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***** Mindset *****

     In order to cause an injury by negligent
discharge, one has to violate all three of
these safety rules at the same time. 
     Treating a loaded gun as if it
were unloaded.  Pointing the gun at someone
you don't intend to shoot.  Putting your finger
on the trigger when you don't intend to shoot.
     Obeying any one of the safety rules
prevents the injury.  Obeying all of the safety
rules ensures happiness.

***** Training *****

     One of the things that every class learns from
the simulators is that you must aim your pistol.
You must use your sights.  It is very easy to not
aim.  It is very easy to miss.  So, you have to force
yourself to aim.  Focusing on the front sight,
instead of the target is unnatural and extremely
difficult when shooting under stress.  It takes
a lot of training, about 2000 repetitions to engrain
the muscle memory and about 100 repetitions per
month to preserve the muscle memory.  This is a
perishable skill.

     At the last live fire exercise that I attended,
the sleeve of my Gortex jacket got caught between
the hammer and the tang of my model 1911 pistol.
This prevented the pistol from firing.  "Tap, rack,
assess" ejected a live round, but did not free the
hammer.  The pistol still would not fire.  I had
to yank the sleeve out from between the hammer and
the tang to get the pistol working.
     Solution:  Roll up the sleeve.  Don't wear
jackets with too long sleeves.  Don't use a pistol
with an exposed hammer.  Machine off the hammer spur,
because the hammer should never be manually cocked
nor manually lowered.

"Four-Year-Old Alaskan Injured In Negligent Discharge"
     The article gives an analysis of what caused
the negligent discharge.
Solution:  Carry a modern pistol.  Use a correctly
designed holster.  Get professional training.

8 ways cops can better defend against ambush attacks

***** Pedagogy *****

     We have recently added simulator training to
our NRA Defensive Pistol course.  We use the Quick
Draw Nashville facility,
They have three Meggitt Training Systems simulators.
     The problem is to get the students to take the
training seriously.  It is far too easy to get into
the mindset of playing an arcade video game.  "I
didn't shoot him, but if it were real, I would have
shot him."  Such statements, indicating such thoughts,
are wrong.  What makes you think you would have shot
in the real world if you didn't shoot in the simulator?
If you couldn't figure out what was going on, if you
couldn't figure out who the bad guys were, if you
couldn't recognize any bad guys, then you should not
have shot.  Which was the correct thing to do.
     We are not in there to shoot and have fun.
We are in there to practice making the decision to
shoot or not to shoot.  There is nothing wrong with
going through a scenario and not firing a shot.
But, that is no fun.  That's why IDPA matches are
not optimal training for our purposes.  You will
shoot on every stage of fire.  There will be very
few no-shoot targets (unrealistically few). 
In reality, most of the available targets will
be no-shoots.  Think crowded church, crowded
shopping mall, crowded restaurant, crowded movie

***** Education *****

     A sermon from a guest preacher at a homeless
     "Why do bad things happen to good people?"
(I paraphrase.)  [The context is acts of man,
as opposed to acts of God.] 
     That's the wrong question.
Bad things don't happen to good persons.
Bad things happen to incompetent persons.
Bad things happen to persons as a consequence of
making bad decisions (or of their parent making
bad decisions).  So, how do we make good decisions?
How do we become competent?  We seek training.
We attend training.  We complete training.

***** Tactics *****

***** Gear *****

Ammo prices

***** News *****

South Carolina’s Haley backs constitutional carry bill
Kudos to Nikki!

Gutfeld: Why 'gun-free zone' is liberal for 'sitting duck'

Gun free zones are target-rich environments for criminals intent on taking life.

Man's best friend

Restrictive’ Gun Control Powerless to Stop South Korean Attack

Department of Justice: No Charges for
George Zimmerman in Trayvon Martin Death

Support For Permitless “Constitutional Carry” Of Handguns Surges

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***** Politics *****

***** Miscellany *****

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