *****     *****
Suggestions on how to treat your wounds; avoid prosecution, conviction, and prison time.  
Table of contents:  
----- Aftermath (You must be alive to have these problems:  criminal and civil liability.) -----
     In the right hand column of this web page, click on "Never Talk To The Police"
or use the direct address
"CCW Safe Updates Member Agreement to Remove Unnecessary Restrictions"
by Jacob Paulsen
     It's good to see anyone striving for improvement.  
     “The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him,
but because he loves what is behind him.”
― G.K. Chesterton
     In the right hand column, click on the link labeled "Self Defense Insurance".  
Or, the direct link is,
Read this before you buy insurance.  You need to make an informed decision.  
The various policies are drastically different.  
     "You need to read the fine print." -- Massad Ayoob  
     “Your understanding and consent are not required
for someone to take your life, kill your loved ones,
and destroy all you hold dear.”
-- William Aprill
----- Medical -----
     "If you prepare for the emergency,
the emergency ceases to exist!"
-- Sherman House
     No, you don't have to drink soda pop.  That is just a bad habit that you have worked
your way into.  You have succumb to advertising by the media and the culture in which
you live.  The children in rural Uganda will not drink soda pop when offered as it is too
disgustingly sweet, and leaves a bad after taste, and leaves a sticky coating on their teach,
which they know instinctively will destroy their teeth.  It takes a huge amount of
brainwashing to convince a human to drink soda pop, especially those with phosphoric
acid as a listed ingredient.  That's like convincing a sane person that inhaling smoke is
an acceptable behavior.  Or that taking drugs will not destroy their life and their body.  
Are there really people that stupid?  If so, don't associate with them.  They will drag
you down with them, just as any drowning person would.  
----- Survival -----
     "If you stay fit, you do not have to get fit.
If you stay trained, you do not have to get trained.
If you stay prepared, you do not have to get prepared."
-- Robert Margulies
*****     *****     ***** Education *****     *****     *****
Table of contents:  
     "You will never get smarter or broaden your horizons
if you're unwilling to learn from others and read."
-- Becca Martin
     "Cogito, ergo armatum sum." (I think, therefore armed am I.)
-- John Farnam
----- Legal -----
     "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.
It is wholly inadequate for the governance of any other.
-- John Adams, October 11, 1798
"Supreme Court agrees to review Trump-era 'bump stocks' ban on firearms"
by Kaelan Deese
Hat tip to Stephen P. Wenger.  
     "The Trump administration's ban stood in contrast to the ATF's position on the gun
attachments under the Obama administration, which found in 2010 that a bump stock
should not be classified as a machine gun and shouldn't be banned under federal law."  
[In case you had the misconception that the Obama administration was anti-gun and the
Trump administration was pro-gun.  They are all just political creatures easily swayed
by your money.  I saw President Trump make the excuse that the NRA told him to do it.  
Rather like,  
"The Devil made me do it." -- Flip Wilson
(My friends who lived in California, got the vanity license plate "Flip" for their son.  
Flip Wilson offered them an extravagant amount of money for the license plate.  
But, they declined, as it was a gift for their son.  See, you live long enough, all
kinds of strange things will pop out of your memory.)  
-- Jon Low]  
"Law of Self Defense" by Andrew Branca (free book, just pay shipping)
"Federal Judge Blocks Nationwide Enforcement of Pistol-Brace Ban"
by Stephen Gutowski
"The 5 Elements of Self Defense" by Andrew Branca (free of charge)
"Biden Demands Gun Control for Israelis" by Adam Kredo
Hat tip to Stephen P. Wenger.  
     "The Biden administration refused to sell American weapons to Israel unless
it provided guarantees the guns would not be given to civilians living in the
West Bank, the Washington Free Beacon is exclusively reporting."  
"Oakland's Woke DA Is Now a Victim Of Her Own Light On Crime Policies."
by Nate The Lawyer
     The DA calls police to report a laptop computer stolen from her car.  After waiting for
an hour, she give up and leaves.  
     San Francisco recalled their pro-crime Soros backed DA.  Now Oakland is attempting
to recall their pro-crime Soros backed DA.  After defunding their police departments and
suffering an exponential rise in violent crime.  Don't laugh, it's not funny.  But it is good
to see that people get what they vote for.  Not some outside force hurting them.  They
did it to themselves.  
"The Charge to the Tennessee General Assembly with respect to 2nd Amendment
issues and the General Assembly’s constitutional failure." by C. Richard Archie
Citations to primary documents are at the bottom of the web page. video at
"Massie Vehicle Kill Switch Amendment Foreshadows Greater Danger to Guns"
by David Codrea
Hat tip to Stephen P. Wenger.  
     This is a real problem.  
    “Is there no virtue among us?  
If there is not, we are without hope!
No form of government, existing nor theoretical, will keep us from harm.
To think that any government, in any form, will insure liberty and happiness
for a dishonorable population represents the height of self-deception.”  
-- James Madison, 1788
----- Instruction -----
     Colonel Robert Lindsey to his fellow trainers:  
"We are not God's gift to our students.  
Our students are God's gift to us."  
----- Instructors -----
the students who require the extra effort
are the ones who need us the most!"
-- John Farnam
     If we teach you anything that seems crazy, stupid, or unsafe, please tell us immediately.  
     When I took the instructor’s course at Front Sight, they told us about this incident.  
After the instructor had given the briefing in preparation to do a live fire exercise in
one of the shoot houses, one of the students said that the student did not feel comfortable
shooting at the instructors.  Clearly, there had been a misunderstanding.  Was it the
student’s fault?  Was it the instructor’s fault?  Doesn’t matter.  Speak up on anything
that makes you feel uncomfortable.  
     As they teach us in business school, over communicate, because there will always
be that 10% that don’t get the message.  
     If you don’t understand what you are supposed to do, ask the instructor.  
Don’t think that you can watch others and figure it out.  That would be dangerous.  
     Be careful what you teach.  
Because your students will do in combat
whatever you have trained them to do,
no matter how ridiculous.
-- "Shooting in Self-Defense" by Sara Ahrens
----- Andragogy -----
     ‟An instructor should not expect any learning to take
place the first time new information is presented.”  
-- ‶Building Shooters″ by Dustin Salomon
     That's why you must email the documents for your class to your students before the
class with enough lead time to allow them to read the documents and take necessary
actions, such as getting required equipment.  These documents should include a detailed
outline of the class so the students can prepare and know what to expect, the equipment
list, the tests, if any, and what the standard is for passing class.  
     Your class should be an educational experience, not a weeding out process.  
You're trying to teach your students skills, not decide which ones you would go
into combat with.  It's not a selection process.  
     "You've had your whole life to prepare for this.  Why aren't you ready?"  No, that's
wrong.  That's just a bad attitude for a civilian self-defense class.  
     If you've got running, squat thrusts, and jumping jacks in your class, that's fine.  
The student just needs to know ahead of time so he can prepare.  
     If the student is going to need knee pads, put that in your equipment list.  
Mention that the student's BDU (battle dress utilitie) pants have pockets for foam
insert knee pads.  No, as a matter of fact, your students don't know that.  They probably
don't know where to get the foam pads either.  So give them some suggestions.  
     John Farnam and Tom Givens have books that the students are expected to read
before attending the class.  If you want a copy of mine, send me an email at
requesting the book, "Defensive Pistol".  ISBN: 9781311454133
I will bombard you with all of the documents for my NRA Defensive Pistol course.  
     "Do not write so that you can be understood,
write so that you cannot be misunderstood."  
– Epictetus, 55-135 AD
     "Amateurs practice until they get it right.  
Professionals practice until they can't get it wrong."  
-- Some gun writer that you've heard of.  I just can't remember his name.  My dementia
     "Amateurs talk tactics.  Professionals talk logistics."  
-- Napoleon
     “Take training from different instructors.  
We are all wrong about something.”  
-- John Farnam
     And the good instructors are constantly taking classes from others and reading
to find best practices.  And then after due consideration, making changes in
their classes to implement best practices.  And even then, John's statement is still true.  
     “The most valuable resource that all teachers have is each other.  
Without collaboration, our growth is limited to our own perspectives.”  
-- Robert John Meehan
----- Gear -----
And the safe storage thereof.  
“Mission drives the gear train.”
-- Pat Rogers
     Pat Rogers is saying that tacti-cool stuff might be appropriate for a mission.  But
is it appropriate for your mission and your level of competence?  Some of that
tacti-cool gear requires a lot of training to operate correctly and a lot of practice
to operate competently.  The plain Jane stock gear is good to go out of the box and
easier to operate.  
"Ammunition Choice Can Matter" by Tom Givens
"The Dangers of After-Market Police Accessories: How Can You Avoid Them?"
by Dr. Geoff Desmoulin
     "As can be imagined, statements created by advertising teams are a poor substitute
for independent testing."  
     I field test all equipment by actually using it in a class or match before transferring
it to any client or student.  My testing is not sufficient to reveal the flaws described
in the article.  
"What Does “Clean” Really Mean?" by George Harris
     The U.S. Postal Service issues "Back Off" Dog Repellent to all of their carriers.  
     Safety Data Sheet for Back Off- Dog Repellent
     Mail Carrier "Back Off" Dog Repellent
     Back Off Dog Repellent
     This stuff is much worse than pepper spray.  You generally have to get pepper spray
into the assailant's eyes to get the desired effect.  This stuff is much closer to mace in
that it will burn skin.  It's intended for dogs, not humans.  So what level of force it
represents when used on a human may be up to the prosecutor in the jurisdiction.  
Best to say, "I was carrying it for dogs.  I had no idea that I would be forced to use it on a human." 
     Same problems as with pepper spray:  might blow back in your face, might contaminate
other objects, might contaminate the entire room, might get into building's ventilation
system, etc.  
Century Arms, Centurion BP-12, 12GA for $400 ($500 MSRP)
     Can't go wrong for $400.  
Sellier-Bellot 9mm FMJ
$13.99 per box of 50 rounds on 20 boxes or more (1000 round cases), 70¢ per round.  
Use code  SBCASE  at checkout.
"Hornady Critical Duty 9mm Luger +P 135 gr Hornady FlexLock (FL)"  
$29.99  for a box of 25 rounds, $1.20 per round.  
Use code  NOVSHIP02  at checkout.
"Unprecedented Underwater Precision Weapon" by Dark Tech
     DSG Technology, Cav-X ammunition
     Ammunition that you can fire out of your rifle that works at ranges of 200 feet under water.  
     If your leather holster has too much friction against your pistol, you can reduce the
friction by coating the inner surface of the holster with Resolene.  It is an acrylic coating
that soaks into the leather and gives the leather a hard water proof surface.  You can get
Resolene at Tandy's or any leather shop.  
"Review: Mechanix Leather M-Pact® Insulated Driver F9-360 Gloves" by Docent
Military & Police Targets, Inc.
    Tom Givens' targets,,p_sku,p_tag
“Your car is not a holster.”
-- Pat Rogers
     *****     *****     *****  Cryptology *****     *****     *****
     Cryptologic communications is a branch of Signals Intelligence.  
Signals Intelligence is a branch of Intelligence.  
Intelligence is a branch of warfare.  
[Warfare is defined as the art of imposing your will on the other party.]  
The spectrum of warfare from harsh words to thermonuclear bombs is a branch of politics.  
[Politics is defined as the allocation of scarce resources.]
Politics is an implementation of religion, or the political ideology is the religion.  
This is a science operating in the real world.  Requiring experimentation.  
Requiring physical action.  
     Cryptology is a branch of mathematics.  
Mathematics is a branch of philosophy.  
Philosophy is pure thought.  No experimentation.  No relation to the real world.  
     Confusing the two will lead to disaster and heavy casualties.  If you adhere
to the stupid parts of the NSA InfoSec Criteria (Red Book) in your software
implementation, you will get our people killed in the field.  And it will be your
fault.  Because you knew better, or should have.  The authors of the Red Book
hide their gross incompetence and stupidity behind the veil of a Top Secret security
classification.  In the end, you will have to explain to God.  God will not accept
your cowardly excuses about your job and pension.  Do the right thing.  
     "But, Staff, if I resign, the managers will just find someone else to take my
place and do the job.  I will not have accomplished anything."  
     That is true.  You can't stop stupid people from doing stupid things.  But you
won't be a party to the stupidity.  Your conscience will be clear.  If you stay at
that company, you will eventually be promoted into a position where you will
be ordering your subordinates to implement things that you know are wrong.  
That would be difficult to explain to God.  
     "Arms discourage and keep the invader and plunderer in awe,
and preserve order in the world as well as property.  
Horrid mischief would ensue were the law-abiding deprived of their use."
-- Thomas Paine
[Cryptosystems are considered "arms" by federal law, ITAR,
International Traffic in Arms Regulations.  That means cryptosystems are
covered by the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  Never let the
government infringe on your right to keep and bear cryptosystems, to
include home made cryptosystems.]   
     "One particularly desirable principled approach toward dealing with complexity
involves the pervasive use of design abstraction with encapsulation, which requires
carefully defined modular interfaces.  If applied properly, this approach can give
the appearance of simplicity, while at the same time actually hiding internal state
information and other functional complexities behind the interface."  
-- Peter G. Neumann
     "Computer science has nothing to do with computers or science."  
-- Donald Knuth
     If you haven't already, please read
"Computer Security and the Internet:
Tools and Jewels from Malware to Bitcoin"
(Second Edition) by Paul C. van Oorschot
You can download it free of charge.  
     If it's been a while since you read it, you should read it again.  
Do you understand the cyber war that is raging between Israel and their enemies?  
Can you see it?  Are you aware of it?  
     If you're not yet ready to read CSI, prepare by reading
"Handbook of Applied Cryptography"
by Alfred J. Menezes, Paul C. van Oorschot, and Scott A. Vanstone
You can download it free of charge.  
     If you're not yet ready to read HAC, prepare by taking courses in math and
computer science.  If you're having a hard time, search  There
are excellent videos explaining whatever you need to know.  Be careful.  It's
easy to get side tracked, go off on tangents, go down rabbit holes, etc.  
     “Your character is what you do when no one is looking.”  
-- Thomas Jefferson
     "I will not lie, cheat, or steal.  Nor will I tolerate it in others."
-- the Honor code at the better service academies.  
     It's the only way to thrive in the long run.  Your reputation is the only thing you
take to heaven with you.  
     Elon Musk is correct.
If you read the cryptology of the ancient Arabs, you will see this is true.  
And they didn't have computers.  But they had disciplined minds and
significant attention spans.  
(Arabs, not Muslims.  Islam only started in 610 A.D. [by tradition],
it is very recent.)  
     "Nothing in life is to be feared; it is only to be understood.  
Life is not easy for any of us.  But what of that?  We must have
perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves.  We must
believe that we are gifted for something, and that this thing
must be attained."  
-- Marie Curie
     Have you ever been in traffic at a dead stop and then the traffic starts moving?  As you
drive along, you expect to see an accident that has been pushed off to the side of the road.  
But there is no auto collision.  What caused the cars to stop?  If you have studied traffic
flow, you understand that what you experienced was a shock wave moving through the
traffic.  Yes, traffic flow in networks of streets behave exactly as do fluids in networks of
pipes.  Your message packets flowing through your communication network behave the
same way.  So we can use the tools of fluid physics.  This is amazingly powerful.  Strive
to understand it.  This will give you huge advantage and allow you to defeat your enemies.  
     Accessible to the layman.  
"2023 Annual Ford Lecture in Physics | Secrets of Einstein's Equation" by Sean Carroll
     The curvature of the space in question is not isotropic.  If there is any mass in the space,
the curvature cannot be isotropic.  [Earth is always present.]  Do you understand how
masses warping space-time can cause a loss of simultaneity in enemy signals?  Think
about how to exploit this?  
     Not embedding the space in question in some other space, but rather to have the
space in question possess intrinsic non-zero non-uniform curvature.  
     We'll get back to this when we talk about embedding the crypto function in a
Lie algebra.  Crypto functions don't have a topology, Lie algebras do.  The topology
allows us to find a fitness function for our Genetic Algorithm or Simulated Annealing
algorithm.  From which we can then invert to our crypto function.  Remember the
Mirror Visitor.  

     "The Earth is the best impact weapon, and it is always available." -- Tim Larkin
     The Earth is the best source of time dilation and spatial contraction, and it is
always available.  Your signals travel at the speed of light in whatever medium
they are traveling through.  So, near the surface of Earth, they are not traveling at c.  
(c = speed of light in a vacuum)  Sure, you can call an artillery fire mission, or
Naval gun fire (missiles), or an air strike on the enemy antenna farm.  Sure, you
can jam.  But wouldn't God be more impressed if you did something sophisticated?  
No one on Earth will ever appreciate your brilliance.  But, you can tell your grand
kids about it.  (They might not appreciate it either.  But if you tell them when they
are young, they might look at you and smile.)  
     "Premature optimization is the root of all evil."  
-- Donald Knuth
"This demo surprised me (a lot) | Barber pole, part 1"
by 3Blue1Brown
     The first of a series of videos.  
     This only works for organic sugar because all life on Earth is right handed at the molecular
level.  If you were to create sugar in the laboratory, you would have 50% right-handed sugar
molecules and 50% left-handed sugar molecules.  If you then put sugar eating bacteria in your
lab sugar, all of the remaining sugar would be left-handed.  The left-handed sugar would taste
like regular sugar, you could bake a cake with it, but you wouldn't be able to digest it.  
Because your body would not recognize the molecules as sugar.  It would just pass through
your digestive system.  An excellent non-fattening sweetener.  (More expensive than the
nasty chemicals to mass produce, that's why.)  
"This equation explains (nearly) all of optics | Barber pole, part 2"
by 3Blue1Brown
     The ionosphere causes a circular phase shift, to which circularly polarized light is
immune to distortion.  Hence, circular polarization of Earth to satellite communication
signals.  At least the smart people use circular polarization.  
???????????????  I don't know what Grant did with the 3rd video.  ??????????????????
     Okay, for those of you just joining us, the only theoretically secure encryption
system is the one-time-pad.  That means doing a bitwise exclusive-or with your
plaintext and your random bit sequence (your one-time-pad).  So that's easy enough.  
Random bit sequence ⟨ R ⟩
Your plaintext message bit sequence ⟨ p ⟩
The ciphertext bit sequence ⟨ c ⟩
Bitwise XOR operation ≡ ⊗
cₙ ← Rₙ ⊗ pₙ  
Or, in the C programming language,
c[n] = R[n] ^ p[n];
     Of course, we will pad the message to disguise the length of the message.  We will
add a date time group to ensure transmission of the same message will "look" different
every time we send it.  (Ya, you know what I mean.)  We do the stuff for authentication.  
Etc.  Etc.  Etc.  [The King of Siam, not SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied
Mathematics), though I do love SIAM.  My second wife was from Siam (Thailand).]  
     Of course, generating a random bit sequence is not practical, especially with the
death of HotBits.  
"HotBits:  Genuine random numbers, generated by radioactive decay" by Fourmilab
     So the real question is 'How to generate the pseudo-random bit sequence ⟨ R ⟩?'  
In his book, "The Art of Computer Programming", volume 2, page 26, (Yes, I am
referring to the original.)  Donald E. Knuth recommends an additive generator
designed by G. J. Mitchell and D. P. Moore in 1958 [unpublished] described as follows.  
Rᵦ ← ( Rᵦ₋₂₄ + Rᵦ₋₅₅ ) mod m,   β ≥ 55
R[β] = ( R[β - 24] + R[β - 55] ) % m;  // in the C programming language
     If you make m the maximum unsigned integer value of whatever unsigned integer
data type (word size would be the most efficient) you're using on your computer,
you can do unsigned integer addition with overflow.  So the addition modulo m is
done automatically.  m = 2ⁱ , where i is the number of bits in the data type that you
are using.  Mod m means you will be using the values 0 to 2ⁱ - 1, because (111. . . 11)₂
is the maximum unsigned integer value, unless your computer is using some messed
up format, which is always possible.  But, we're getting into the weeds.  As long as
m is even, we're okay.  
Addition modulo m ≡ ⊕
Rᵦ ← Rᵦ₋₂₄ ⊕ Rᵦ₋₅₅
R[β] = R[β - 24] + R[β - 55];  // in C programming language
     The values in R[0] to R[54], your IV (initialization vector), is your crypto key.  
Not all even.  Because, even + even = even, forever.  Assuming you've got at least
one odd value in the initialization vector, can the system ever get stuck in a state
where the last 55 values are all even, so all future values will be even?  No.  Why?  
     So where did the 24 and 55 come from?  They came from the primitive polynomial
X⁵⁵ + X²⁴ + 1
in the ring of of polynomials of characteristic 2.  {Because our computers are finite
we will be working in the Galois Field (finite field), GF[2], of polynomials of
characteristic 2.  Which we generate by doing our polynomial operations mod I[X],
where I[X] is an irreducible polynomial with variable X.  But let's see if we can
avoid any mention of that for the time being.}  Primitive polynomials are irreducible
and generate the elements of the extension field.  (But you don't have to know that.  
I just mention it in case you're wondering.)  
     If our polynomial had only 2 summands,
Xª + 1,
a binomial, we would not have an additive generator.  If our polynomial had more
than 3 summands,
Xªⁱ + . . . + 1,
we would have more additions to do in our algorithm, which means more time.  
So in a sense, primitive trinomials are optimal.  Notice that 55 - 24 = 31.  So,
X⁵⁵ + X³¹ + 1
is also a primitive polynomial and so also works.  (It doesn't generate the same extension field.)  
R[β] = R[β - 31] + R[β - 55];
     In his book, Knuth gives a long list of such trinomials that work well, page 28,
Table 1.  You get a longer period (number of sequence elements before the sequence
starts repeating) with a larger order (largest exponent of X).  Of course, that means
using more space (computer memory).  
     Changing the + to - doesn't work.  Changing + to XOR doesn't work.  Putting a
multiplication factor in front of the summands,
R[n] = ( A * R[n - 31] )  +  ( B * R[n - 55] );
doesn't help.  It just adds operations.  And we're trying to minimize operations (time).  
Knuth gives some modifications to try to get more randomness.  We've tried them.  
The fancier you get the worse your results.  Trust me.  
     I spent some time at Los Alamos National Laboratory with some very bright
guys working on algorithms for generating pseudo-random sequences on computers.  
Great fun.  Like beating a dead horse with a pile driver (super computer).  Their
statistical tests for randomness were interesting and non-obvious.  Often taking
n elements in the sequence as an n-dimensional vector.  If you view groups of n
elements in a sequence from a linear congruent generator and plot them in
n-dimensional space, you'll see they all lie on hyper-planes in the space.  Usually
n-1 dimensional hyper-planes.  
     There is another branch that you could take.  Let m be a large prime or the power
of a prime.  But the computation is onerous.  You can't take advantage of our binary
computer's hardware.  But if you're a glutton for punishment, Knuth gives a table of
"Useful Prime Numbers" on page 390, Table 1.  These are some prime numbers near
various powers of 2.  
R[n] = R[β - 24] +R[β - 55];  /* pseudo-random number generator */
c[n] = R[n] ^ p[n];  // one-time-pad
Both of these can be implemented in hardware as linear feedback shift registers (LFSR),
very efficient.  
     As Bruce Schneier says, making up your own crypto function is a bad idea.  
You're not that smart.  Better to use algorithms that have been proven / peer reviewed /
are theoretically correct / etc.  
     "But, Staff, it's so simple.  How could that possible be optimal?"  
     Amazing‼  Isn't it? ¿  ␦  
     You may have read in the literature that the polynomial need not be primitive,
but only irreducible.  Well, what is the extension field that the primitive
polynomial is generating?  What is the base field that you are starting from and
extending?  In their effort to keep the discussion general, some authors talk about
infinite rings in mathematics instead of finite fields in cryptology.  We must
implement our algorithms in the real world on finite computers, so infinite rings
are meaningless to us.  That's why you should always say, "Let me see the code."  
Only code in some computer programming language is real.  Only then does there
exist an implementation of the algorithm.  
     Mathematicians don't care if the structure can actually be constructed.  
Mathematicians don't care that no tractable construction exists.  They are satisfied
with a proof of the existence of a construction.  And that is of no use to us.  
You see the problem.  
     "Staff, why are there complex crypto algorithms?"  
     To hide back doors.  You may be assured that any complex crypto algorithm,
especially those certified to be good by any government, have in their design,
methods to quickly and easily recover plaintext.  Once this became clear to me,
I immediately left the ANSI X9A3 Data Encryption Standards Committee.  
Because the committee was going to rubber stamp the use of DES no matter
what the experts on the committee said.  And they did.  Because the committee
did not exist to endorse best practices.  Its only function was to ensure that the
government intelligence agencies could eavesdrop on banking transactions.  
[I remember that arrogant fuck from VISA clipping his fingernails while an
expert (from the University of Pennsylvania, yes, he) was explaining why DES
should not be used for commercial banking transactions.]  
     When I was in Riyadh, I was using an Arabic version of Microsoft Word to type a
letter.  The Arabic letters wrote right to left.  The Indian numerals wrote left to right.  
     In a Western version of Microsoft Word, the Latin letters write left to right and the
Arabic numerals write left to right.  
     Be careful.  The wrong assumptions will get you killed.  But you knew that.  
That's why you are alive to read this.  So I need not have written this.  
     "If I had had more time, I would have written a shorter letter."  
-- Napoleon
     So with sufficient time, I can dispense with writing to you at all.  
What's the probability of not getting a letter from me?  That gives you the entropy
of not getting a letter.  That gives you the amount of information that can be
transferred by not writing a letter.  Which is not the same as the recipient not
receiving my letter.  Be careful.  [Check out mutual entropy in HAC.]  
     Are you reading this on a mirrored server?  Good boy.  
     The Association of Old Crows has stuff for you.
Scientific Research Corporation is hiring.  I worked for them in Charleston, SC as a
contractor for SPAWAR (Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command).  Great fun.  
I loved the alligators in the waters of the Naval Weapons Station.  You could see their
nostrils and their eyes above the surface of the water and nothing else.  
     "Soldiers' winning idea hides friendly radio calls in a sea of noise" by Jennifer Hlad
     "Ukraine destroys Russian Leer-2 electronic warfare system" by (no byline)
     AFCEA (Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association)
was always useful for me in Silicon Valley.  I was Treasurer of that chapter for a couple
of years.  You should check them out.  Networking is important.  
"The Shapeshifting Crypto Wars" by Susan Landau
     Remember, laws only affect law abiding persons.  Criminals don't obey laws, by definition.  
"Alleged covert wiretap on Russian messaging service blown by expired TLS certificate"
by Alexander Martin
"This tiny device is sending updated iPhones into a never-ending DoS loop
No cure yet for a popular iPhone attack, except for turning off Bluetooth."  
by Dan Goodin
"Flipper Zero"
     *****     *****     *****  Intelligence   *****     *****     *****
     "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,
the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."  
-- Second Amendment, U.S. Constitution
"A Message to the Force" by Marines
     Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps, Carlos A. Ruiz, announces the Commandant's
"heart attack".  Ya, right.  
"Middle East-focused Marine command cancels birthday ball"
by Irene Loewenson (Why would she do this article?)
     "The Marine Corps component of U.S. Central Command canceled its
annual birthday ball, citing “unforeseen operational commitments.” "  
     "The command posted the message to X, formerly Twitter, on
Wednesday morning and deleted it in less than an hour . . . "  
"Marine Corps Command in Charge of Middle East Cancels Annual Ball
Due to 'Unforeseen Operational Commitments' " (No byline?  Hey, you can print all 
the propaganda you want, but I'm not putting my name on it.)
     "The MARCENT X account, on the social media site formerly called Twitter,
deleted the letter within minutes of posting."  
“When I first saw the letter from the Commanding General, I was shocked,” he added.
“Units this large don’t do something like this without talking to higher levels of
Command so when CentCom does it, whew.”  
     Ya, you know exactly what's going on.  
"⚡️FBI Messaging About Coming War and How To Protect Your Church"
by Christian Warrior Training
"Good habits and skill beat luck every time."
-- Sheriff Jim Wilson
"The Federal Bureau of Instigation" by Docent
     Cited article,
"Director Wray on Known Wolves: “The Gaps in Our Intelligence Are Real” "
by Sundance
     An organization cannot murder a Christian denomination (Branch Dividians, men
women, and children) by arson and small arms fire in their homes, and expect to ever
wash the blood off their hands.  No pay check or pension could induce a right thinking
person into joining such an organization.  The movie "Sound of Freedom" (a true story)
demonstrated that a good person will leave the bureaucracy to do the good that cannot
be done while in the bureaucracy.  'Fish rot from the head down.'  But, even if you cut
off the head, (or replace the head) it still rots.  
"The Corruption of the FBI" by Robert Barnes at Hillsdale College
     A List Member Replies:  
A list member offers more detail on the attempt in Idaho to prosecute the FBI sniper
for the death of Vicki Weaver at Ruby Ridge:  
     Boundary County, Idaho, prosecuted FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi for manslaughter
for killing Vicki Weaver.  The feds removed the case to federal court and pled
sovereign immunity for Horiuchi.  The federal district court judge agreed with the
sovereign immunity claim and dismissed charges.  Boundary County appealed the
dismissal to the Ninth Circuit.  A three-judge panel reversed both the dismissal
on sovereign immunity and the removal to federal court, and remanded the case
back to Boundary County for continuation of the state manslaughter prosecution.  
     However, by then the Boundary County Attorney had changed and the new
County Attorney was unwilling to devote the resources [Several millions of dollars.  
-- Jon Low] necessary to prosecute the heavily defended case [Fighting the federal
government is very expensive. -- Jon Low].  Charges were dropped.  [But could
have been reinstated at any time.  As there is no statute of limitation for any form
of homicide in Idaho. -- Jon Low]
     Subsequently, the feds got an en banc review of the [3 judge] panel's decision.  
Then, the en banc Ninth Circuit reversed the reversal of the district court by the
three-judge panel on the sovereign immunity issue.  [Ensuring that Lon Horiuchi
would never be prosecuted for shooting Vicki Weaver to death as she held her
baby in the doorway of her house. -- Jon Low]  
-- Stephen P. Wenger
[Edited by Jon Low for clarity.]  
     Horiuchi did not violate any of our safety rules.  The shooting was intentional.  
There was never any claim of a mistake or an accident.  His written statement said
that he thought Vicki Weaver was a threat and so shot her.  
     Well, one could argue that Horiuchi violated rule 4,
     It would be gross incompetence to mistake a lady holding her baby in the doorway
of her home for a threat.  [No one believed that it was a mistake.  That's why he was
     It would be incompetent to engage a target without knowing what was behind the
target.  [Horiuchi could not see farther into the house through the doorway.  
The lighting didn't allow a view.]  
     The FBI agents taunted Randy Weaver by asking him how his wife was,
knowing full well that she was dead, her body rotting on the kitchen floor.  
     Let us never forget.  
"Unprecedented Security Breach at Major US Nuclear Plant:  
A Call for Enhanced Security Measures"
     Not only did he breach the gate, he got away.  Have you seen him?  Stop laughing,
it's not funny.  He ran the gate and the guards did not shoot him to death.  What does
that tell you?  It tells the terrorists the same thing.  
"Iron Sting Mortar | How it Works | Israel Gaza" by AiTelly
     "IDF used 'Iron Sting' in combat for first time" by Miguel Ortiz
     "On October 22, 2023, the IDF Spokesperson's Unit confirmed that Iron Sting
was used in combat for the first time."  
     Have you read the Bible?  A lot of people answer, yes.  Did you notice the genealogy
of Jesus of Nazareth?  It appears in two of the Gospels.  Did you notice anything about
the genealogies?  Yes, one is in chronological order and the other is in reverse chronological
order.  So, sort and compare.  Do they match?  No.  Do you see the problem?  Do you
understand the problem?  
     Intel analysts need to have a high level of reading comprehension.  But more
importantly they must read the documents, as in scan, not skim.  And they need to
be able to identify anomalies at all levels.  
     Do the genealogies trace the lineage back to King David?  Noah?  Adam?  As the
prophets foretold?  Do you have the cultural background to understand the question?  
Hard to do any analysis without the cultural background.  
     Do you understand what's going on at the level of an intel analyst?  Yes, of course
the humans who wrote the text could have made mistakes.  But, let's assume for the
sake of didactics that the authors had a justified true belief that what they were writing
was correct at the time and place of the writing.  
     An interesting exercise?  Or just beating a dead horse?  Well, you get the idea.  
Email from Jason Hanson --
     Later today, I have a call with a reporter from a big Salt Lake City news station . . .
     Apparently, there’s some guy going around claiming to be a CIA operative and
this reporter wants to know how to tell if this guy is legit.  
     So, here’s what I’m going to tell this reporter . . .
     (By the way, the information toward the end can help you weed out con men
and criminals, no matter who they are claiming to be.)  
     First, I’m going to tell this reporter to ask the guy what color his badge was.  
     Was he a blue badger or a green badger?  
     A blue badger is someone who is an actual employee of the CIA.  
(I was a blue badger.)  
     A green badger is someone who’s a contractor.  
     (They work for the many defense contractors like Lockheed Martin or
Raytheon or Northrop Grumman.)  
     Next, I’m going to tell this reporter to ask the guy what his badge number was.  
     Badge numbers start with 2 letters and then follow with 3 numbers.  
     For instance, a sample badge number could be AB123.  
     If the guy tells the reporter that his badge number was 1234567,
then obviously, he has no idea what he’s talking about since they contain
letters and numbers.  
     But do you want to know the simplest way for this reporter or for you
to spot a con man?  
     I told this reporter to tell the person he’s investigating . . .
“Hey, a friend of mine is former CIA, can he do a 5-minute call with you
to verify you were also CIA?”  
     If you say that to an honest person, they won’t care and they’ll be like
“sure thing” or “okay.”  
     But a dishonest person might get angry or they will try to make a bunch
of excuses to avoid the phone call.  
     I told this reporter, even if he didn’t know someone who could help him,
still bluff, and the person’s reaction is all you need to know.  
Stay safe,
Jason Hanson
     UAE Foreign Minister in 2017.
"Security Vulnerability of Switzerland’s E-Voting System" by Bruce Schneier
     "Online voting is insecure, period."  
"The future of warfare: A $400 drone killing a $2M tank
Ukraine’s early adoption of ‘first-person view’ drones
tips the scales against an enemy fighting a conventional war."  
by Veronika Melkozerova
     Another example of us (U.S., NATO, etc.) committing suicide by bureaucracy.  
“If you are reading this and can’t put your hand on your defensive firearm,
all of your training is wasted.” -- Col. Jeff Cooper
     "Free speech is the main right you have.  Without it, you have no others."
-- Tucker Carlson
"Inclusion?" by John Farnam
     As Elon Musk says on Joe Rogan's pod cast,
the extreme leftist's woke ideology is a death cult
whose goal is the destruction of civilization.  
     The Joe Rogan Experience (the web site)
     #2054 Elon Musk (the episode)
     "Elon Musk on Buying Twitter and Turning It Into X" (excerpt video)
     [I saw a lovely meme on  
It shows a train with many many boxcars loaded with coal and the caption
"Food for EVs"  (Electric Vehicles).  
People who buy and drive electric cars (which are very expensive),
don't understand physics nor logistics.]  
"Even Anti-Gun Organizations Are Having Trouble Finding Good Help"  
by Docent
     There is only one reason that a heavily armed 20 year old male would enter an
amusement park.  The poor lady was obviously accosted in the women's restroom
(where the man's body was found) and defended herself by shooting him in the face.  
She then wrote on the wall, "I'm not a killer.  I just wanted to get into the caves."
and left.  (As I would.  Going through a murder investigation is arduous.  And might
result in you spending the rest of your life in prison, even if you are completely
innocent of any crime.  As Andrew Branca says, you've got a 10% chance of getting
convicted, even if you are completely justified; that's just the noise in the system.)  
     I was hoping that the police and prosecutors would not pursue the self-defender
who obviously prevented a mass murder.  So, I am glad to see the police are
investigating the incident as a suicide.  [Though holstering one's pistol after
committing suicide with it, is a bit of a stretch.  Maybe he didn't die immediately
and training overrode everything else causing him to holster.  If I were on the
jury, I would consider that reasonable.]  
"Fuddzilla" by the Tactical Professor
"Dissecting microchips with an Ion Beam" by Breaking Taps
     “You can’t truly call yourself ‘peaceful’
unless you are capable of great violence.  
If you’re not capable of violence, you’re not peaceful,
you’re harmless.  Important distinction.”  
-- Stef Starkgaryen
    It is the Soldier, not the minister, who has given us freedom of religion.
    It is the Soldier, not the reporter, who has given us freedom of the press.
    It is the Soldier, not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech.
    It is the Soldier, not the campus organizer, who has given us freedom to protest.
    It is the Soldier, not the lawyer, who has given us the right to a fair trial.
    It is the Soldier, not the politician, who has given us the right to vote.
    It is the Soldier who salutes the flag,
    Who serves beneath the flag,
    And whose coffin is draped by the flag,
    Who allows the protester to burn the flag.
-- Charles M. Province
     At one point in their lives,
every veteran wrote a blank check made payable to
"The People of the United States of America"
for an amount up to and including their life.  
"Ronald Reagan Explains How Inflation HURTS Americans"
     I went to Columbia.  Back then, there were so many Jews that the professors
would cancel classes during the Jewish holidays, because so many students
would be absent.  Things change.
     The country songs talk about picking up girls in bars.  A bad idea.  
Some talk about meeting girls in church.  The self selected few.  
     Where are the high value girls with low body counts?  Nursing school.  
     Where are the athletic girls with self-discipline?  Horse competitions.  
Western (especially barrel racing), if you like that type.  Dressage, I like that
type.  Attended the U.S. Dressage Championships in Lexington this past weekend.  
Great fun.  Very productive. 
Semper Fidelis,
Jonathan D. Low
Radio:  KI4SDN

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