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***** Mindset *****

Daddy’s Gun

From our friend Tom McHale,
"How I Became a Gun Owner"

Lack of Awareness Leads to Murder
Excerpt:  "Spiritual fitness is an important
part of Active Self Protection."

     "The most important gun accessory is physical fitness."
-- Dr. Sherman House

Nobody ever recounts a defensive gun use as,
“I knew that day would be horrible!”
     Planning pays off.

A Lady’s Perspective

***** Training *****

Shooting is a Perishable Skill
As Rogers once said, “As shooting is a
perishable skill, you need good initial
training followed up with regular
sustainment training. Even the best
initial training will rapidly dissipate
unless you constantly refresh it.”

Vision, Perception, Combat, and Court

The Quality of Training
Excerpt:  An issue with rants about the quality of
trainers is the underlying assumption that people
actually want to be ‘trained.’ That’s not
necessarily true. In general, people either want to
be entertained or have their tickets punched.
Neither of those two objectives has anything to do
with training.

***** Tactics *****

Dynamics of Police Shootings
     If an officer pauses in the middle of a gunfight
to assess his rounds’ effectiveness, the criminal will be
able to fire two shots back at the officer while he is
assessing. The idea of “Fire two shots and assess” gets
people killed.
     The “Tueller Drill” which quantified that the
“average” person could run 21 feet in the time it
took a person to draw and fire 2 rounds, is inaccurate.
The “average” was obtained by timing aging police
firearms instructors. Younger, faster people can travel
31 feet in the time it takes to draw and fire. Modern
holsters are also slower to draw from than the 1980s
era holsters that were used in the original study.
Thus, a person armed with an edged weapon could be a
legitimate threat to an officer with a holstered
firearm from a distance of up to 35 feet!

     ***** Super Important *****
     An internal focus of attention (focusing on processes
such as drawing the gun, finger positioning, sight
alignment, etc) is detrimental to performance in a
gunfight. There is only so much brainpower that an
individual can use. If much of that brainpower is being
used to figure out how to draw the gun, grip it, etc,
there is less brainpower available for use in seeing
threats and making good tactical decisions. Mechanical
processes should be trained to the point of being
automatic, so as to maximize the brainpower availability
for making tactical decisions.
     ***** Super Important *****


Self Defense From Inside Your Car

Managing the Don't Shoot Yet
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV

Training As We Age
"... you can start to concentrate on what has
always been a better survival strategy than
improving your technique — improving your tactics.
Fighting smarter not harder."

American Handgunner
Page 89, Ayoob Files column.
Excerpt:  "What do you carry?"
     The answer surprised me:  a purple SIG 1911 sub-compact,
cocked and locked.  His rationale was he has seen something
I've see go to court too:  the lying SOB who thinks you might
be carrying a gun, and falsely claims you pulled it on him
when you didn't.  Mitch's strategy is to tell the
investigators, "Ask the complainant what the gun he alleges
I pulled on him looks like."  If they don't say "purple",
well ...

***** Techniques *****

Exercise Your Freedom | Difficult Hand Positions, Part I
     The nugget in this article is how to
transfer the pistol from one hand to the other.

Cruiser Ready: How to Store A Home Defense Shotgun

31 Safety Tips for Solo Female Travelers from the Experts
     I chaperoned my daughter's high school group during
their trip to France and Spain.  If you are a high school
girl (obviously too young to be a cop or a decoy) wearing ear buds
and wandering around (by yourself, away from the group)
with your head in the clouds, you are effectively
screaming, "Kidnap me!"

***** Gear *****

Chic carry
[pronounced sheek, yes, that word that applies to men too]
Excerpt:  "The thinking is if a company is selling it,
it must be safe, right? (The answer, by the way, is no.)"

8 Checks to Run Before Firing Your New Gun

Care and feeding of your pistol --
     Your pistol must go bang when you pull the trigger.
What can you do to ensure this? 
     *Clean your pistol and magazines*.  Yes, you have to
clean the inside of your magazines to ensure reliable feeding.
     *Use factory new ammunition*.  I'm sure you are competent
and have good intentions.  But, you don't have the
sophisticated testing equipment that the big factories have.
And you are human, so you get bored with monotony.  Machines
never get bored or distracted.
     *Grip the pistol correctly*.  This comes with being
taught by a competent instructor.  You think not?  Go to
any public range and observe.  See some pretty crazy grips?
That's what comes of thinking shooting is a natural ability
that takes no training.
     Defensive pistol craft is often counter intuitive. 
The self-defense laws are not obvious.  The effect of long
range pistol shooting is not obvious to anyone who hasn't
studied the physics.  (Many people believe you have to aim
high on long range pistol shots because gravity is pulling
your bullet down.  This is false.  You have to aim low.
Read the section on long range pistol shooting in my
lesson plan or input your data into any online ballistic
calculator and you will see.) 
     *Avoid incompetent modifications* to your pistol. 
Leave your pistol alone.  If your pistol needs fixing,
send it back to the factory or pay a competent gunsmith
to do it.  The YouTube.com DIY (do it yourself) video
is not appropriate.

***** Instructors *****

***** Pedagogy *****

***** Why you need to be armed *****

     Let's talk about policing --

Police Executive Research Forum (PERF)

Let’s Be Firefighters!

     The politicians are forcing the cops to
back away from the criminals.  Thus, the crime
rate is skyrocketing in Ferguson, MO; Baltimore, MD;
Chicago, IL; etc.

***** Survival Tips *****

ILEETA Convention, 2016
Several lecture Classes, conducted by players
well-connected at the highest federal and
international levels, without divulging
specifics, assured us that this summer and
fall will see “exciting” events unfolding
internationally, and that we are all thus
well advised to (1) stay alert and pay
attention, (2) avoid international travel,
and (3) go armed.

***** Education *****

Self-Defense Law: The 5 Elements for Justified Use of Force

After The Shoot:
7 Real-Life Cases Imperative to Gun Owners
The lesson here is that sometimes the prosecutor’s
personal agenda is at variance with the law.
     [The lesson learned is "Don't do drugs!" - Jon Low]

***** Miscellaneous *****

Keanu Reeves is pro-gun
     There are a million billion pictures of this
guy on the internet.

The ProArms Podcast

     Lesson plans may be found at
or send me an email requesting the latest version,
which is much better than the old obsolete Smashwords


Jonathan Low

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