Tuesday, August 1, 2023

CWP, 1 August MMXXIII Anno Domini

 Greetings Sheepdogs,
     I regret to inform you that I have passed along false statements in previous blog
postings.  Please accept my apologies.  This past Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
I attended the Security Operations Summit 2023 (SOS 2023)
and had the opportunity to speak to the persons involved in the incidents and got
the truth.  Please allow me to correct my previous statements.  
     Concerning the "1st ISIS Attack on U.S. Soil" in which police officer Greg Stevens
shot two ISIS terrorists in Garland, TX on May 3rd of 2015 --
[I, Jon Low, had previously reported that Stevens' bullets had penetrated the body
armor of the terrorists. -- Jon Low]
     None of Stevens' 45 ACP bullets from his Glock 21 penetrated the body armor
that the terrorists were wearing.  
     Officer Stevens told me that the first terrorist was not wearing the front panel
of his body armor (reason unknown and unknowable since the terrorist is dead).  
Stevens speculates that the terrorist removed it because it interfered with the
load bearing vest that the terrorist was wearing.  Stevens made several hits in
the terrorist's front upper chest.  
     Officer Stevens told me that the second terrorist was shooting at him with a
rifle (right handed).  Stevens hit the terrorist with three bullets in the terrorist's
left upper arm.  Two of the three bullets passed through the terrorist's arm and
one entered his heart and the other entered his lung.  These bullets went through
the side gap in the body armor beneath the armpit.  
     Concerning the West Freeway Church of Christ incident in which Jack Wilson
shot a bad guy who was killing members of Wilson's congregation on
December 29, 2019, in White Settlement, Texas --
[I, Jon Low, had previously reported that three persons has sued Wilson in
connection with the incident.]
     Jack Wilson told me that there were no civil law suits in connection with this
     If you watch and listen to the video of the incident, you might not have
noticed that the bad guy fired three shots.  The third shot from his shotgun
goes off almost exactly as Wilson fires the head shot that stopped the attack.  
The bad guy's third shot was aimed at the pastor.  The pastor had ducked.  
Nine pellets of buckshot were in the wall directly behind where the pastor
was standing.  
     Why did this situation happen in the first place?  Because the pastor never
informed the security team that this bad guy was a threat, even though there
was a years long history of this bad guy being a threat.  
     My only excuse is that I was repeating gossip from sources that I had considered
Table of Sections:  
*****     *****     ***** Prevention *****     *****     *****
All the things you can do to avoid the lethal force incident.  
Table of contents:  
----- Mindset (figuring out the correct way to think) -----
"Criminal Motivation" by Greg Ellifritz
     "A lot of people simply can’t comprehend the idea that sometimes the criminal
has literally no motivation whatsoever to attack, but yet does so anyway."  
     "Did you ever consider that a criminal is making a rational choice in his
own mind because he values adrenaline dumps more than his own freedom?"  
     "You can do everything “right” and still get attacked."  
     "Train diligently for those scenarios that you don’t understand or can’t comprehend."  
     ‷If you look at someone bigger, faster, and stronger and immediately think,
‶I'm at a disadvantage″,  
I have news for you:  you are.  
But that's only because you just put yourself there for no reason.  
     The truth is that anyone can do debilitating violence to anyone else.  
Your size, your speed, your strength, your gender --
all the factors that untrained people think make
the difference when it comes to violence --
all matter far less than your mindset and your intent.‴  
-- Tim Larkin
"My Buddy Tito, The Violent Criminal Actor" by Nathan Wagar
Hat tip to Greg Ellifritz.  
     "When certain criteria are met, the script is triggered, along with its
corresponding decision options.  A violent criminal actor (VCA) is a
person that has a varying level of violence that he is prepared to use as
a potential solution for certain scripts.  He essentially becomes a
violent “actor” in this situational script, and the fact that the violence
may be criminal makes him a violent criminal actor."  
     "The violent criminal as many people think of one doesn’t exist,
they simply have an expanded tool set for their goals.  A VCA is really
a larger decision making matrix combined with a triggering template
formed by that particular person’s experiences; it is not a “superpredator.”  
Does this make their goals or the decision options moral as we
understand the word?  Absolutely not.  But these safe distinctions that
define the boogeyman don’t apply well in the real world, and this was
something that Athens found out in his research."  
     "Even law enforcement frequently can fall prey to a negativity bias,
since they see the bottom percentage of actions by the lower totem
poles of moral humanity as a large chunk of their day.  They don’t live
with these people, go to Mass with them, go to their weddings,
or share food with them.  Those that work in the correctional field
may work around prisoners, but predators locked around other
predators do not behave as they normally do on the outside either.  
This results in a skewed sample of law enforcement experiences
that end up being formed into their own schema of violence,
that may not be accurate to reality."  
     Do you not know that in a race all the runners run,
but only one gets the prize?  Run in such a way as to get the prize.
-- 1st Corinthians 9:24
     ‟We don’t decide what is necessary to survive a lethal force encounter initiated
by someone else.  That person decides what’s necessary for us to survive.”  
– William Aprill
From an email from Mike Ox --
     ". . . real life violence doesn’t give you notice.  It’s not “a fight” in the sense
of the UFC.  It gets thrust upon you with very little warning.  And you’re left
reacting with whatever skills you’ve got programmed into your mind and body
at that moment."  
     "Change your targeting a little bit . . . to the side of the neck, throat,
or slapping the ear, and you have a MUCH better chance of stopping a threat
and still being able to use your hand to manipulate weapons, phone, or keys
     "There are 31 “fouls” in the UFC, like groin shots, eye gouging, throat strikes,
etc.  They’re illegal because they can cause immediate damage.  (Think about that)"  
     "The list of things that you can’t do in the UFC and MMA are a GREAT
starting point for the skills and techniques you should practice to quickly stop
real life violence.  This is how you use those dirty strikes to end fights fast.  
     Here's the bottom line.  Don’t confuse sport fighting, boxing, wrestling,
or most martial arts with a real-life lethal force threat.  They’re not the same."  
-- Mike Ox
‟Fear is an instinct.  Courage is a choice.”  
-- Rear Admiral Joseph Kernan, USN
     Why would I put this in the Mindset section?  
"Pistol Skills!" by John Farnam
“The professional has failed more times than the amateur has tried.”  
-- Hollar
     If you don't believe that you will ever have to stop an enemy at long range,
you will never practice at long range.  And that will result in innocents or
friendlies getting killed.  
     People do what they want to do, and they neglect to do that which
they don't want to do.  
     People believe what they want to believe and they refuse to believe
anything that is obnoxious to their world view, especially their political
     Nothing is more difficult to learn than something you don't believe.  
     So, you must BELIEVE that you will need to shoot the bad guy at long
range, so that you will PRACTICE your long range shooting, so that you  will
be ABLE to make that long range shot.  
     All long range pistol shots, from your zero at 2 yards to your zero at
100 yards, will require you to aim low, because your point of impact will
be high relative to your point of aim.  If you don't understand this or don't
believe this, you aren't there yet.  You must continue your journey.  
     If God calls you home before having to make that shot, what have you lost?  
Why aren't you dead yet?  Because God still has stuff for you to do.  So turn
off the TV, get off the couch, put the beer away, and dry practice.  When you
sober up, practice live fire.  
     [Yes, I'm talking to you.  Nobody else reads this newsletter.]  
“Willingness is a state of mind.  Readiness is a statement of fact!”  
-- Lt. Gen. David M Shoup, USMC Commandant, 1960-1963
Commandants of the Marine Corps held the rank of Lt. Gen. as is appropriate for the
commander of a corps.  It wasn't until President Reagan promoted the Commandant
to the rank of General that Marine Commandants became four star Generals.  
President Reagan did this to allow the Marine Commander to have equal rank
to the other dweebs on the Joint Chiefs of Staff and so be able to hold the
position of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  
     Self-defense is not a fair fight.  You want / need an overwhelming advantage.  
From an email from Ox & David Morris.  
"In A Fight For Your Life
You Want Every Advantage You Can Get"
     Awhile back, a 23 year old Oklahoma man was taking a nap when he heard
intruders break in.  He ran to where his dad kept his AR-15, and then came
face to face with the 3 invaders.  
Multiple attackers.
All dressed in black.
Wearing masks.
One armed with a knife, another armed with brass knuckles.  Fearing for his life,
he shot the 3 intruders, retreated to a bedroom, locked the door, and called police.  
All 3 ended up succumbing to their wounds.  The grandfather of one of the
intruders claims that the AR-15 made for an "unfair" advantage.  
Damn right.
     If I or anyone I love are taking a nap and 1, 2, or 3 masked & armed intruders
break in, I'm more concerned about surviving than being "fair."  The bad guys
choose the time and place of the fight . . . they stacked the odds in their favor
with numerical superiority and weapons, and they rolled the dice with their
lives the moment they broke into the house.  And the AR-15 leveled the field.  
     Record numbers of AR-15s have been flying off of the shelf the last few years.  
Especially since the latest round of talks to ban them by misguided politicians
suffering from munchausen by proxy.  (They centralize power and create suffering
and the need for a government "savior" when people could have taken better care
of themselves if they were just left alone.)  Guns in general and AR-15s in
particular are the embodiment of the independent attitude of
"I can take care of myself . . . I don't need the government to nanny me."  
But very few AR-15 owners have any formal training with their AR and even
less training in home defense tactics.  
-- Ox & David Morris
     An important part of mindset is accepting reality.  
"The Matthew Principle"
Because denying reality causes pain and suffering.  
What's the liberal solution?  Blame the pain and suffering on an oppressive racist society.  
What's the conservative solution?  Accept reality.  
"How to Improve Your Situational Awareness Skills" byEugene Nielsen
So many myths.  
     A colleague at work told me about a man entering her dentist's office and
shooting the female receptionist with a pistol.  The shooter was the husband
of the receptionist.  
     My colleague expressed her dismay that people have weapons of mass
destruction to use against innocent persons such as the receptionist.  
     I explained to my colleague that a pistol is not a weapon of mass destruction.  
And that anyone can get a pistol, just as any one can get drugs, or anything for
that matter.  No law can prevent people from getting what they want.  There
will always be those willing to supply a demand for profit.  That is human
nature.  That is basic economics.  
     My colleague expressed her dismay that the receptionist had no way to
defend herself.  
     I explained to my colleague that domestic violence escalates.  It does not
start with lethal force.  So the receptionist had months, if not years, of warning
that this would happen.  The receptionist did not get training.  She did not
arm herself to defend herself.  If she had, the outcome would have been
     My colleague accused me of blaming the victim.  Yes, I am.  If the victim
suffers escalating physical abuse for years, marries the man, as opposed to
leaving him, death is the obvious outcome.  
     My colleague then started saying that even when police shoot someone,
they should shoot to disable, not shoot to kill.  
     I explained to my colleague that no police academy, no civilian gun school,
no military unit teaches that.  Because it is wrong on many levels.  
     Shooting in combat, is a low probability event.  Shooting at an arm or leg
to wound is a zero probability event.  Every miss is destroying property,
injuring innocent bystanders, maybe killing them.  
     The good guys are not shooting to kill.  Rather, they are shooting to
immediately stop the attack.  Whether the bad guy dies or not, is incidental
to stopping the attack.  
     Even if the good guy hits the bad guy, that is not enough.  In order to
immediately stop the attack, the good guy must place multiple bullets into
vital organs of the bad guy.  Because pistol ammunition is ballistically
deficient compared to rifle or shotgun ammunition.  One cannot expect a
one shot stop.  That is simply not normal.  It usually takes multiple hits
to vital organs to stop the attack.  
     There are many myths that ignorant persons believe.  Such is superstition,
believing things are true that are actually false.  No one believes things that
they think are false.  They only believe things that they know to be true.  
But a lot of things we know to be true are false.  Superstition is prevalent
in our society.  It's up to you to fight it.  
     “You need to have the capacity for danger.  You need to be ‘dangerous’.  
Yet, you need to learn how to not use it except when necessary.  
And, that is not the same thing as being harmless.  . . .  
     There's nothing virtuous about harmlessness.  
Harmless just means you’re ineffectual and useless.”  
-- Jordan Peterson
----- Safety -----  (How to prevent the bad thing from happening in the first place.  
How to avoid shooting yourself, friendlies, and innocent bystanders.  How to avoid
toddlers getting to your guns.)
Groesbeck, Texas 76642
Anthony Figueroa, Superintendent of Schools
"Followup" by John Farnam
Hat tip to Greg Ellifritz.  
     Advice for vehicle safety.  
Jeff Cooper′s Rules of Gun Safety  
"Cruel Joke!" by John Farnam
     Take precautions.  An officer may be forgiven for losing a battle, but never for being
taken by surprise.  If you are taken by surprise, it could be the end of your family.  
     ‟If violent crime is to be curbed, it is only the intended victim who can do it.  
The felon does not fear the police, and he fears neither judge nor jury.  
Therefore what he must fear is his victim.”  
-- Col. Jeff Cooper
"A Question of Balance: In Praise of the Manual Safety" by TTAG Contributor
     "When I began teaching the original authorized training courses for the
Arizona CWP, I had one student who was a very skilled shooter.  However,
in the first range exercise, which involved drawing to what I now call the
enhanced quarter-hip position and firing one handed, he could not fire his
1911 pistol.  I pointed out to him that his prior training had been to depress
the thumb safety only when the stabilizing hand met the gun hand as the
gun traveled to the sighting plane.  I suggested to him that, if he was not
willing to retrain to disengage the thumb safety as soon as he rocked the
muzzle in the direction of the threat, he consider switching to a pistol
with a different operating system.  After a brief flirtation with a Glock,
he settled on a DA/SA SIG.  I favor thumb safeties on pistols with
short-stroke triggers, particularly for those who carry them in AIWB
[Appendix Inside the WaistBand]
holsters.  Some list members may recall a November 2019 incident in
which a Rochester NY police officer and firearms instructor fatally shot
himself while apparently reholstering his personally owned S&W M&P9
pistol in an AIWB holster, while driving to work.  The pistol was fitted
with the optional, ambidextrous thumb safety but the officer had not
engaged it.  Versions for different Glock models seem to go into and out
of stock but Langdon Tactical offers a Strike Control Device that replaces
the striker plate on the rear of the slide and allows the user to prevent
movement of the striker by pressing his thumb on the rear of the slide
while holstering."  
-- Stephen P. Wenger
"Five Nongun Home Defense Strategies" by Travis Pike
Motion Sensing Lights
Prickly Plants
Get Cameras
Readdress Your Entry Points
Zip the Lips on Social Media
     I use door bars on all of my doors.  Also useful to block sliding doors.  
     Strange things happen in combat.  
I was enjoying an adult beverage with a colleague in McNamara's, an Irish Pub in
Nashville, TN (they have great corned beef and cabbage).  He told me of clearing
a homeless encampment.  A gentleman who took umbrage with having his tent and
possessions destroyed, produced a pistol, and started shooting at the police, railway
workers, and city employees.  When my colleague returned fire, he suffered a
stoppage.  So he racked the slide to reduce the stoppage.  In doing so, he caught
his firing side thumb in the cuff of the sleeve of his shirt of his support side hand.  
As the racking was aggressive and the adrenaline (epinephrine) was pumping,
he broke his firing side thumb.  
     Lesson learned:  Keep your cuffs buttoned up tight.  (If your uniform does not
allow this, fix it.)  
     [I remember (decades ago) the loose cuff of my oversized field jacket getting
caught in the hammer of my 1911.  It was very difficult getting the cuff out of
the hammer.]  
     To finish the story, the guys who were clearing out the homeless encampment
shot the homeless guy to death.  Surprisingly, I couldn't find any news reports
of the incident.  When the government and big corporations (CSX) want a story
killed, it's dead.  
     If your face is not clean shaven, your gas mask is not going to seal.  
If your face is not clean shaven, you're going to be mistaken for a squid
(Navy Petty Officer).  If your face is not clean shaven, you're going to be
mistaken for a person who does not shave because of religious regulation.  
The list could go on, but you get the idea.  
     In combat, we sometimes have to make split second decisions.  
We're probably going to shoot the guy with the beard.  Sorry, that's just
reality.  Being clean shaven is part of our uniform, even more so than
a badge or haircut.  
"Geared To Defend: Keep Your Guns Stored Safely at Home"
by TTAG Contributor
     "Some states have Child Access Prevention (CAP) laws."  
     "Many states now require “proper” storage of firearms to prevent children
or others who should not be in possession of a gun from accessing them.  
Gun owners can be held liable under some state and local laws if a gun they
own is improperly accessed and used in the commission of a crime."  
     [In Tennessee, we have "strict liability".  The bad guy had better have
broken down a locked door to get into your house, or broken a lock to get
into your storage closet, or cut through your vault to get your gun.  
If the bad guy or child was able to just pick up your gun, you're screwed.  
-- Jon Low]  
John Farnam's rules to keep you out of trouble:  
Don’t go to stupid places.  
Don’t associate with stupid people.  
Don’t do stupid things.  
Be in bed by 10:00pm (your own bed!).  
Don’t look like a freak.  
Don’t fail the attitude test.  
----- Training (figuring out the correct tasks to practice) -----
     You need training because:  
You don't know what you don't know.  
Much of what you know is false.  
It's good to the have the answers before the criminal tests you.  
-- Claude Werner (paraphrased)
"Single Point Convergence
Improve your accuracy, one step at a time."
by Steve Tarani
--- Classes ---
Paladin Training by Steve Cooper
Rangemaster training schedule
     For those close to Nashville,
Feb 17-18, 2024; Advanced Instructor; Royal Range, Nashville, TN
Mar 15-17 2024; Master  Instructor; Royal Range, Nashville, TN
FPF Training
     There is an understandable concentration on quantifying the speed of
application of “hard skills” in the self-defense community.  “What gets
measured gets improved” and skills like draw stroke times and
qualification scores give us useful benchmarks to measure, compare and
compete.  Achieving automaticity, the state where we can achieve
physical results without conscious effort, is highly desirable.  
     I think the problem comes when the pursuit of these metrics becomes
the focus of allocating our time and resources when the problem we’re
preparing for requires a holistic approach.  To quote my good friend,
John Holschen, “At some point you shoot good enough” and the
underlying skills are often not just underappreciated, but completely
ignored.  What good is a sub-second draw stroke when you can’t see
the threat coming and you’re four seconds behind the decision curve?  
     This approach, the recognition that the “soft skills” of decision-making,
emotional self-control and communication, leavened with informed
pre-decisions, forms the foundation of our personal defense and
consequently the basis of the courses I offer.  The flagship course,
“Street Encounter Skills and Tactics” starts with a five hour video
view ahead covering a host of topics.  It’s all free on YouTube,
and there’s new content coming soon!  
-- John Murphy
"Street Encounter Skills and Tactics" by FPF Training
Green Ops
Recommended by John Murphy.  
Justified Defensive Concepts
Recommended by John Murphy.  
--- End of Classes ---
Chemical Enhancement and the M&P 2.0 METAL"
by Sherman House
     "I’ve seen students in classes that take all of those things [medications] and more!"  
[I'm wondering if he's talking about students in a gun class or students in his
dental classes at Meharry Medical College.  A female student from the dental
school passed out in class and was brought to the Nashville General emergency
department.  (Nashville General shares a building with Meharry.  Meharry doesn't
have an emergency department.)  I only know because I was working security
in the emergency room at the time.  
-- Jon Low]  
     “Take training from different instructors.  
We are all wrong about something.”  
-- John Farnam
From an email from Jason Hanson --
"Escaped convict puts two rounds in a cop’s chest"
     Ismael G. is a former trooper with the Idaho State Police.  
     One evening, Ismael was on patrol near Ashton, ID when he was notified
about a Jeep with Florida plates driving erratically.  
     He soon spotted the Jeep and initiated a traffic stop on the highway.  
As the Jeep pulled to the side of the road Ismael noticed the driver and
passenger moving around.  
     He believed they were looking for vehicle paperwork.  The trooper said,
“It looked like a really nice car.  They both looked clean-cut, like normal tourists.”  
     The trooper noticed the couple appeared nervous.  Yet, this was common
during a traffic stop.  
     When he got to the driver’s window, he couldn’t see the driver's right hand
because it was concealed in the vehicle.  
     Suddenly, the driver threw his right hand through the open window and
fired two rounds from a .380 semi-auto pistol point-blank into Ismael’s chest.  
     Thankfully, the two rounds were stopped by the trooper’s bulletproof vest.  
     As Ismael turned away from the gunfire, he drew his .45 caliber service pistol.  
He moved to his patrol vehicle for cover and fired two rounds at the suspect.  
     One round hit the Jeep’s rear window and the other barely missed the suspect.  
The suspect continued to fire at the trooper.  
     Ismael said, “I know he would have hit me if he hadn’t been so rattled by
my return fire.”  
     Unfortunately, while Ismael was returning fire his weapon malfunctioned - or so
he thought . . .
     Turns out that after firing his service pistol, which was a double-action
semi-auto, he didn’t fully release the trigger and allow it to go all the way
forward before firing again.  
     In other words, he short-stroked the trigger.  
     Ismael said, “I thought I had a bad gun.”  
     “Actually, trying to squeeze the trigger fast under stress, I just wasn’t
releasing it properly.  I looked at my gun and I just hoped to God that the
suspect wouldn’t jump out and keep shooting at me.”  
     But after exchanging gunfire, the Jeep sped off.  
     The trooper followed in pursuit radioing to dispatch, “I need some backup here!  
I’ve been shot!  I’ve been shot point-blank!  Now!!”  
     The suspects soon turned off the highway and abandoned their car.  
     The next morning a police helicopter spotted the couple near a barn about
five miles from the crime scene.  
     As police closed in, the female suspect was taken into custody.  But the male
suspect fired at police, then went inside the barn and shot himself.  
     It turns out the male suspect had escaped prison in Florida.  The man and
his girlfriend had been driving around the country stealing cars.  
     Ismael was hospitalized after the shooting but recovered from his injuries.  
His bulletproof vest saved his life.  
     The fact is, Ismael experienced something that many shooters unknowingly do . . .
He didn’t allow the trigger to reset after firing his second round.  Considering this,
here are a few things you can practice to overcome short-stroking during a
self-defense shooting.  
     Scenario training:  
Panic shooting is one of the reasons that people short stroke the trigger.  
Scenario training can help people prepare for this.  Scenario-based training
adds an element of stress that you don’t get at a normal shooting range.  
Real-life shootings don’t happen in a controlled environment where you
have time to get the perfect stance and grip.  This is why I suggest attending
scenario-based training where Simunition or Airsoft rounds are used.  
This not only adds the element of surprise, but it also combines threats
that can shoot Simunition rounds back at you, lending a realism that other
methods can’t.  
     Train to fix malfunctions:  
Hardly anyone trains enough to fix malfunctions.  Training to clear malfunctions
is boring, so it’s the last thing most people want to do when they are at the gun
range.  Fixing malfunctions should be second nature.  The good news is this is
something you can do at home with a safe and empty weapon.  While it’s not
the most exciting training, it could save your life.  
     The gun is not jammed:  
Sometimes, when a shooter short strokes the trigger they assume the gun is
dead or worthless.  This is exactly what Ismael thought.  He said he believed
the “gun was bad.”  This could lead shooters to drop or abandon their guns
and try to find another weapon.  If the weapon was short-stroked a bad guy
could pick it up and use it without having to fix any malfunction.  If your
weapon won’t fire it doesn't mean you should abandon it.  Keep it with you
or at least next to you so the criminal doesn't use it.  The next time you go to
the shooting range take a minute to short stroke the trigger.  It’s a feeling you
should be familiar with in case it ever happens in a real-life shooting.  
This way you can know how it feels and how to fix it.  In addition, always
practice clearing malfunctions along with your normal shooting drills.  
-- Jason Hanson
     “The secret of success is this.
Train like it means everything when it means nothing –
so you can fight like it means nothing when it means everything.”
-- Lofty Wiseman
"Joe Rogan gets his Mind Blown by Jordan Peterson Philosophy about Self Improvement"
by Power of Reflection
     Do you understand this?  
     "Those motivated by a desire to improve their
gunfighting skills as opposed to a quest for trophies,
must be willing to bleed ego on the match results
to avoid shedding real blood in combat."  
-- Andy Stanford
"Is there a g in gunslinger?
Cognitive predictors of firearms proficiency"
by Jeffrey M. Cucina, Kimberly J. Wilson, Philip T. Walmsley,
Lisa M. Votraw, and Theodore L. Hayes
Hat tip to Greg Ellifritz.  
In the abstract, click on the author's name to see where the person works,
or the lack of information thereof, which is telling.  
The paper cost $28.  But the abstract provides you with quite a bit of information
without buying the paper.  (That's why I maintain my faculty ID with Middle
Tennessee State University.  Nothing like having access to a university library
that will get papers for you free of charge.)  
     A psychology journal called "Intelligence" published by Elsevier.  
Well that says a lot.  
     Jordan Peterson has given several lectures in which he talks about how the
U.S. Armed Forces cannot legally induct anyone with an IQ below 83 (that's
15% of the population).  Because the Armed Forces don't have any jobs that
such a person is suited to do.  Think about that, a person picking up trash or
sweeping the floor who can't figure out what to do next, where to go next,
decide if the job is finished, etc.  Such persons may not be in the Armed
Forces (though I've seen a lot of them in the U.S. Armed Forces), but they
will show up to your firearms classes.  Because they enjoy the same rights
as everyone else.  Are you prepared for them?  Have you thought about
how to train them?  They paid their money.  They deserve your best effort.  
     ". . . for many Americans, “recreational shooting” is what serves for
training and skill maintenance."  
-- Stephen P. Wenger
"The Mistakes We Make
We can't control everything that happens in a violent encounter,
but we can eliminate some common unforced errors."  
by Sheriff Jim Wilson
     'Out Of Date Training', ya this is a real problem.  
‟Training is NOT an event, but a process.
Training is the preparation FOR practice.”  
-- Claude Werner
----- Practice (how to get competent at that task) -----
     “Train, Practice, Compete
are the key elements in the development of humans.”  
-- John M. Buol, Jr.
     Let's test your powers of observation.  
Hat tip to Susan Nanette Junkins.  
How many kittens are there?  
     If you can't see the enemy, you can't shoot the enemy.  
If the enemy can't see you , he can't shoot you.  
     You have to be ready, willing, and ABLE.  
(Answer:  4 kittens)
     ‶Practice is the small deposits you make over time,
so that in an emergency, you can make that big withdrawal.″  
-- Chesley Burnett Sullenberger, III
"How to Establish the Habit of Concealed Carry" by Jacob Paulsen
"Have You Fallen Out of Love With Concealed Carry?" by Jacob Paulsen
     A series of articles about establishing or re-establishing the habit of
concealed carry.  
Why practice?  
    “To each there comes in their lifetime a special moment
when they are figuratively tapped on the shoulder and
offered the chance to do a very special thing, unique
to them and fitted to their talents.  What a tragedy if
that moment finds them unprepared or unqualified for that
which could have been their finest hour.”  
-- Winston Churchill
‟Be careful what you practice.  
Because you will do in combat whatever you have practiced,
no matter how ridiculous.”  
-- ‶Shooting in Self-Defense″ by Sara Ahrens
*****     *****     ***** Intervention *****     *****     *****
     Suggestions on how to deal with the incident that you failed to avoid.  
Table of contents:  

----- Strategy (deciding on the end state and how to achieve it,
which tactics to use, which includes walking away) -----
How do you win a gunfight?
Don't be there.
-- John Farnam
     If you have taken Ed Monk's classes or Michael Mann's classes, you understand
that you must prevent, not react.  If your plan is to call 911 and let the cops handle
the situation, you will suffer 6 or more fatalities (as in the Covenant elementary
school incident in Nashville, TN).  If your plan is for the persons at the scene to
respond to the attacker, you will suffer 2 or more fatalities (as in the The West
Freeway Church of Christ incident in White Settlement, Texas).  How many casualties
are you willing to tolerate?  If you answer zero, then you must prevent the attack,
not respond to the attack.  This means you must interdict before the attack starts.  
Does your plan do this?  Are you willing to do this?  Do you understand what this
     You have to be outside in the hot sun or freezing cold in the parking lot greeting
the incoming traffic.  Standing inside the building in the air conditioning is wrong.  
     Your intel unit has to be constantly searching for threats.  If you think the police
or Secure Community Network (for the Jews) or one of the many similar organizations
for the Christians will feed you the information, you're a damn fool.  
     Dicken (good guy) shot Sapirman (bad guy) in 15 seconds, not 2 minutes.  
That's why there were so few casualties.  Only immediate counter attack will
keep the casualty count low.  Which means an armed citizen must initiate the
counter attack.  No one is going to give you an order to attack.  No one is going
to give you permission to attack.  You must initiate.  
"You win gunfights by not getting shot."  
-- John Holschen
----- Tactics (maneuver and fire in support of your strategy) -----
"Real fights are short."
-- Bruce Lee
"Angles, Lighting, and Retention: A Primer" by Tom Stilson    
Hat tip to Greg Ellifritz.  
     "Use a handheld light to search and PID (positively identify),
not one mounted to your firearm."  
     "A second point about handheld lights is they allow you to illuminate rooms
and objects from different angles.  I can peek around a corner with a handheld
light without putting my firearm into that room to illuminate it."  
     "I’ve seen some awful demonstrations of this principle, called “slicing the pie”,
where there is a significant amount of jerky and unnecessary body movement.  
The motion should be fluid, smooth, and slow.  Do not exceed the speed your
brain can process inputs.  The goal isn’t speed, but to be systematic and thorough.  
Is there something out of place?  Did I see a shadow from ambient light behind
a bed?  Was that nightstand drawer open?"  
“Fortuitous outcomes reinforce poor tactics.”  
-- Chuck Haggard
     Awareness, Avoidance, De-Escalation, and Escape
"The shorter the fight, the less hurt you get."
-- John Holschen
----- Techniques (ways to execute a given task in support of your tactics,
                             especially when disabled or under stress) -----
"Use only that which works,
and take it from any place you can find it."
-- Bruce Lee
"Blurred Vision Back-Ups" by Massad Ayoob
"Knowing What You Need to Know" by Gabe White
     An essay on aiming.  
"Hammer Time – The Best Tools for Nailing an Attacker" by Chad McBroom
Hat tip to Greg Ellifritz.  
"4 Stages Of Combat Handgun Retention" by Steve Tarani
     "The most common mistake people make in the face of a frontal attack is
to move straight backward.  This is a highly ineffective technique in that
someone who is running forward always has the advantage over someone
who is running in reverse.  Your best option is to step off the line of attack
on a 45-degree angle.  This will force your opponent to turn and reface your
position, which buys you time and opportunity to reassume a strong shooting
"FBI Double Action Course" by tacticalprofessor (Claude Werner)
     Check out the loading strip in the photo.  It's used to load two rounds at a time into
the chambers of the revolver.  
From an email from Mike Ox [Mike (Ox) Ochsner] --
     When you've got an attacker in your face and your gun in your holster,
there's a really good chance that if you go for your gun, your attacker is
going to jam your draw.  
     They may do it by grabbing for your hand, grabbing for your gun,
deflecting your gun to the side, or punching you in the face.  
     Yet we see this play out in security videos all the time . . .
     People who only stood flat footed, drew, and shot paper (or dry fire
engaged bad guys on their TV) try to do the exact same thing when they've
got an attacker in their face.  
     And it turns into a fight for the gun.
     If you happen to be stronger, faster, or more skilled, that may work out OK . . .   
     But if you happen to be in a situation with a younger, stronger, faster attacker
(or multiple attackers), you don't have time to screw around struggling over a gun.  
     Which is why you must have a plan to fight to your gun and actually practice it
when you're doing dry fire.  
     Practice throwing what's in your hands at your attacker's face and stepping
offline to create the time and space that you need to get your gun into the fight.  
[Which means being proficient at drawing with one hand. -- Jon Low]  
     Practice throwing a PRECISE neck strike or face strike and then moving
off of the line of attack as you draw and engage.  [E.g. Palm strike to the nose,
not a closed fist punch. -- Jon Low]  
-- Ox & David Morris
"One-Handed Shooting: Your Life May Depend On It" by Dave Anderson
     Yes, practicing shooting one-handed is important.  But you first must get the pistol
out of the holster one handed.  Because the pistol is not going to magically appear in
your hand.  So you have to practice one-handed presentation from the holster to the
target, to the ready position, to a close contact retention position, etc.  
     Can you present from the concealed holster with your support-side hand only?  
If not, better practice.  If you don't know how, better get some training.  If you can't
find anyone to teach you, contact me.  I'll send you detailed written instructions.  
Or, you can stop by at your convenience and I'll show you.  
     Grip tight first, then press the trigger.  Increasing grip pressure while pressing the
trigger is guaranteed to cause a miss.  
"It's not daily increase but daily decrease - hack away at the inessentials!"
-- Bruce Lee
*****     *****     ***** Postvention *****     *****     *****
Suggestions on how to treat your wounds; avoid prosecution, conviction, and prison time.  
Table of contents:  
     Survival, Medical, etc.
----- Aftermath (You must be alive to have these problems:  criminal and civil liability.) -----
"Attorney: Ex-congressional candidate from China Spring fatally shot man in self-defense"
by Matt Kyle
     "All's well that ends well . . .   Thankfully, Searles was unsuccessful in his
disarming attempt.  It's important to realize that not everyone complies at gunpoint.  
Most instructors advise against rendering medical aid to someone who just forced
you to shoot him; the assailant may not really be hors de combat and may also be
a source of blood-borne pathogens.  Further, there may also be the risk that someone
else on the scene – possibly out of a sense of remorse over having provoked the
apparent death of a loved one – may attack you while you're distracted."  
-- Stephen P. Wenger
     In the right hand column, click on the link labeled "Self Defense Insurance".  
Or, the direct link is,
Read this before you buy insurance.  You need to make an informed decision.  
The various policies are drastically different.  
     "You need to read the fine print." -- Massad Ayoob  
     “The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him,
but because he loves what is behind him.”
― G.K. Chesterton
     In the right hand column of this web page, click on "Never Talk To The Police"
or use the direct address
     “Your understanding and consent are not required
for someone to take your life, kill your loved ones,
and destroy all you hold dear.”
-- William Aprill
----- Survival, Medical, etc. -----
     "If you prepare for the emergency,
the emergency ceases to exist!"
-- Sherman House
     ‟We were born to live at this time for a reason.  Our life experiences are
preparing us for the tasks before us.  Don’t blow your assignment because
you spent time reading about the assignment.  Go do your assignment instead.”
-- Greg Ellifritz
     "If you stay fit, you do not have to get fit.
If you stay trained, you do not have to get trained.
If you stay prepared, you do not have to get prepared."
-- Robert Margulies
*****     *****     ***** Education, History, etc. *****     *****     *****
Table of contents:  
     "You will never get smarter or broaden your horizons
if you're unwilling to learn from others and read."
-- Becca Martin
"Weekend Knowledge Dump" by Greg Ellifritz
She Equips Herself
     Check out "Cleaning my husband's duty gun".  
No radical feminists here.  
     I remember teaching my kids how to clean my guns.  
They thought it was great fun.  
     My friend, Audy, said, "You tricked your kids into cleaning your guns for you?  
That's brilliant."  
     I said, "It's not a trick.  They enjoy it."  
     Hunter education.  Free of charge.  Recognized by Alabama, Connecticut, Florida,
Kansas, Kentucky, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania,
Tennessee, Texas, and West Virginia for hunter licensure.  
which resolves to
NRA Hunter Education at
which resolves to
     Political correctness will get you killed.  
     Just say no to stupidity.  
"Boom: Up to 60% of Americans could own guns, twice estimate" by Paul Bedard
     "Not mentioned in this article is the reluctance of many gun owners to share
information about gun ownership with anonymous phone callers claiming to be
-- Stephen P. Wenger
"Weekend Knowledge Dump" by Greg Ellifritz
"How Old Is ‘Too Old To Carry A Concealed Gun’?" by Sean Holt
     My father is 93.  He should not be driving.  The police have come to the house on
several occasions because there was video of dad involved in hit and run incidents.  
     "I don't know what he's talking about."  "I don't remember that ever happening."  
     The police show deference because Judge Low was a prosecutor, judge, and
such.  But it always involves getting an attorney to take care of things.  
     Carrying a pistol would be much worse.  If the person can't remember where he
was or what he did, it's time to remove car keys and firearms from the premises.  
We have already removed the phone.  So he doesn't go to Wal Mart to get money
orders to send to his grandson to bail him out of jail in Delaware.  Common scam
used on older persons.  
     "Cogito, ergo armatum sum." (I think, therefore armed am I.)
-- John Farnam
*****     *****     ***** Legal *****     *****     *****
     "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.
It is wholly inadequate for the governance of any other.
-- John Adams, October 11, 1798
by The Four Boxes Diner
     U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit DENIES DOJ/ATF's request
to stay the district court ruling declaring that ATF's efforts to redefine
frames/receivers/firearms to be unlawful.  
     So parts of guns are not guns.  No matter what the ATF says.  
A firearm is the frame or receiver, only.  So you don't have to use an FFL
to transfer gun parts.  
"Majority of US Now Officially 2A Sanctuary States"
by Facts Matter with Roman Balmakov
     Check out the graphic of states over the years.  
"The Essential Second Amendment" by The Heritage Foundation
FREE eBook
     "Today in History:  In 1868, the 14th Amendment is ratified, granting
citizenship to African Americans.
     (Amendment XIV – one of the Reconstruction amendments – has been
controversial, dating back to the “curious” manner in which the Radical
Republicans – a close analog of today's radical Democrats – forced its
ratification.  As noted, it was intended to guarantee citizenship for the
emancipated slaves but, in time, it became the basis of so-called
“birthright citizenship” for the US-born children of illegal entrants.  
Following the 1873 SCOTUS ruling in The Slaughter-House Cases – which
limited its Privileges and Immunities clause only to matters of
federal citizenship – it lay largely dormant until nearly the turn of the
20th century, when SCOTUS used its Due Process clause to begin the
piecemeal incorporation of parts of the Bill of Rights against the states.  
Some historians decry Amendment XIV as a major consolidation of
federal power, at the expense of state sovereignty, but, in 2010, it became
the basis to incorporate the right to keep arms in McDonald v. Chicago,
followed by the 2022 incorporation of the right to bear arms in
NYSRPA v. Bruen.  SAF's attorney in McDonald and Justice Thomas are
among those wishing to restore the Privileges and Immunities clause,
particularly in the incorporation of the RKBA, but, to date, that has not
-- Stephen P. Wenger
"Law of Self Defense" book (free of charge, just pay shipping so you don't have to
drive to Colorado to pick it up)
"The 5 Elements of Self Defense" by Andrew Branca (free of charge)
which resolves to
“Crime Tourism” by John Farnam
"Dearth of Knowledge" by Kevin R. Davis
     In my cross-examination by the prosecutor, I pointed out that it was irrelevant
what the officer could have, would have, or should have done.  The question was,
at-the-moment the officer fired was it reasonable based on the totality of the
circumstances, and the officer’s reasonable perceptions?  In other words,
“would a reasonably prudent, and well-trained officer have used that amount
of force in the exact same circumstances?”  
     "I can tell you from my own work in this field, his experiences are becoming
more and more common.  Folks, the rules have changed.  Prosecutors will proceed
with trials without even knowing the legal standards in their own states.  They will
hire “experts” who will attempt to manipulate the facts and confuse the jury.  
     You don’t win when this happens.  The process is the punishment.  The only
way to win is to avoid playing."  
-- Greg Ellifritz
     [The article describes a justice system full of idiots, the prosecutor and his expert
witnesses.  This is the norm.  That's why you have to have an attorney and
expert witnesses that are highly competent.  You must make the prosecutor
believe that he will lose and be humiliated in the process.  So that the prosecutor
drops the case to protect his reputation.  The prosecutor's reputation is more
important than his ideology, such is the nature of such persons.  
-- Jon Low]  
"NRA Kills NC Constitutional Carry" by Liberty Doll
     Before you can
"Defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic",
you have to identify the enemies.  And that takes thought and effort.  
But that is what your swore to do.  
     "Thinking is the most difficult thing a person can do.  
That's why so few people do it."  
-- Henry Ford
     For those of you who have kept abreast of current events, it should be
obvious that the purpose of the NRA is to amass political power and money.  
The NRA is not pro-gun.  Look at the decades of supporting anti-gun
politicians.  The purpose of the NRA is protecting and enriching the NRA.
"Bass Pro’s background check policy raises questions" by Lee Williams
     Bass Pro won't sell you a (grossly overpriced) gun if there happens to
be a person with your address who was denied a gun purchase in the pasts.  
Even if that person hasn't lived at your address for years.  
     The Bass Pro in Nashville, TN has trigger locks on all of their firearms,
and they won't remove them to allow you to test the trigger.  
     So I just stopped going there.  Because they are cowards.  
"Nebraska Passes Constitutional Carry!" by Liberty Doll
Nebraska becomes Constitutional Carry state number 27!  
"Lethal Force: When Less Is More" by Marty Hayes
     There are subtleties in this legal argument that you really need to take an
in depth law of self-defense course to understand.  This is an opinion piece on
one aspect of the argument.  
    “Is there no virtue among us?  
If there is not, we are without hope!
No form of government, existing nor theoretical, will keep us from harm.
To think that any government, in any form, will insure liberty and happiness
for a dishonorable population represents the height of self-deception.”  
-- James Madison, 1788
*****     *****     ***** Instruction *****     *****     *****
     Colonel Robert Lindsey to his fellow trainers:  
"We are not God's gift to our students.  
Our students are God's gift to us."  
----- Instructors -----
the students who require the extra effort
are the ones who need us the most!"
-- John Farnam
"5 Tips to Help a Beginner Want to Keep Shooting
It's easy to get someone to the range . . . here's how to keep 'em coming back."  
by George Dvorchak M.D.
     Jordan Peterson has given several lectures in which he talks about how the
U.S. Armed Forces cannot legally induct anyone with an IQ below 83 (that's
15% of the population).  Because the Armed Forces don't have any jobs that
such a person is suited to do.  Think about that, a person picking up trash or
sweeping the floor who can't figure out what to do next, where to go next,
decide if the job is finished, etc.  Such persons may not be in the Armed
Forces (though I've seen a lot of them in the U.S. Armed Forces), but they
will show up to your firearms classes.  Because they enjoy the same rights
as everyone else.  Are you prepared for them?  Have you thought about
how to train them?  They paid their money.  They deserve your best effort.  
     Be careful what you teach.  
Because your students will do in combat
whatever you have trained them to do,
no matter how ridiculous.
-- "Shooting in Self-Defense" by Sara Ahrens
----- Andragogy -----
     ‟An instructor should not expect any learning to take
place the first time new information is presented.”  
-- ‶Building Shooters″ by Dustin Salomon
     “The most valuable resource that all teachers have is each other.  
Without collaboration, our growth is limited to our own perspectives.”  
-- Robert John Meehan
*****     *****     ***** Gear *****     *****     *****
“Mission drives the gear train.”
-- Pat Rogers
"Choosing The Right Weapon-Mounted Light"
by Josh Wayner
     If you have the self discipline to NEVER search with your weapon mounted light,
then a WML is fine.  If you don't have the self discipline, best not to mount a light on
you pistol.  If you don't understand what I'm talking about, best not to mount a light
until you have taken a class on their proper use.  
     Searching with a WML violates safety rule 2.  
"7 Reasons NOT to Buy a PHLster Enigma" by PHLster
     Better to lose a sale in the short term than to have an unhappy customer
in the long term.  
     “You are no more armed because you are wearing a pistol
than you are a musician because you own a guitar.”
from ‶Principles of Personal Defense″ by Col. Jeff Cooper,
USMC, (1920 – 2006 A.D.)  
     I built an inside the waistband holster for my SA XD that uses two Neodymium
magnets to hold the front of the slide to the bottom of the holster.  The two magnets
are circular disks, ⅜ inches in diameter and ⅛ inches in thickness.  For such a system
to work, the magnets have to be in contact with the slide when the pistol is holstered,
which means there will be some wear marks.  If you put any fabric between the
magnets and the slide, the reliability goes way down.  (Contact with the steel of the
slide ensures that the entire magnetic field is inside the slide and magnets.  So there
is no magnetic field to disturb any other nearby electronic devices.)  
     There are all kinds of steel that are not magnetic.  There are all kinds of other metals
that slides may be made of that are not magnetic.  So the slide has to be ferro-magnetic.  
     Letting the magnets contact the muzzle is a bad idea, because the muzzle is the last
thing the bullets touches.  If there are any nicks, scratches, dents, or such on the muzzle,
the bullet will not come out cleanly from the muzzle, which will reduce accuracy.  
     When I was working at Military Systems Group, I was tasked with sorting and
arranging all of the raw metal that they use to make parts.  I spent all day sorting the
various types of metal.  I marked "ferro-magnetic", "para-magnetic", and "non-magnetic"
on the shelves.  They looked at me like I was crazy.  Apparently no one cared about
the magnetic properties of the metals.  
     Some apparently non-magnetic materials become magnetic after machining.  The
heat and stress, I guess.  Some apparently magnetic materials lose this property after
heat treatment, raising the metal above the Curie temperature of the metal, I suppose.  
     I think exposed moving parts on any machine is a bad idea.  So I don't carry or
use pistols with exposed hammers.  Eventually, they will get caught on something.  
I haven't mastered telekinesis / psychokinesis yet, so I still have triggers on my
"Conn. police department to replace all officers' handguns due to safety concerns
The decision comes after an officer's handgun "spontaneously discharged"
while he was arresting a suspect in the police station lobby " by Daniel Drainville
     Article includes video without audio, which I don't find helpful.  You can
only tell that a pistol has fired because an officer puts his fingers in his ears.  
     There are an awful lot of these reports, and from different departments.  
Seems to be a systemic problem with the Sig P320.  
"SIG SAUER Statement on Montville, CT Police Department Incident"
     "I recall an LASD sergeant once commenting to me,
“where there's smoke, there's smoke.”
If this pistol discharged spontaneously because the officer failed to engage the
retention hood on his Safariland duty holster, what does that imply for the
private citizen who carries a P320 in an open-top holster?"  
-- Stephen P. Wenger
"Concealed-Carry Holsters: Separating Good from Bad" by Tamara Keel
     Do you see the picture of the CrossBreed SuperTuck?  You can't get a proper grip
on the pistol, because the leather is in the way.  You must cut the leather in order to
get your middle finger up against the bottom of the trigger guard.  Bad design.  
Of course, CrossBreed will charge you a little extra to make the cut for you.  
     I recommend the Alien Gear, Cloak Tuck IWB Holster, if you want that style.  
     How to install nocks on bow strings.  
“Your car is not a holster.”
-- Pat Rogers
     *****     *****     *****  Cryptology *****     *****     *****
     "Arms discourage and keep the invader and plunderer in awe,
and preserve order in the world as well as property.  
Horrid mischief would ensue were the law-abiding deprived of their use."
-- Thomas Paine
[Cryptosystems are considered "arms" by federal law.  
ITAR, International Traffic in Arms Regulations]
     When I first saw the movie, "Toy Story", it was a few minutes into the film before I
realized that I was watching computer graphics, not real world images.  I urge you to be
aware as artificial intelligence has made modern computer graphics much more
photo-realistic.  For example,
     This is a major part of the writers and actors strike in Hollywood.  If the studios can
digitize the images of the actors and use them in perpetuity without royalties, the actors
will have a real problem.  Even worse, if the studios can use artificial intelligence to
create images without actors that the audience cannot distinguish from real human
actors, why pay the salaries specified by the Screen Actors Guild, or the higher salaries
demanded by stars.  Computer graphics has already made the use of extras (Screen
Extras Guild) unnecessary.  For instance, all the big army scenes in Lord of the Rings.  
     Do you remember the movie, "Simone"?  The actress didn't even get a credit at the
end of the film when the credits roll.  The actress who played Simone was not computer
generated graphics.  Simone = Simulation One.  
     I have taken computer graphics courses at the Citadel and at the College of Charleston.  
The hardest things to get right are hair / fur and skin (especially hairless skin).  One can
usually get the skeletal structure correct, but sometimes that too can be off enough to
notice, as in the above examples.  In the following examples, the body proportions are
wrong.  Could you tell?  The head is too big.  The images of persons are stretched out
head to toe.  In many art forms the proportions of the human body are wrong,
because it's aesthetic.  May I invite your attention to the following?  
"AI-created girl in a pink swimsuit. LookBook 4K" by Ai video LookbooK
     These are different from deep fakes that use images of celebrities and modify them.  
These are created from scratch.  So there is no original to compare to.  Do you see the
     Generally, in steganography we need the original to compare to (sometimes with a
bit-wise exclusive-or, XOR, but there are many ways).  But here we take a step further.  
Created from scratch with no "original".  
"Your character is what you do when no one is looking."
-- Thomas Jefferson
"How the Axiom of Choice Gives Sizeless Sets | Infinite Series"
by Kelsey Houston-Edwards
     I remember struggling with the Axiom of Choice in grad school
when I was in the Ph.D. program in the Math Department at the
University of Hawaii.  It's really not obvious that there exists an
algorithm that will allow you to choose an element from each set
of an infinite collection of sets.  In physics, you can have sets of
indistinguishable objects / elements, like electrons.  (Professor
Wheeler says electrons are indistinguishable because there is only
one electron.)  In the kind of math we are talking about here, one
has to be able to distinguish between the elements.  (In probability,
one can have an urn of red balls that are indistinguishable.)  
     If you deny the Axiom of Choice, that's fine, nothing breaks.  
You're just in a different universe.  Similarly for the Continuum
Hypothesis.  Similarly for the existence of certain groups in group theory.  
Some mathematicians do group theory assuming such groups exist,
while others do their group theory research and write papers under
the assumption that such groups no not exist.  
     One could argue that sets that don't have a well defined measure
are meaningless / useless / nonsense.  So what is the point of
assuming an axiom that gives you meaningless / useless / nonsense
results?  Well, it's fun.  It allows me to do research and publish papers.  
Isn't that the purpose of life?  Even if it is not the purpose of life,
it generates income for me and my family.  Because there will
always be silly people who will pay me for such.  Yes, the professors
who vote on tenure are that stupid.  And always will be, because
they will always vote their own kind into their department's faculty.  
     Don't let your cryptosystems rest on the foundation of silly
axioms.  While your math may be self consistent, it is fragile.  
Silly results make for fragile structures.  
     "Nothing in life is to be feared; it is only to be understood.  
Life is not easy for any of us.  But what of that?  We must have
perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves.  We must
believe that we are gifted for something, and that this thing
must be attained."  
-- Marie Curie
     An explanation of factoring a large number with two prime factors.  
"How to Break Cryptography" (using Shor's algorithm and quantum computers)
by Kelsey Houston-Edwards
"Hacking at Quantum Speed with Shor's Algorithm"
by Kelsey Houston-Edwards
Primary source document,
"Polynomial-Time Algorithms for Prime Factorization and
Discrete Logarithms on a Quantum Computer" by Peter W. Shor (AT&T Research)
     Miss Houston-Edwards feels that quantum computers will soon be large enough
to execute the algorithm she describes.  I disagree.  Quantum computers suffer from
noise, which destroys the results / answers.  It is not obvious that there exists a
solution to the noise problem in the real world.  
     "Computer science has nothing to do with computers or science."  
-- Donald Knuth
[It is pure math.]  
"A Hierarchy of Infinities" by Kelsey Houston-Edwards
     How disappointing.  She only shows us two entries in the infinite hierarchy.  
     The Continuum Hypothesis is a hypothesis, not an axiom, not a conjecture.  
We just haven't found a set that proves it is false, yet.  
It's not just about the cardinality between a countably infinite set and the
cardinality of the continuum.  It also applies to what's between any two sets of
different cardinality.  For example, given a non-pathalogical infinite set X,
form the set of all subsets of X, call it Y.  The cardinality of Y will be greater
than the cardinality of X, because you can't form a bijection between X and Y,
because you can't form a bijection between any set and the set of all subsets
of the original set.  Is there a set whose cardinality is between X's cardinality
and Y's cardinality?  The Continuum Hypothesis says, no.  Math is a religion
as any other.  And which axioms and hypotheses you choose to believe
determines which denomination you belong to.  
     But if you deny the Continuum Hypothesis, that's fine, nothing breaks.  
You're just in a different universe.  Remember, math is a branch of philosophy.  
Philosophy is pure thought, no experiments, no relation to the real world.  
     Our cryptosystems operate in the real world.  Don't base your cryptosystem
on things outside the real world.  Cryptology is not computer science, because
as Donald Knuth says, "Computer Science has nothing to do with computers
or science."  Because Computer Science is pure math.  
     Be careful.  
"Natasha Jaques PhD Thesis Defense"
     When I worked at Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Laboratories (around
2004 I think), we were working on things that IBM called Intelligent Agents.  
So nice to see people are still beating this dead horse.  With no apparent progress.  
But if one can get a doctorate out of the process, who am I to say anything.  
     What the girlfriend said --
"One never knows where such things may lead."  
"It's an experience you ought not to miss."  
"That's a terrible idea.  What time?"  
     No, she does not wish you pleasant dreams.  
     If David Petraeus and his mistress had communicated by broadcast instead of
attempting to covertly communicate directly with each other by leaving draft messages
in an email account, they never would have been caught.  You were taught the
advantages of broadcast communication in SigInt school.  They are still valid.  
Don't get caught in the general's trap.  Career bureaucrats are stupid (otherwise,
they would be in the private sector making big money).  Don't obey their stupidity.  
It will only get you killed.  
     I am happy to help you.  You may find me at
<see Crypto section of Concealed Weapons Permit, 11.4.2022>
"The math behind Fermat's Last Theorem | Modular Forms" by MathKiwi
     A gentle intro to Modular Forms.  
      There is an attack in the wild against users of touch screen devices.  If a black dot
moves around your screen with the background, you will assume it is part of the image
being displayed by whatever program is running.  If however, the dot is fixed relative
to your display device, you will assume it is a piece of dirt on your screen, which will
cause you to touch your screen in an attempt to remove it.  Touching the screen at that
location causes your device to download the malicious software.  
     Be aware.  Be careful.  
     "Premature optimization is the root of all evil."  
-- Donald Knuth
     *****     *****     *****  Intelligence   *****     *****     *****
     "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,
the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."  
-- Second Amendment, U.S. Constitution
     You swore to uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies
foreign and domestic.  Are you keeping your oath?  The Constitution, not
federal law, not case law, not regulations promulgated by the various
executive departments.  The Constitution.  In the end, God is going to
ask you about this.  Before that, others who have witnessed you swearing
Death Before Dishonor will be asking you.  
     If you infringed on people's rights because you wanted to keep your
job and your pension, you know what God will say.  
Vox Day: "The War Comes to the USA" by Docent
     Source document,
     ABC 13 news report,
     Not only do you have to figure out the significance of an event, someone
has to bring it to your attention.  Do you have the mechanisms in place to do such?  
Do you know who executed the sabotage?  Yes, you do.  Look at the clues.  
No one was injured.  Date and time of execution, Friday, July 14, 2023, 21:30 local
time.  ". . . the whole sky was lit up orange . . ."  What is ethylene oxide?  What is
it used for?  Who is operating in Plaquemine, Louisiana?  Plus your cultural background.  
∻ homothetic
"Good habits and skill beat luck every time."
-- Sheriff Jim Wilson
     Hey, you're on the big screen!  Got to love the fictionalized versions of historical
"WARHORSE ONE (2023) Official Trailer — (HD)"
"What makes US Precision Guided Missiles “FLOP” In Ukraine?" by Military TV
Hat tip to Tenth Legion.  
     The narrator only mentions in passing that the Russians were able
to intercept, decrypt, interpret (because Ukrainian isn't exactly
the same as Russian), analyze, and take action on Ukrainian voice
traffic in real time.  WOW!  That is significant.  I had heard about
such, but to see it in open source is wild.
     To think that the Russian jammers can defeat the U.S. / Ukrainian
electromagnetic communications by pure power doesn't make sense.
And 10 kilowatts cited is less than the typical commercial AM transmitter
in the U.S., and an order of magnitude less than a typical FM
transmitter.  So, I think they got their numbers mixed up.  I had heard
the transmitters were the megawatt range.  But I've been out for a long
time and I don't know shit.  (But an antenna transmitting a 10 kw signal
ain't going to make a pencil explode or heat up a hamburger.)  
"You can take Putin out of the KGB, but you can’t take the KGB out of Putin!"
by John Farnam
     “The willfully naive may finally be able to see clearly,
but only after ‘falling off their mule on the road to Damascus!’ ”
-- Anonymous
“If you are reading this and can’t put your hand on your defensive firearm,
all of your training is wasted.” -- Col. Jeff Cooper
     "You can’t truly call yourself 'peaceful'
unless you are capable of great violence.  
If you’re not capable of violence, you’re not peaceful,
you’re harmless.  Important distinction."
-- Stef Starkgaryen
Semper Fidelis,
Jonathan D. Low
Email:  Jon_Low@yahoo.com
Radio:  KI4SDN

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