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CWP, 10 November 2014 A.D.

Greetings Concealed Weapons Permittees,

***** Mindset *****

Another great quote from Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper,

Concealed Carry and Printing
May I invite your attention to the
included video?  Unfortunately,
there are such law enforcement
officers.  So, you have to be
careful.  That's just part of our
imperfect real world.

***** Tactics *****

Guns and Yoga
“Absence of body is better than presence of mind.”
What this means is that we must be responsible,
aware, and vigilant to avoid potentially dangerous
Practice Ahimsa (non-violence) but be prepared to
be a virabhadra (warrior).

***** Training *****

     May I enthusiastically recommend
Quick Draw Nashville?
1720 General George Patton Drive
Brentwood, Tennessee 37027
This is high quality simulator training.
After each scenario, the computer tells you
how many: rounds you fired, lethal hits,
non-lethal hits, innocent bystanders hit,
and much more.  The replay shows you
where your firearm was pointed at every
instant of the scenario.  The scenarios
react to your actions during the scenario.
     The guns are real, but have been gutted
and the innards replaced with the laser
and the pneumatic system (compressed CO2)
to cycle the action.  So, the manual of
arms is correct.
The price is $20 for 30 minutes.
Memberships are available.
Groupon coupons available at

Review of
"Intro to Concealed Carry for Ladies"
DVD or online streaming may be ordered at

     A gentleman showed me his targets and asked
for help with his marksmanship.
     I offer this advice without having seen you shoot.
So, my suggestions are from experience,
archery and riflery coaching courses at the
Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO, and
firearms courses that I have attended over the decades. 
     - Keep your aiming eye open when you shoot. -
It is an instinctive reaction to recoil and report
to close one's eyes.  You must force yourself to
keep your aiming eye open and watch your sights
move through the recoil and back to the target. 
You must keep pressing the trigger as you watch
the sights move.  When you get the sights back on
the target that you were shooting at, that's the
end of your shot process.  Only then should you
move your sights to the next target or reset the
trigger.  Follow through is essential.
     - Don't worry about your wobble. -
"My hands are shaking.  My sights are moving all
over the place."  It doesn't matter.  Your brain
is God's masterpiece of engineering.  You will
automatically release the shot when the sights
are moving toward the center of the target, if
you let your subconscious fire the shot by
striving for a surprise break.  Your attempt to
force the sights to stay in the center of the
target causes you to miss or shoot large groups
instead of tight groups. 
     This is basic Taoist philosophy.  Don't try
to shoot accurately.  Let your body shoot
     Do not intentionally fire the shot.  Simply
hold the sights on the target and smoothly
increase pressure on the trigger.  Thus achieving
a surprise break.  Your subconscious mind is much
better at estimating time and distance than your
conscious mind.
     Believe this.  Your hold is perfect, stable,
steady.  There is a gremlin down range moving
your target around.  All you can control is your
inner state.  There is nothing you can do about
the gremlin.  So, there is no point in worrying
about him.  In fact, the gremlin doesn't matter. 
No matter what he does, he cannot prevent you
from shooting a tight group.
     Loose groups due to shaking or wobble are a
psychological problem, not a technical problem.
You have to believe that the wobble doesn't
matter, then it won't matter.
     - Dynamic tension. -
"A heavier pistol seems to help, as the muscle
tension against the weight of the pistol reduces
the shaking."
     Following this train of logic --
Push the pistol into the target with the firing
side arm.  Pull the pistol back toward you with
the support side arm.  You should be generating
forces with your arms significantly greater
than the weight of the pistol.  So, the weight
of the pistol should be negligible compared to
push and pull forces.  This is an isometric
     This is very different from the isosceles
position where you can feel the weight of the
pistol because there is no push-pull, but
rather just the muscles around the shoulders
supporting the weight of the pistol at the end
of the arm's length lever arm in a very static,
not dynamic, manner.
     - Hard focus on the front sight. -
See the serrations and scratches on the front
sight blade.  If you focus on the front sight,
you force concentration on the front sight.
If you focus on the target, the front
sight will wander off, and you'll never notice
     - Surprise break. -
Slow down the trigger press to get a surprise
break.  Don't fire the shot.  Let your
subconscious fire the pistol.
     Touch the trigger, take the slack out of
the trigger, slowly increase pressure on the
     In fact, you don't even need to increase
     "Oh, this is taking too long.  Nothing
is happening.  It's not firing."  That's because
your subconscious knows that the shot would miss
if you fired it.  Be patient.  Trust your
     The more you practice, the less your wobble,
the sooner your subconscious will fire the shot.
Eventually, the whole process will become very fast.

***** Gear *****

Liz:  Could you explain what you mean by
concealment garment?

Jon:  A loose fitting front button shirt would be an
appropriate concealment garment.  It should have a
pattern such as plaid, not a solid color, as this
makes printing (the impression of the pistol through
the fabric) much less obvious.  The shirt should be
wrinkled, as this makes printing much less obvious
than a smooth ironed fabric surface.  The material
should be opaque, so that light shining through will
not betray the presence of a pistol.

Liion Defense Holsters
"Light or no light, retention is always very good."
"More times than not I’ve found holsters getting
their retention point at the trigger [guard],
but the Liion seems to gain the retention by
utilizing various areas of the handgun."

Candle Power:  Every Day Carry Light Essentials
This article has some links to some impressive

World Guns (English version)
The web site is very slow to load pages.

***** News *****

Louis Awerbuck
Rest in Peace

Sheepdogs save lives.
"Will you be able to protect your sheep
against wolves like the one that
murdered Colleen Hufford?"

Second Amendment Crushes Gun Control Candidates In Midterm Elections

Jay Hollis Vs. Eric Holder
This is significant and well worth a contribution.

About One in Four U.S. Households Victimized by Crime
Twenty-six percent of Americans say they or a member
of their household have been a crime victim in the
past 12 months, similar to what Gallup has measured
since 2000. Two-thirds of crime victims reported
the incidents to police.

***** Miscellany *****

     Older postings may be found at
     Lesson plans may be found at


Jonathan Low

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