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***** Mindset *****

Steve Cooper of Paladin Training, (843)618-1381,,,
sends us the following --
This narrative is from a friend who has worked overseas
security details multiple times. He has seen the future,
first-hand, and confronts us with this specter:
     "I was personally involved in an extended gun-battle
in January of 2010, in the heart of downtown Kabul,
Afghanistan, in the middle of Masood Circle.
     My driver and I were ambushed by Taliban thugs.
For the next half-hour, we had to run and shoot
simultaneously, using what cover we could find
along the way. It was mainly poor marksmanship
and the inherent disorganization of the Taliban
(and expert marksmanship on our part) that kept
us alive!
     After a short time, we exited our vehicle,
as it was drawing too much fire. We, both now on
foot, started shooting them as they were trying
to get out of their cars. We fortunately killed
a bunch before they could effectively shoot at
us. That slowed them down a little.
     The Taliban were shooting at Afghan Police,
Afghan National Army, and just about everyone
else, including children, women, and us.
Beslan-style, Taliban gunmen attempted to protect
themselves with human shields they grabbed off
the street, and then they advanced on us, pushing
their human shields out ahead of them. We had no
choice but to shoot them all!
     I was forced to use both my pistol (G19) and
AK. I shot as many of them as I could, and ended
up at the Serena Hotel, 1km away, after expending
nineteen magazines of 7.62X39! At the Serena Hotel,
other contractors were shooting over us (with
covering fire) from the inside as we entered
through what was left of the glass entry-doors.
     I don't know how many people I shot, but I
do know, of twenty AK magazines in my kit, I had
only one (partial) left when shooting finally
stopped. I was nearly hit so many times, I lost
count. By the grace of God, both my driver and I
lived through it!
     The point is this: These people are coming
to the USA. In fact, they are here now, thanks
to our non-borders! And, when they pull something
like the foregoing here, in an attempt to ambush
our police, and others, this is what we need to
keep in mind:
     1) There will be no time! No time to 'plan,'
no time to establish a CP, no time to cordon-off
the active area, no time to coordinate, no time
to control traffic, no time to get SWAT there.
In my experience, action is sudden, fluid,
rapidly developing, not likely confined to any
one area, extremely violent, and starts with
no warning. We should not be surprised when they
take innocent hostages, including children, and
then use them as human shields. They will use
military rifles and explosives, maybe RPGs.
They'll likely be poorly trained, but there
will be a lot of them. They have absolutely no
morals, and they all know that their mission
is 'one-way!'
     2) Every patrol officer must have instant
access to heavy firepower, and it matters not
where you work. You will desperately need it.
Mark my words! Shotguns are no longer adequate.
We need high-capacity, military rifles in the
cab-portion of our patrol vehicles, not the
trunk. You won't have time to retrieve your
rifle from a trunk. Ask me how I know this!
     3) For each rifle, we need at least a
dozen fully-charged magazines, in easily-carried
bandoleers. For each pistol, we need at least
six fully-charged magazines, on the belt and,
again, in bandoleers. In an intense, protracted
gun-battle, you won't believe how fast you will
go through ammunition!
     4) We probably have far less time to
prepare than any of us think. We can't,
at our level, confuse political symbolism
with reality, just as 'restraining-orders' and
'warning-signs' are not to be equated with a
bullet. 'Treaties' and 'understandings' mean
nothing to these thugs.
     Brothers and sisters, the time to prepare is now!"


     "The Art of War teaches us to rely,
not upon the calculated likelihood of the
enemy's coming or not, but on our own
readiness to receive him . . . no matter what he does."
-- Sun Tzu

     "Revolution is not a dinner-party.
It is an act of violence through which
one class overthrows another"
-- Mao Zedong


***** Training *****

    Paladin Training
"Paladin Training" <>
is conducting Urban Break Contact,
an advanced three day two person team tactics class.
     Details at
     If you think it could never happen here, you're wrong.


     If you're struggling to do something,
you're wrong.  The Taoist philosophy is
that everything is done easily if done
correctly.  So, search for the proper
technique.  Everything can be done easily
if the correct technique is applied.  You
never have to revert to brute force.
Strive for elegance in your solution.
Strive for simplicity in your solution.
     Alexander cutting the Gordian Knot with
a sword, was a brute force solution.
(Knot Theory is a well developed branch of
mathematics.)  Comparing encrypted forms
of words in a dictionary against the
encrypted form of your password, is a
brute force attack.  (Cryptanalysis is
a well developed branch of cryptology.)
Such "solutions" are unbecoming of the
sophisticated persons that we are.
     You will correct most errors
automatically with practice.  That's why
we practice.  The correct technique will
become obvious to you.  The correct
position will feel natural and comfortable
to you.  With practice.
     How much practice?  This varies from
person to person, but generally 2000
correctly executed shots (dry or live)
will put you on the first plateau.
     If you're still making baby errors,
you're not practicing enough.  (The errors
that I have repeatedly cited in the notes
that I give you after every match.)
     The shots fired in your matches
should be a minuscule fraction of your
shots recorded in your journal.  If your
match shots are a significant fraction
of your total shots fired, you are not
practicing enough.
     Prone shooting is a vast body of
knowledge.  But, I can't teach it to you
unless you practice prone shooting (a lot).
Because, without experience, it won't make
sense to you.  We will be exchanging English
words without semantics (meaning).  Because,
we would share no common experience.
     I am observing the SCATT traces and
ask the prone shooter, "Are you breathing?"
He responds, "Yes."  But, the SCATT trace
shows no up and down motion associated
with breathing.  In prone, assuming you
have a correct natural point of aim, your
sights will be on the center of the bull
during your respiratory pause between
your exhale and your inhale.  When you
inhale, your sights will move down,
(hopefully straight down) below the center.
When you exhale, the sights will move
up (hopefully straight up) to the center.
And stop dead-center on the bull at your
natural respiratory pause.
     So, the shooter was not breathing
during his shot process.  He was not
aware of what correct sight movement
looked like while breathing during
the shot process.  He believed that
he was breathing.
     What we think can be completely
disconnected from reality.  (For instance,
all of liberal ideology.  Listen to
Barry Soetoro (also known as Barack Obama)
talk.  As President Reagan said,
"The trouble with our Liberal friends is
not that they're ignorant; it's just that
they know so much that isn't so.")
That's why you have coaches.  The coach
will point out to you what you are doing,
even if you are sure that you are doing
something else.  But, in order to get this
coaching, you have to show up to practice
and ask the coach to watch you.  You have to
make a reservation for the SCATT system,
so the coach can observe your traces.
     Yes, you have to do this.  You have
to initiate.  "Reaching out to the coach"
by email is not sufficient.  You have to
follow through.
     "My sights are wobbling all over
the place."
     No, that is false.  Your movement
is very smooth and controlled.  Any
movement under extreme magnification,
which is what the SCATT system is doing,
will appear to be jerky and jagged.
Look at the smooth glass of a mirror
under a microscope and you will see a
rough surface.
     Even the surface of a neutron star
will appear rough under sufficient
magnification.  It has to, if you
believe in the Heisenberg Uncertainty
Principle and Perturbation Theory.
(Einstein did not believe in Quantum
     A national level coach said to me,
"What are you doing spending money on a
SCATT system for a high school team?
Even some college teams don't have such
systems.  You should be spending your
money on . . . "
     I disagree.  When I was in grad
school, some of the students were
complaining to the professor that the
tests were too hard.  It was impossible
to finish the test.  It was impossible
to do some of the problems on the test.
(Prof. Lee Lady liked to give take home
tests that were due a week later.)
To which Prof. Lady explained that the
tests contained problems that his C students
could do to give them a sense of
accomplishment.  There were problems
that challenged his B students to make
them feel they were getting their money's
worth in this class.  And there were
problems to keep his A students
entertained, so he wouldn't lose them.
(A good grad student is useful as slave
labor for the professor.)
     In a similar vein, our rifle team is
normally distributed (a mathematical
distribution, not a colloquial term)
with respect to skill (as are all large
populations).  At the high end of the
distribution are those who could make
a national team.  (This has nothing to
do with potential.  This is purely a
matter of dedication.)  But, the SCATT
system is not just to keep the dedicated
shooters entertained.  It is a diagnostic
tool to see the things that are not
visible with eyeball observations.
     So, if you are on the team and
not making regular use of the SCATT
system, you are wasting a valuable
     Besides your daily practice, you
should be on the SCATT with a coach
once a week, at least once every other
week.  You'll find out all kinds of
things that you're doing that you didn't
know that you were doing.  You'll discover
all kinds of things that you're not
doing that you thought you were doing.
     I'm planning on taking Rangemaster's
Instructor Development Course
Friday, 9/29/2017, 09:00 to
Sunday, 10/1/2017, 18:00 in
Franklin, TN (just south of Nashville on I-65)
     Let me know if you plan to go. 

***** Tactics *****

Swift, Short, Violent. Realities of CCW

***** Techniques *****

Reloading: Essential or insignificant?

Man Dies Attempting Appendix Carry Reholster In Milkwaukee
     Appendix carry violates our safety rule,
"Never cover anything you are not willing to destroy."
How are you going to avoid muzzling yourself?  Some
awkward contorted presentation and holstering
     Shoulder holsters also violate our
safety rule.  How are you going to avoid muzzling
your support side arm?  Again, some awkward contorted
unrealistic technique?
     "If I practice it enough, I can make it work."
     What a ridiculous waste of practice time and
effort.  The sensible thing to do is to carry on
your belt at 3 o'clock for right handers and 9 o'clock
for left handers.
     There is quite an industry of trainers teaching
appendix carry and manufacturers making appendix
carry holsters.  That does not mean it's correct or
even makes sense.  For instance, the U.S. Army has purchased
millions of Blackhawk SERPA holsters.  But, the
Department of the Interior and the Department of
Homeland Security have both banned the holster
for good reason. 
(See previous postings for the primary source documents.
Or, send me an email and I will send them to you.)
     Stupidity runs rampant, and will in any free
society that has freedom of the press and freedom
of speech.  It is your responsibility to figure things
out for yourself.

***** Gear *****

     A friend gave me a short sleeve shirt.
So no, I did not buy it.  But, I did not
receive it free of charge from the dealer
either.  It is a Propper Tactical Sweep,
manufactured by Propper in Haiti and the
Dominican Republic.
It is designed for civilian concealed carry. 
The features are:
     reinforced neck (subtle, but effective),
     pockets to hold pens on the sleeve (so
they are out of the way of a shoulder holster
presentation, as they would be on the left
breast for a right handed shooter),
     two front pockets with magnetic closures,
     front buttons are visible but fake (front
closure is by hidden snaps),
     Velcro side closures to allow easy
access to a pistol carried on side of the hip
without tearing the shirt or getting stuck
on anything,
     underarm gussets to allow lifting the
arms without pulling the shirt up to reveal
the pistol on your hip.
     There is also a zippered pocket on the
lower left front of the shirt that the
manufacturer advertises as a feature, but
I have not found it useful.
     I recommend this product.

     May I invite your attention to Life View Outdoors,
2844 Logan Street
Nashville, TN 37211
     Mr. Mike Merryman is the proprietor.
     I went just to look and spent way too
much money there.  You have been warned.
I bought a
Pelican 7600 LED USB Rechargeable Flashlight
for $89.95.  It is way too complicated for
combat use, but it was just so cool I couldn't
     He recently sponsored sniper training for
law enforcement at Nissan Stadium.
See the photos on his Facebook page at

***** Instructors *****

11 Ways To Help a New Shooter Succeed

***** Pedagogy *****

***** Education *****

Greg Ellefritz's
Weekend Knowledge Dump
is always very informative.

     Sterotypes may be politically incorrect,
but they are true.  Otherwise, they wouldn't be
stereotypes.  Trust your intuition when looking at someone.
     For those who don't want to do the heavy reading of a peer
reviewed journal paper, here is the Pscychology Today magazine article.
"Criminals Look Different From Noncriminals"
     The cited link to the primary source is obsolete. 
The journal got taken over by another organization. 
The correct link to the primary source is,
The abstract is at

Vision and Shooting and Aging (Part 1)
Shooting, Vision, and the Effects of Aging (Part 2)

How Close Is Too Close?
(Original article by by Dennis Tueller )
     The original experiment was done by Mike Waidelich. 
Tueller wrote up the results of the Waidelich study, and
published in the March 1983 issue of SWAT magazine.

***** Legal and Political stuff *****

State Gun Laws
     State constitution provisions.

***** Survival Tips *****

***** Miscellany *****

     Lesson plans may be found at
or send me an email requesting the latest


Jonathan Low

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