Thursday, November 1, 2018

CWP, 1 November 2018 Anno Domini

Greetings Sheepdogs,

***** Mindset *****

     “Success is not final, failure is not fatal,
it is the courage to continue that counts.”
     “Never, Never, Never Give Up.”
-- Winston Churchill

Self-defense begins in your head, not your holster.

A Failure to Acknowledge Reality
You either accept reality and use it to your advantage,
or it will automatically work against you.

You shouldn’t listen to the “shoulds”. Or should you?

Bring Enough Brain to the Fight
Be aware of your limitations.
Be aware of the limitations of your weapon.
Be aware of your purpose.
     A gun is not a solution;
it is simply a tool that increases your options.
You need to use your most effective asset - your brain - to chose
the correct options and make the most of them.

     Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Aggressiveness in Self Defense
I often refer to George Patton’s famous quote,
“No fire drill has ever caused a fire.”

". . . God has given you the ability to reach the level you
have this weekend. Whether you like it or not, you have a
calling now to resist evil when it is presented to you,
because by doing so lives of the innocents will be saved.
The hand that kills is also the hand that saves." 

Audacity wins.
-- Carl von Clausewitz
[My translation from the German. -- Jon Low]

***** Enemy Mindset *****


Complacency kills.

. . . I will search . . .
and punish those who are complacent . . .
Zephaniah 1:12 (New International Version)

***** Safety *****

“The fast and/or emphatic reholster
is an awesome way to shoot yourself.”
-- Chuck Haggard

12 Safety Tips For Driving At Night

***** Training *****

    “When you aren’t skilled and confident,
you get scared and you over react.”
-- Greg Ellifritz

The stages of my NRA Defensive Pistol course:
     Theory - Safety; lectures covering mindset, laws, and such;
manipulation of pistols with dummy ammo; maneuver and tactics;
~20 hours in the classroom.
     Practicum - Safety, lectures, live fire exercises;
~20 hours on an outdoor range.
     Close quarter combat with the pistol - ~3 hours in a classroom.
     Introduction to IDPA - ~2 hours in a classroom.
     Tactical scenarios - we shoot an IDPA match in a tactically correct
manner, not racing to win the game; ~4 hours, $25.
     Force-on-force using Simunitions - ~4 hours, 09:00 - 13:00 Saturday, $100.
     Judgment (shoot / no-shoot) exercises on video simulators - ~2 hours
per person, $25.
     Medical (e.g. Point of Injury Trauma Care by Kevin Hunt) - ~2 hours, ~$50
(if you already have first aid training, otherwise ~16 hours, $360).
     Self defense law (e.g. Law of Self Defense by Andrew Branca) - ~8 hours,
$150 (You can do this online.).
     Ya, this is a lot more than the minimum requirements.  The NRA
only sets minimums.  Always teach the fundamentals, because much of
what your students know is false.  That's why they have come to take
your course.  They want to know the truth.
     I consider this the minimum training to be intellectually competent
to carry a concealed pistol for self defense.

Speed vs. accuracy in training and self-defense

Front Sight Focus - Why?

Shooting at the Speed of Decision Making

Coach Ray Harvey writes to say:
      The idea of "Zombie Routines" is another way of talking
about properly practicing a particular routine or subroutine
until it begins to occur without conscious thought on your part. 
     I once asked Nancy Johnson "How many items are on
your Shot Plan?"  Your Shot Plan is the list of actions that
you go through in order to prepare for each properly
executed shot.  I expected her to say something like "20,"
but she surprised me by saying "about four." 
     She had properly practiced her shot plan until MOST
of her conscious actions had become Zombie Routines
and she no longer needed a list.  She no longer needed
to "think" consciously about those actions.
     Two months later, she won the Gold Medal in
Women's Air Rifle at the Olympics in Sydney, Australia. 
     It takes proper practice and it doesn't happen overnight.
Ask your coach how many proper repetitions it takes! 
     At the age of 68, I took up playing the upright bass.
I only practice once a week, but I have developed several
Zombie Routines on which I routinely get compliments.
Competence is its own reward. 
     Best regards from the road playing bluegrass music
in Maggie Valley (for money) tonight,
Coach Ray Harvey

Concerns With Concealed Carry And Winter Gloves

Your Tactical Training Scenario - Properly Timing your Resistance Efforts
     Creating new mental maps.
"Attempting to draw your gun and shoot while the bad guy
has his gun out and aiming at you is suicidal."
     [If I didn't have anecdotal experience that conflicted
with this, I would agree.  Anecdotal experience is not
statistically significant.  But, it demonstrates the
existence of an exception to the rule.  Whether the rule
be "common sense" or an "obvious conclusion". 
     There is a saying that action beats reaction every time. 
This means that the person who initiates an action will be
a tempo ("tempo" used in the technical sense as in chess)
ahead of the opponent who has to react to the action. 
Of course, reaction time depends on whether or not the
reacting person has a pre-programmed response to the action. 
How many criminals would have a pre-programmed response
to an immediate counter-attack?  How many criminals
would have had the experience of a sheep attacking them?
(Which is what you should look like at this point
in the scenario.)
     Are you playing a song you know?  Playing a song off
sheet music that you've never heard before?  Playing a
song you've never heard before without documentation? 
A lot of famous professional musicians in Nashville
don't / can't read music.  That shocked me, when I fist
learned that.  Because I studied music theory for many
years and practiced reading and playing music until
I could know that the described music wasn't euphonic
by reading it without playing it.  But, there are such
people.  As my mother told me, "Everyone is different." 
If you pay attention, you can recognize such people;
an important survival skill.  -- Jon Low 
(If you don't know what I'm talking about, consider
The Essential Guide to Banjo Jamming
as cited in last month's blog posting)]

     "Some songs are diamonds.  Some songs are rocks." 
-- John R. Cash (Johnny Cash)

Concealed-Carry for Beginners: Tips for Continued Training
". . . it is difficult for me to be very sympathetic
with those who will spend several thousand dollars
on a two-week vacation, but cry about the cost of
defensive training. In my view, they just don’t have
their priorities in the proper order."
. . .
     "It is also my right to get as good with those
firearms as I am possibly able through quality
instruction, specialized training[,] and purposeful

Skill Set: Working the Fundamentals
". . . [moving, communication, using cover[,] and defensive shooting]
. . . are not instinctual or natural.  Instinct tells you to hug in
tight and close to cover, which is not where you want to be.
It’s natural to focus on the threat while shooting as opposed to
the front sight. Instinct tells you to root to the ground when
fighting; we want to be moving. The only way to learn the required
skills is through practice.  At the same time you’re overriding
the instinctual part of the brain that’s screaming at you to do
the wrong thing."
     "The next time you’re thinking about going to the range
to burn some ammo consider staying home and working on your
tactics for that time."
     [Instinct tells you to run away.  Which is exactly what the
criminal predator expects you to do.  Because he does not expect
the immediate forceful counter-attack, you will have the element
of surprise.  Surprise is a force multiplier. -- Jon Low]

Train How You Are
"Train how you are.  Don't adjust yourself to standards
just because someone is telling you to.  Otherwise, how
will you know that your methods work?  How will you know
that you can actually maneuver while shooting a gun
wearing flip flops?"
     [Perhaps you should show up to your next training class
(or IDPA match ) wearing the clothes you normally do on
a day to day basis.  As opposed to your taci-cool wardrobe. 
Have you ever worn that photographers vest in the real world?
-- Jon Low]

Got Training, Got Tourniquet, Now Where To Put It? Four Ideas For TQ Carry
"Stopping rapid blood loss is a skill everyone who’s serious
about protecting themselves and their family can and should
learn, whether or not they carry a gun.  It’s more likely
to be needed than CPR, simple to learn, and inexpensive to
equip oneself.  If you’re not trained yet, I encourage you
to change that, and to practice with your chosen equipment."

Underground Tradecraft: Tactical Application of the Defensive Sidearm, Part Three

Tom Givens writes to say,
"Establishing a Dominance Paradigm" is our once per year specialty
course in which Southnarc, Wlliam Aprill and Tom Givens, along
with several trained role players, put students through an
immersion level learning experience. Each of the trainers
presents on his own specialty, then we blend it all together
in a series of force on force exercises in a unique indoor
training environment.
When:  Fri, Jan 11, 2019, 8:00 AM – Sun, Jan 13, 2019, 7:00 PM CST
Where:  BDC Gun Room
40960 Hardesty Road
Shawnee, OK 74801

Ed Mireles, FBI Miami Firefight Lecture
When:  Sat, December 1, 2018 11:30 AM – 6:30 PM EST
Where:  DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Tampa Airport - Westshore
4500 West Cypress Street
Tampa, FL 33607

The Kata

Fighting or shooting . . . which are you practicing?
This is sure to piss someone off, but then I guess I just don’t care.

"You can't please everyone.  Even God can't please everyone." 
-- Pastor Greg Surrat

"You train for the people who love you."
-- Tatiana Whitlock

***** Tactics *****

". . . personal defense is a lifestyle, not a hobby."
-- Sheriff Jim Wilson

"Only those who risk going too far can
possibly find out how far one can go."
-- T.S. Elliot

***** Techniques *****

Avoidance, Deterrence, and De-escalation
-- John Farnam

From the Ground Up: Grip and Recoil Management

Use These Non-Permissive Environment Carry Tips to Enhance Your Concealed Carry
Conceal Like Your Life Depends On It. It Might.

How to Ram Through a Vehicular Roadblock

Ten Major Tactical Mistakes

Cold Weather Carry

The Myth of Pain Compliance
A wise man once said that the quicker a fight is over,
the less chance there is for things to go wrong.

"The shorter the fight, the less hurt you get."
-- John Holschen

Concealed Carry: 3 Things Women Can Teach Men

How do you win a gunfight? Don’t be there.
-–John Farnam

***** Gear *****

Who dares, wins.
-- motto of the Special Air Service

Conversation about pocket pistols

5 Great IWB Holsters for Concealed-Carry
     [The basic Alien Gear Inside the Waistband holster
is perfectly functional and costs $40.  There is
no need to buy anything more expensive. -- Jon Low]

Officer accidentally shoots himself in leg at Henrico gun range
     [More evidence that you should never use a SERPA holster. 
You should never let your friends, relatives, subordinates,
students, etc. use it.  There is no up side.  There are lots
of effective alternatives. -- Jon Low]

One Magazine is Rarely Enough

Spencer Keepers writes to say,
. . . Trust me, sights really do matter so pick some that you can see well,
and zero them with your training and carry ammo. I think some of
you might be really pleased with the results!!  [The context was that
the sights that come on Glocks from the factory need to be replaced.]

***** Instructors *****

Colonel Robert Lindsey to his fellow trainers:
"We are not God’s gift to our students.
Our students are God’s gift to us."

"And, yes: coaching is that simple."
     [Simple does not mean easy.  Simple means not complex. 
Simple may require deep thought to master.  Simple may
require thousands of repetitions to master. -- Jon Low]

Be shepherds of God’s flock that is under your care,
watching over them — not because you must,
but because you are willing, as God wants you to be;
not pursuing dishonest gain, but eager to serve;
not lording it over those entrusted to you,
but being examples to the flock.
-- 1st Peter, Chapter 5, Verse 2 to 3, New International Version

Why You Should Let Someone Else Teach Loved Ones To Shoot

"Every time I teach a class,
I discover I don't know something."
-- Clint Smith, Director of Thunder Ranch

***** Pedagogy *****

     If you are helping someone and
expecting something in return,
you are doing business, not kindness.


"We are what we repeatedly do. 
Excellence is not an act. 
It is a habit." 
-- Aristotle

***** Education *****


     I attended a lecture on "Active Shooter Threats" by
Brink Fidler of Defend Systems,
at the Brentwood Baptist Church in Brentwood, TN. 
Some of the things that I learned: 
     Tell your supervisor at work about threats against you. 
Brink told us of an incident where a lady was going through
a very bad divorce.  Her husband went to her place of work
and shot up the place killing several persons.  If they had
known, they never would have let him in.  Oh, but it's so
embarrassing.  Get over yourself!  Lives are at stake.
     Have a plan. 
     [Every instructor says this.  Have a fire plan. 
Have an emergency disaster plan.  Have a plan for what
you, your spouse, and you kids will do if a robber
walks into the restaurant you are dining in. -- Jon Low] 
     If you have a plan, you will take Decisive Action
immediately.  Otherwise, you will dither, and dithering
results in negative outcomes.
     The average response time for police is 3 minutes
in urban areas (from the time the 911 dispatcher gets
the initial call).  Most of the damage will be done in
the first few seconds of the attack. 
     [Statistically speaking, if you practice a lot,
it will take you 1.5 seconds to present your pistol
and fire (from the time you decide to take Decisive Action). 
If you have to clear a concealment garment, add 0.5 seconds. 
That's 2 seconds to end the event and prevent all the carnage,
if you choose to.  It's a choice that should already
have been made.  Because you won't have time to consider
the decision during the event. -- Jon Low]
     Deter - Be assertive.
     Evade - Run!
     Fortify - Lock and barricade.  Block windows.
Lights out. 
     Evaluate - Look around, listen, figure out what's
going on.
     Notify - Call 911 when you are safe to do so.  You
are safe to do so when you don't have to whisper into
your cell phone.  Tell the dispatcher what happened, description
of the attacker, what weapon system the attacker has,
location, and injuries.  Yes, this matters.  If the
attacker is armed with a handgun, the first police on
scene will enter and attempt to engage.  If there are
multiple attackers armed with an automatic rifles,
the police will need to call for back up with the appropriate
tools to handle the situation.
     Defend - Counter Assault.  Sometimes an explosive
counter attack is the best defense.  [Ya, you might get hurt. 
But, statistically, 97% of people admitted to emergency
rooms with gun shot wounds walk out.  Modern medicine is
great. -- Jon Low]
     Consider the police priorities when they respond
to an active murderer event:
1.  Stop the killing.
2.  Stop the dying.
3.  Evacuate.
4.  Process the crime scene.
     So, they are not going to stop to help you.  They
are going to walk over your bleeding body to get
to the bad guy. 
     [In reality, you are responsible for your security
and your survival.  Accept it. 
     The Marine Corps Drill Instructors taught us the
same thing in Marine Corps recruit training.  Stopping
to help your wounded buddy is wrong.  Drive the enemy
back to allow the corpsman to advance to take care of
your buddy. -- Jon Low]
     The reason so many more people don't die in active
murderer events is because some of the bystanders knew how
to stop bleeding.  You need to be such a person. 
     [Take a fist aid class.  Take a more advanced
fist aid class. 
     Direct pressure on the wound.  Elevate the wound. 
Treat for shock (cover him with a blanket to keep him
warm and elevate his legs to keep blood pressure to
his brain.)
     Learn when to apply a tourniquet.  Lean how
to apply a tourniquet.  Carry a fist aid kit with you. 
They are small and about $100.  Don't skimp on life
and death matters.  You may be saving the life of
someone you love. -- Jon Low]


     I attended "Home Defense" by Ken Alexandrow of
Agape Tactical,
at the 5.11 store in Nashville, TN. 
Some of the things I learned: 
     Ken told of a young man recently graduated from
high school in 1920 A.D. who wanted to be a lumberjack
in California, starting pay $27 per week.  He felled
19 trees on his first day on the job.  The next day
he only felled 15.  The next day only 12.  He apologized
to his foreman for his decline in productivity.  To
which his foreman responded by asking, "When was the
last time you sharpened your ax?"
     When was the last time YOU sharpened YOUR ax?
     Ken told us of an interview with a survivor of
the recent shooting at the Waffle House in Antioch, TN
immediately after the incident occurred.  The police
officer asked the citizen for identification. 
The citizen reached to his back pocket revealing a
pistol in a holster on his belt.  The officer shouted
commands to stop.  The citizen had forgotten that he
was wearing the pistol.  The citizen said that he had
gotten his permit a year earlier and hadn't even drawn
his pistol since then.
     Don't be that guy.  Sharpen your ax.  Train like
the life of your loved ones depended on your training. 
Train often. [Correctly pronounced "offen", the "t" is
silent and always has been.  English is a Germanic
language.  The English word "often" is derived from
the German word "offen".  Pronouncing the "t" is wrong
on many levels. -- Jon Low] 
Deterrence --
     Have a dog in your house.  Ken said that in his 26
years on the Metro Nashville Police, he never took a
burglary report on a house that had a dog in it.  A dog
outside in the yard didn't prevent burglaries, but a
dog inside did.
     Most crimes are crimes of opportunity.  Strive to
eliminate the opportunity.  Use "Ring System", "Nest",
"Arlow", or some such system that allows you to see
who is at your door or around your house and talk to
them, no matter where you are.  Yes, you need WiFi. 
So, get it.  Join the 21st century.
     Light your house.  Light the area around your house.
Detection --
     Your yard need not be pretty, but it must be tactically
correct.  You must have line of sight from inside your house
to outside your house.
     Your alarms must sound outside your house.  (Think
about it.)
     You must pay attention.  You must avoid
"Inattentional Blindness".  Ken showed the video, "selective attention test".
Denial --
     Replace the screws in your door locks with longer
screws that actually go through the studs of the frame
of your house, not just the decorative wood paneling.
     Laminate all of your windows and screen doors with
"Eversafe Window Laminate".  It's only $15 per square
foot.  It's not bullet proof, but it maintains the
integrity of the window to prevent entry.  All of the
Williamson County, Tennessee public school are laminating
all of their exterior windows.  (Ken gave us the phone
number of the owner of the company.  I will share it
with you upon request.)
     If your house is broken into while you are at home,
it's a home invasion, not a burglary.  Burglars make sure
no one is home.  The home invader is there for you or
your women.  "You must access your weapon before your feet
hit the floor."  If your master bedroom is on the first
floor, the enemy will find your master bedroom within
8 second (assuming he doesn't already know where it is).
If your master bedroom is on the second floor, he will
find your master bedroom within 15 seconds (assuming
he doesn't already know where it is).

     [We never raided a house without intel giving us the
floor plan at least a week in advance.  So, we practiced
the raid for a week (in one instance we had a year to
practice), knowing exactly where the targets would be. 
(Yes, I know what I just said.  I know what it means.)
So, if it's anything more than a common criminal, the
times will be much shorter. 
     If you hold political office, PAY ATTENTION! 
Your security detail is not designed nor competent to
stop tier one operators.  I worked recruiting duty
with a Master Sergeant who was stationed at "8th and I"
during the Nixon Presidency.  When the riots were
raging, they were staged in the tunnels connecting
the Marine barracks with the White House.  They were
afraid they would have to shoot American citizens.
If you are not the POTUS, you don't have a detachment
of Marines.  So, you have to take precautions.  You
saw how ineffective the Capitol Police were at
preventing the attack on U.S. Representative Steve Scalise.
You are responsible for your security.  Leaving it
to anyone else is foolish.
     I am doing my duty to protect you, by advising
you to get training, so you can protect yourself.
-- Jon Low]

     10% of the criminals cause 90% of the crime.  They
do not fear arrest or imprisonment.  To them, prison is
continuing education, where they learn to do their crimes
better and avoid getting caught the next time.  And there
will be a next time.  If you believe that our justice
system rehabilitates anyone, you are wrong.  Catch and
release is in full effect.
     You must have a plan and you must teach your plan
to your family.  If you don't teach your children
how to escape and where to go in case of a fire, they will
wait for you to rescue them and die of smoke inhalation. 
Yes, that would be your fault.
     Pistol bullets will penetrate 9 sheets of drywall.
Two 2X4's will stop most pistol bullets.  So, you should
consider using a shotgun loaded with bird shot for home
defense.  It should have a short legal barrel.  Get the
tax stamp if you need to.  Or, get a short barreled
shotgun without a stock, they are sold as pistols.  You
don't need a 12 gauge.  A 20 ga. will work fine indoors.
     If you cannot escape, shelter in place.  Lock and
barricade doors and windows.
     Have a gun safe that you can open quickly while
     Plan for children.  They should know what to do
in case of emergency, not just wait for you.  Because
you might not be able to get to them before they die.
     Teach your kids gun safety:  Don't touch.  Leave
the area.  Tell an adult.
     If you decide to engage the bad guy, you become
a bullet magnet.  Have a plan for those around you. 
Ken trains his family to run away from him if he says,
"Get away from me!"  If your spouse is a gun person,
you might have a different plan.
What to do after the incident --
     Notify law enforcement.
     Don't have a gun in your hands when the police
arrive.  Holster your pistol when you determine the
threat is over.  (I know, sometimes hard to determine.) 
     Ask for an attorney.  If you can't afford one,
they have to get one for you.  But, if you can afford
one, you should really prefer that one.
     Stay silent until your attorney is with you. 
Let your attorney interview you and let your attorney
give your statement to the police.  (The police really
appreciate this.)  [I have taken statements from
excited persons.  What a disaster.  My notebook was
filled with pages of nonsense.  -- Jon Low]
     You do have to identify yourself to the police.
So, give them your driver's license or your carry
permit.  You also have to give them your phone number.
     Consider legally putting a suppressor on your
home defense weapon (Yes, they are legal in Tennessee
and other Southern States.), so you can hear bad guy
number 2 and 3.  That way they won't surprise you
after you stop bad guy 1.
     Get extra magazines for your pistol.  Install
night sights on your pistol.  (The tritium glow in
the dark kind.  Don't scrimp on emergency tools.)
     When coming around corners, do it from a prone
position.  Near the ground is not where the enemy
expects you to be.  Shooting upward mitigates the
risk of misses or pass throughs hitting someone
immediately down range of your intended target.


It’s Not Me, It’s You
     “If you are known as a menace to your neighborhood and
then you have the best shooting – it is the best textbook,
self-defense shooting in the world – you still might go to
prison because when they interview everybody and the
media is out there interviewing everybody all your
neighbors are going to say, “I bet he murdered that guy.
He was an absolute menace to society. Nobody likes him . . .”
It can bite you in the rear end.” — Erik Utrecht
     "This very important podcast covers the difference between
a “person who owns a gun” and a “responsible gun owner.” 
This distinction is lacking in our industry.  We should do a
better job at policing our own ranks before someone decides
to do it for us." -- Greg Ellifritz


     I attended "Point of Injury Trauma Care" by
Kevin Hunt of Prepared Medical Response,
     Some of the things I learned:
     "Hope is not a strategy"
     Call 911 as soon as possible.
     The primary thing is to stop the bleeding.  The person
will bleed to death before anything else kills him.  A person
can bleed to death in 3 minutes.
     My how things change.  I was still thinking "direct pressure"
to stop bleeding, but the modern theory is: 
1.  If the bleeding is on an arm or leg, tourniquet first
(the tourniquet should be high [as close to the torso as possible,
no matter where the bleeding is] and tight [no pulse]). 
Use a CAT or SOFT tourniquet.  If you don't know why, take
a class and find out.  Using a cheap tourniquet you found on is stupid on many levels.  Using a tourniquet will
not cause the victim to lose a limb.  This is 2018 A.D. 
Let the doctor remove the tourniquet.  You can apply a tourniquet
in 30 seconds, if you've done it before.  It takes 3 minutes
to bleed to death.  So, this is a big win.
2.  If the bleeding is from the torso, seal (every hole,
entry and exit wounds).  You must prevent air from entering
the body.
3.  If the wound is at the junction of torso and limb, pack
the hole until you fill it, and then apply a pressure dressing. 
Apply direct pressure.  Tuck the bandage or use duct tape.
     That's what I get for going a few years without training. 
(Fortunately, my company Military Systems Group, provides
such training for their employees.)
     Once you stop the bleeding, call 911.  Yes, as a matter
of fact, the victim will bleed to death while you are chatting
with the dispatcher.  So, stop the bleeding first.
     If you find an unresponsive person check for a pulse by
feeling in the valley between the muscle on the side of the
neck and wind pipe at the front center of the neck.  Check for
10 seconds.  If 3 or less beats in the 10 seconds, start CPR
(cardiopulmonary resuscitation).  100 thrusts per minute. 
The songs "Staying Alive" and "Another One Bites the Dust"
are 100 beats per minute songs.  So, you can sing them while
performing CPR to maintain appropriate blood circulation. 
If you go to fast, you won't allow the blood to enter the
heart (so you won't get any blood flow).  If you go to slow,
you won't achieve adequate blood pressure to keep the brain
alive.  After 2 minutes of CPR (You will be exhausted if you
are doing it correctly.) take a break to call 911. 
     The chest compressions must go to 2/3rds the depth
of the chest.  Yes, you will break the ribs.  That's okay. 
(In Tennessee you are protected by Good Samaritan laws. 
Unless, you intentionally engage in gross negligence.)
The ribs will detach from the sternum.  Nobody ever died
from broken ribs.  They do die from lack of blood to the
brain.  Lock your elbows.  Use the muscles in your back.
     It takes 4 to 5 chest compressions to get the
blood pressure up to a useful level.  Once you stop
CPR the blood pressure drops to zero.
     If they have a pulse, stop CPR.
     Don't worry about breathing for the victim initially. 
Take care of bleeding first, blood pressure second.
The human can go 6 minutes without breathing before lack
of oxygen will cause brain damage.  If the person is not
breathing, tilt the head back to clear the air way,
otherwise he will choke on his tongue.  Pinch his nose
and blow into his mouth.  If the face is small as with a
child, cover the nose and mouth, and blow.  If his chest
does not rise (being filled with air), clear the air way
as best you can.  (Yes, this is dirty messy business.) 
     30 chest compressions, 2 breaths, repeat.  Keep going
until relieved by medical personnel.
     If you don't want to tilt the head back because of
neck injury, lay the victim on his back, grab behind the
jaw bone, and pull the jaw bone straight up.
     If you have any kind of barrier (as a tee shirt),
use it, because the victim will vomit (even if he doesn't
regain consciousness), and you don't want to get his
vomit into your mouth.
     If they are breathing (coughing), stop mouth to
mouth resuscitation.
     If there are foreign objects (bullets, knives, etc.)
in the victim's body, DO NOT attempt to remove them.  If
they fall out, don't put them back in.  [Remember the
situation we are operating in.  Extremely high stress.]
     Electrocution causes burns and cardiac arrest.
     To treat for electrocution:
Make sure the electricity is turned off. 
If you can't, disconnect the victim from the electricity,
using an insulative object.
     If he's on fire, put the fire out.
     If his heart has stopped, start CPR.  Don't worry
about the burns.  Keep the blood flowing.  The doctors
will give him antibiotics and skin graphs later, if he's
alive.  Your job is to keep him alive.
     Here in Tennessee we are protected by Good Samaritan Laws. 
Check the laws in the jurisdiction in which you live.
     "If we stay ready we don't have to get ready"


The American Warrior Show

The Lessons of Special Agent Edmundo Mireles
". . . bullet size does matter when trying to stop a large land mammal
like a human being." 
     "I survived on good tactics, good cover, looking for targets,
moving to try to flank the subjects, good firearms techniques and
firearms discipline, and the teamwork shown by Gilbert and Ron
by providing overwatch and covering fire on my position."
     "An element of faith, and an ability to channel rage
into a dynamic and absolutely necessary physical response
in spite of terribly debilitating injury."
     The book may be ordered at

Church Security Resource Compilation

Gas adjustment on an AR-15 type rifle

Rangemaster newsletter, November 2018

***** News, Legal, Philosophical, and Political stuff *****

Civil War happens when the victimized are armed.
Genocide happens when they are not!
-- A.E. Samaan

     Every wonder how older nations can be so far behind
us in basic human rights such as self defense?
"Salvini: Italian State Will Strengthen Self-Defence Rights,
Cover Legal Costs of Home Defenders"

"Self-Defense" About to Become "Illegal" in South Africa

The Rise of Self-Defense in Gun Advertising: The American Rifleman, 1918-2017

Armed Church Security in Colonial America

Birth of a new Ukrainian church brings fears of violence
     The headline should read,
"Schism of Ukrainian Orthodox Church from the Russian Orthodox Church". 
There is nothing new about this church.  The last vestiges of the
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics are being pulled out by the roots. 
Only those Americans who don't remember the Socialists could possibly
support socialism.

Blackwater-Style Firm for Jihadists Opens Training Camp with Donor Help
     Following the American model.  American innovation leading
everywhere.  They will harvest the sheep.  Prepare.

Good Guys With Guns Took Down Lots Of Bad Guys In 2017

“The Tzar's police had Lenin, but released him!
Bavarian police had Hitler, but released him!
Rhodesia had Mugabe, but released him!
We had Bin Laden, but released him!
We repeatedly fail to learn from history,
and we'll continue to pay for it.
Just ask a Romanov . . . if you can find one!”
-- Anonymous
Footnote:  The Saudis were holding Osama Bin Laden
in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  U.S. President
Clinton could have asked the Saudis to hold him
indefinitely.  They do that sort of thing in Saudi. 
Yes, Clinton knew who he was and exactly the
threat he posed to us. (I know of what I speak.) 
You find it strange that Clinton would have told
the Saudis that they should release him because we
have no interest in him? 
Then you must have forgotten about all the terrorists
that Clinton released from our federal prisons. 
That's why the FBI rebelled against Clinton.  That's
why Clinton imposed a 2 year hiring freeze on the
FBI.  He effectively purged all of the politically
incorrect FBI leaders and installed his people in
all of the leadership positions.
     Obama did the same thing.  That's why Trump
is having to fire all these FBI agents, including
the Director.

Few tyrants argue for 'slavery of the masses.'
Instead, they argue for the power to
'protect people from themselves.'
-- AE Samaan

***** Survival Tips *****

"If you prepare for the emergency,
the emergency ceases to exist!"
-- Dr. Sherman House

12 Safety Tips For Driving At Night

Don't go to stupid places. 
Don't do stupid things.
Don't hang out with stupid people.
-- John Farnam

***** Basics *****

"Panic is simply the lack of preprogrammed responses." 
-- Tom Givens

Pistol Grip Basics
We’re hardwired to blink and/or jerk the trigger
in anticipation of the noise, so dry-firing a
few minutes each day helps develop muscle memory
that can override this natural instinct.
     [Well, if it is a hardwired instinct, will
practice ever override it?  Probably not. 
Will you ever practice enough (2000 correct
repetitions) to engrain such muscle memory? 
Probably not.  So, the surprise break is
really the way to defeat your autonomic nervous
system responses to the report and recoil. -- Jon Low]

How To: Master Sight Radius, Sight Picture & Hold

     A few minutes ago, I was talking to a young
Metro Nashville Police officer in my favorite coffee
shop, "Flat Rock Coffee, Tea, and More" (The former
Mayor has been known to hold meetings here, before
she accepted a plea deal and resigned.  I have seen
the former Police Chief here in the early morning
hours meeting "friends".  The world is so small that
to think you can do anything without being seen is
She told me she wanted to work on her long
range (for pistol) accuracy.  I asked her how she
had been taught to shoot. 
     She responded,
Hold the sights on the target and
Pull the trigger without jerking it. 
     I asked her if she had been taught how to achieve
a surprise trigger break.  She had not.  So, I
explained it to her. 
(Sight alignment, sight movie)
Line up the sights on the target. 
(Trigger control)
Touch the trigger. 
Take the slack out of the trigger. 
Smoothly increase pressure on the trigger. 
Do not fire the shot, just keep increasing pressure. 
(Follow through) 
The pistol will fire, when it does,
trap the trigger to the rear. 
Get the sights back on the target. 
Reset the trigger.
[Of course, there is much more to it than that. 
But, this was just a casual conversation in a
coffee shop.]
     I assured her that the surprise break would
defeat all of her autonomic nervous system
responses to the report and recoil.
     I have always known that training in any
police department is inadequate due to time and
budgetary constraints.  An officer has to
train on her own time and her own dime.  We
often talk about this at the Tactical Conference,
and what we can do to help the situation.
     Through my Rotary Club, I once donated ten
4-day handgun training certificates to the
Mount Laurel, NJ Police Department.  The Police
Department declined to accept them, because they
could not afford to send 10 officers to such
training at Front Sight in Pahrump, NV.  Not
even if they spread it out over several decades. 
Not even if the officers paid their own way
there and back, and paid their own hotel, and
rental car.
     In the previous year, the Police Department
had accepted body armor from my Rotary Club for
their officers. 
     I explained to my Rotary Club that body
armor protects the police.  Training protects
the citizens.  As Greg Ellifritz says,
"When you aren’t skilled and confident,
you get scared and you over react."
And the only path to skill and confidence is
expert training.

Common AR Rifle Handling Errors

Flunking The Victim Selection Test

10 Tips to Stay Within the Law When Traveling with Firearms

"Fear is an instinct. Courage is a choice."
-- Rear Admiral Joseph Kernan, USN

***** Miscellany *****

     For the latest version (it changes almost daily)
of my lesson plans for my NRA Defensive Pistol course,
send me an email.


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