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CWP, 15 January 2015 A.D.

Greetings Concealed Weapons Permittees,

***** Mindset *****

"Identify before you shoot"
by Claude Werner
     Lessons learned: 
1.  Positively identify your target before shooting it. 
It's okay to shoot through doors, if you know who is
on the other side.  Asking, "Who's there?" would work.
2.  Getting shot in the chest did not stop
the person from walking or talking.  Don't expect
or rely on one shot stops.

Why I Died by Mike Seeklander

Attributes of the Combative Shooter
By Chris Fry

***** Training *****

Skill Set: In The Beginning
by Tiger McKee

The Concealed Carry Trap by Mike Seeklander
This article has an eleven question test
that may enlighten you.

Top 5 Bad Habits by Mike Seeklander

Why Train With One Hand?
By Mike Seeklander

Shooting tips by Rob Leatham
"Shoulders should be relaxed, not up around your ears."

***** Pedagogy *****

I read "In the Gravest Extreme" by Massad F. Ayoob.
I recommend it.  It's a short easy read.

***** Tactics *****

Light Up The Night: Handgun Solutions in Low Light
By Mike Seeklander

"Self Defense Techniques: Survival Posture"
by Cecil Burch

***** Gear *****

Concealment holster for women,
Instructions on how to use,
     I have no experience with this product. 
I just thought it was interesting.

"Women & Shooting, Part 3: Holster Selection"
By Julie Loeffler

"Choosing a Holster to Fit the Fight"
By Grant Cunningham

Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 2.0 IWB Holster Review
by Nathaniel F

     Glenda:  Hi Jonathan, I think I am interested in a 9mm.
I don't think I'm comfortable with anything bigger than
that.  I would like a single stack so it fits better in
my hand and will be a little lighter, and preferably
non-polymer.  Do you have any recommendations on that?
     Jon:  Hi Glenda, you will become comfortable with
whatever you practice.  So, don't let feelings of
discomfort cause you to discard viable options.
But, 9mm ammo is cheaper than anything larger and the
ammo is commonly available.  So, that's fine.
     Single stack magazines make for slimmer grips.
Which might fit your hand better, and are easier to
conceal.  Are your hands small?  Do you have
difficulty with double stack 9mm magazine pistols?
The grip being too small for your hand is just as
bad as being too big.  Just about all the 9mm combat
pistols are double stack, because 9mm ammo is small.
     The preference against a polymer frame reduces
your options, as most of the good modern combat pistols
have polymer frames.  The preference also makes the
pistol heavier, which makes carrying it less pleasant.
     Based on your constraints, I would suggest
perhaps the Kimber Solo, (aluminum frame)
if you can get all your fingers on it.  If you can't
because the grip is too small, don't buy this.
     I don't like the Kahr Arms, but you might.
     I can't recommend the Springfield Armory XDS
because too many people have told me it malfunctions
and Springfield Armory recalled them a few months ago.
     Single stack 9mm is a bad constraint condition.
The 9mm has a lower probability of stopping the
attack (one shot stops approximately 10 times in
every 20 shootings), so 9mm pistols are made with
high capacity magazines (15-17 rounds).  The .45 ACP
pistols are reasonable in single stack (7-8 rounds)
because the probability of stopping the attack with
a .45 ACP is much higher (one shot stops approximately
18 times in every 20 shootings). [Citation - lectures
at Front Sight Firearms Institute.]
     So, you should reconsider a single stack 9mm
constraint on your pistol.

***** Education *****

The doctor gives interesting statistics (from 2008),
dispels misconceptions, and gives lots of useful
information.  The presentation was given in 2010.
     The doctor cites
which is an interesting web site.

The Reasonable Man Doctrine
By Marty Hayes JD

***** Technical *****

AK-47 and AR-15 trigger mechanism animations

***** News *****

'Nearly 100' Pennsylvania Municipalities on Notice:
Lawsuits Coming Over Gun Control
by AWR Hawkins

"UPDATE re: Idaho Mother Shot By Toddler"
by Katie A
     Even purses designed to carry pistols are not
holsters, because you can still lose control of
the firearm.  A firing side hip holster inside
your belt (so the belt holds the holster tight
against you body) is the way to go.

***** Politics *****

Operation Choke Point:
Feds Pressure Credit Union to Close
Wisconsin Gun Dealer’s Bank Account

***** Miscellany *****

37mm US Anti-Tank Gun
At only $50 per round.

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Jonathan Low

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