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***** Mindset *****

"When the Moment of Truth arrives,
the Time for Preparation has passed."
-- Mike Mercer

You Won’t Become A Better Tactical Marksman Until You Become A Stronger Tactical Leader

Dirty Little Secrets
. . . you have the added burden of thinking
specifically about what it would mean to use
lethal force against someone you once loved,
or someone you used to be friends with, or
someone who might even be the father of your
own child. Maybe even someone you still love.
That’s not an easy thing to think about.
Yet think about it you must.

Louis Awerbuck: Training & Tactics

Remember what the Beatles said (in their White album),
"Happiness is a warm gun."

4 Ways Having a CCW Made Me a Better Person

***** Training *****

     Take a yoga class weekly (at least monthly). 
No, I don't do it just for the scenery.  I actually
learn balance, relaxation (which is not natural),
flexibility, breathing (which is not instinctive),
and how to converse with vegetarians without
offending them.

     I highly recommend you take the MAG-20 Classroom
course.  This is half of the MAG-40 course.  The other
half is MAG-20 Live Fire.  You should do it now, while
Captain Massad Ayoob is still around to teach it.

Emotional Self Care

Bank Robber Opens Fire
     This lady's firing side forearm was shot at the
beginning of the gunfight.  She then presented her
pistol from her retention holster, fired, cleared
a malfunction, fired, reloaded, and fired with her
support side hand only.
. . . I used to be the first one to complain about
having to go to the range or attend a training
session. Today, I firmly believe training is the
most important thing that will keep you alive.
Without the constant practice of clearing a jam
and quickly reloading a weapon, I probably would
not have been able to effectively clear my weapon
and perform the speedy reload I did during the


Deliberate Practice Makes Perfect
     What does Mr. Lamberson mean by
"Seek Mentorship"?
     If you are not constantly asking your
coach questions and asking for help on
specific techniques, you are wasting your

The Most Important Self-Defense Skills You Can Have

***** Tactics *****

25 Gunfighting Stats Learned From Convicted Cop Killers
     16 of 43 offenders had received weapons training
(10 of those 43 were veterans of the US military.) 
[So, the other 6 had received firearms training in
the private sector.  Remember my previous blog post
on criminal organizations sending their people to you
for training?  Be careful.  Vet your students. -- Jon Low]
     Percent of legally acquired guns used by offender: 0%
     This fight is going to be won prior to shots being fired.

***** Techniques *****

Moving your pistol from one hand to the other.

     The same cartridge should not be loaded, unloaded, and reloaded
multiple times, as this can cause the bullet to get set back in the
case (causing dangerously high pressures when fired), and it can
cause the primer to crumble (causing the cartridge to fail to fire).
    Example web posting:

Safe Re-Holstering Tips

When You Can’t Use Your Sights, Aim With Your Body

***** Gear *****

What To Look For When Buying a Used Firearm

A very detailed 3D animation showing how the Glock 43 handgun works.

"Defensive Shooting for Real World Encounters"
by Ralph Mroz
     Every time I buy a new pair of dress shoes, they go
straight to the cobbler for rubber soles before I even wear
them. Even if I’m not carrying a gun while wearing them, I
may still get into an empty-hand self-defense encounter.
. . .
     A lot of gun people wear running
shoes with their jeans and gun. This is a bad practice.
Shoes designed specifically for running are constructed with
the outsole (the bottom sole) glued onto the shoe in such a
way that it accommodates running only. These shoes do not
allow for side-to-side or pushing-off type motions. If you use
running shoes for activities requiring this type of motion—
boxing, martial arts, etc.—you will sooner or later rip the
outsole off the shoe. I’ve done just that on heavy bag workouts.
Further, running shoes usually have very tacky outsoles,
making it easy to trip when moving sideways. For
casual wear, then, stick to cross-trainers, tennis shoes, or
basketball shoes.
. . .
     Food attracts insects, and money attracts human scum.
Dress down, or at least conservatively and plainly. If you
must gratify your ego by impressing someone with your
material wealth, have the grace and good survival sense to
do so in private. A good example of this is holster maker Jim
Murnak, who lives in New York City. He doesn’t carry his
belongings in a briefcase, but rather in a plastic shopping
bag. It’s not elegant, but it doesn’t attract muggers, either.
. . .
     If you carry a gun, you must carry a flashlight. If you
don’t carry a gun, then you really have to carry a flashlight.
If you’re not a cop the flashlight isn’t so much for tactical use
in a low-light shooting situation or to search a structure with;
it’s meant to blind an opponent by shining it in his eyes, and
it’s used to scan potentially dangerous situations before
entering them—such as approaching your car in a parking
lot. There are some excellent small, bright lights out there,
such as the Sure-Fire 6, 9, and 12 series. Don’t buy a cheap
light—lumens count here, and a small, ergonomic size means
that you will really carry it. Don’t leave home without one.
. . .
     It’s only common sense that if you need corrective lenses
to see, you’ll need them to shoot and fight. That lesson
was brought home tragically during the famous FBI Miami
shoot-out, in which one agent lost his glasses early on in the
fight and spent the time until he was killed looking for them.
Count on losing your glasses during the first second of an
encounter. If you need them to see or fight, then you’ll just
have to wear a retaining device (such as Croakies or Chums).
That’s not particularly elegant or always convenient, but
really, what other choice do you have? To not do so is to fool
yourself that you can survive.

"I get a surprising number of questions about stun guns. 
Quick answer?  Worthless."
-- Greg Ellifritz

You alone must clean your personal defense
weapon, load the magazine(s), or charge the cylinder
and recharge the arm. Never, under any circumstances,
allow anyone else to do any or all of these tasks. If the
arm leaves your possession for any reason, you must
recheck the system before using it. Trust me, I have
good reason for this absolute rule.
-- Walt Rauch

***** Instructors *****

Teaching Tip- Shooting Demonstrations

More Thoughts on Shooting Demonstrations During Training

"We teach what we want to know."
-- Yogini Kristen Frick

How Johann Sebastian Bach Taught His Students
4 simple methods every parent and teacher should know.

***** Pedagogy *****

     I have always found that, without the requiem
philosophical overlay, merely teaching people a series of
psycho-motor skills does little to enhance their survive-ability.
To most of the “grass-eater” people, victimization,
like cancer, is something that will probably get us
all at some point. They resist thinking about it because
they don’t want to go through the disciplined drudgery
of self-improvement. As trainers, we therefore must
spoon-feed them the hard, lumpy, bad-tasting medicine
of truth.
-- John Farnam

***** Education *****

How can you tell the difference between a SWAT raid and a home invasion?

Changes we’ve seen in firearms training over the last 40+ years
with Tom Givens

Free downloads from Gun Digest

"Tactical Defensive Training for Real-life Encounters:
Practical Self-Preservation for law Enforcement"
by Ralph Mroz
"Defensive Shooting for Real-Life Encounters:
A Critical look at Current Training Methods"
by Ralph Mroz
     They are free online downloads.  But, the web sites
appear and disappear occasionally.  So, if you can't
find them online, send me an email and I will send you
a copy in PDF format.

Bullet Racing

Studying Violence | If You Don’t Want to Get Your Ass Kicked . . .

How Often Do Citizens Use Guns to Stop Violence?
     The real numbers from real data are staggering.

     I have many Marine Corps buddies who are
enforcement agents who work for bail bondsmen. 
If you get arrested and use a bail bondsman to help
you post your bail, don't run away.  Of course, we
good guys would never run away.  But, sometimes
people get scared and panic.  So, let me explain to
you why you should never skip out on a bail bondsman. 
     When the bondsman appears before the judge,
he can do one of three things: 
     Give you to the court. 
     Give his money to the court and then chase
others to recoup his loses.  (bad outcome, because
he will take your mother's house and leave her homeless)
     Give your death certificate to the court. 
Which do you think is easiest for the enforcement agent?

"Law of Self Defense LIVE Show" takes place every
Wednesday at 2PM Eastern time and runs about 30 minutes.

***** News, Legal, and Political stuff *****

"People mistakenly assume that their thinking
is done by their head; it is actually done by
the heart, which first dictates the conclusion,
then commands the head to provide reasoning
that will defend it."
-- Anthony de Mello

     This is why magazine limits is a bad idea.
     The home owner fired 40 rounds in self defense
against three assailants in a car who attempted a
drive by shooting.

Rangemaster Newsletter February 2018
According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund,
there are currently over 900,000 sworn law enforcement officers
in the US. The 66 murders of police officers represent a rate of
one murder per 13,600 officers. On the other hand, last year
there were at least 40,000 murders of private citizens.
That is a rate of one murder per 8,000 citizens. Although police
officers come into constant contact and frequent confrontation
with armed, violent criminals, they are murdered at a rate FAR
below that of the general population. Why? Because the police
are ARMED. Be like them. Be armed.

An Opinion on Gun Control, repost
     A point by point rebuttal of anti-gun arguments.

6 Reasons Your Right-Wing Friend Isn’t Coming To Your Side On Gun Control
     Logical rebuttal to emotional anti-gun arguments.

The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF)
     Our friend in the courts.

Tom Givens
February 16, 2018 A.D. at 11:26am
I have some ideas to prevent future school mass shootings. Here they are.
1. Pass a law against shooting innocent children for no reason.
Oh, I see, that’s already a death penalty crime in Florida.
2. Pass a law against taking a gun onto a school campus.
Oh, I see, that’s already a felony under Florida and Federal law.
3. Pass a law against selling a gun to a mentally ill person.
Oh, I see, that’s already a Federal felony if the person was adjudicated to be incompetent.
4. Pass a law requiring a background check before being allowed to buy a gun.
Oh, I see, that’s already a Federal law. Florida has a waiting period, as well.
5. Pass a law making it a crime to lie about your status on the background check form.
Oh, I see, that’s already a Federal felony.
6. Do away with idiotic gun free zones and allows adults to defend themselves.
That’s crazy talk!

Red Storm Rising!
     Senator Joe Biden and the first President Bush
are primarily responsible for gun-free-zones, as
well as all of those who voted for the federal law. 
     All mass murders occur in gun-free-zones. 
Because there is no one in the gun-free-zone with the tools to stop the bad guy. 
     The purpose of gun free zones is to create unarmed victims for armed
criminals to prey upon.  This is used by liberals to advance their political
agenda, which includes criminalizing the behavior of their political opponents
such as gun possession. 

Slippery Slope!
     Remember how the Soviets used psychiatrists.

Report: Four of Sheriff Scott Israel’s Deputies
Waited Outside Douglas High During School Shooting

Broward sheriff's captain, Captain Jan Jordan gave initial
order to 'stage' not enter Stoneman Douglas High School

***** Survival Tips *****

Political Agendas

Saflok Hotel Safe Override

     All mass murders occur in gun-free-zones. 
Because armed criminals prefer unarmed victims.
Don't send your children into gun-free-zones. 

"Don't do stupid things.
Don't go to stupid places.
Don't hang out with stupid people."
-- John Farnam

     Lock your doors when you are home. 
Lock your windows when you sleep. 
Criminals enter through unlocked doors and windows.
Reading police reports, you'll see it all the time.
-- Claude Warner

FREE Printable USGS PDF TOPO! Maps

Sheriff: Armed school resource officer "never went in" to building in Florida mass shooting
     You are the first responder.  Expecting law enforcement
to rescue you is a false assumption.

***** Basics *****

"If you prepare for the emergency,
the emergency ceases to exist!"
-- Dr. Sherman House

***** Miscellany *****

Excerpts and comments on Ralph Mroz's books --
     The first time you feel the pain
and disorientation of a good head shot should not be on the
street when someone’s trying to kill you.
(This is why martial arts training such as boxing is so important.)
     I have had several students shoot dogs who
attempted to kill them.  You can tell the dog's
intention by the growl, as opposed to the bark. 
     Since you have read Ralph's books, you
may be wondering why I don't carry OC spray. 
Pepper spray has a very strong affect on me. 
I have run into many persons on whom pepper
spray has had no effect.  So, I don't carry it.
(If you spray someone, you can expect the wind to blow it back in your face.)
     Will, skill, and awareness.  (The software.)
     The Boward County Sheriff Deputies lacked
the will to attack.  So, they waited outside
while the bad guy killed the high school students
and teachers in the school building.
     Training will give you confidence. 
Confidence will allow you to believe that you
will win.  That belief will allow you to
attack.  The choice will always be yours. 
But, if you don't train, if you have no
confidence, you don't really have a choice.

     If you would like the lesson plans for my
NRA Defensive Pistol course, send me an email,
and I'll send you the latest version.  The lesson
plans constantly change as I take courses,
communicate with other instructors,
and stay abreast of best practices.


Jonathan Low
NRA Instructor (Advanced Pistol, Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, Personal Protection) 
Front Sight Instructor (Handgun) 
Rangemaster Instructor (Pistol)

Thursday, February 1, 2018

CWP, 1 February 2018 Anno Domini

Happy New Year! Sheepdogs,

Please read this,
Where is “Safety?”

***** Upcoming Training *****

Hey Everybody,
Sherman House here.  I wanted to keep everyone in the loop
on a few training opportunities I am hosting in the
upcoming months of 2018, in Waverly at the Humphreys
County, Tennessee Sheriff's Office.  They are:
March 3-4
John Murphy and Dr. William Aprill
April 7-8
Chief Deputy Lee Weems,
Defensive Pistol Skills and Social Shotgun (one day each)
October 27-28
Gabe White,
Pistol Shooting Solutions
     There are vacancies in all of the classes. 
Please sign up if you are interested, ASAP. 
As those of you who host classes know, if you
wait too long to register, you either won't
get a spot, or the class gets cancelled due
to a lack of registrants.  Please spread this
among your peer group, and on social media
as well!
Hit me with questions!
"Sherman House DDS" <>

     I'm hosting Varg Freeborn for his Violence of Mind series
on April 29th in Chicago, near O'Hare airport. 
A course like no other on extreme criminal violence.
Hear an insider perspective from someone who lived and
survived in that violent criminal underworld world for
25 years, with an articulation on how to hack the
human processor by understanding how
Erik Tweedt
"Erik TWEEDT" <>

***** Mindset *****

"If you prepare for the emergency,
the emergency ceases to exist!"
-- Dr. Sherman House

"Somewhere right now, someone is preparing
so when they meet you, they beat you.
Train hard and stay on guard!"
– Dennis Martin CQB Services, Liverpool, England

Skill Set: The Fundamentals of Defense

     The private citizen's rules of engagement are
much better than the police officer's.  You don't
have to warn the bad guy.  You don't have to ask
the bad guy to surrender.  You don't have to attempt
to arrest.  You don't have to pursue.  You can and
should run away. 
     If you fear imminent death or serious injury
to yourself or other innocent parties, you have
legal justification to shoot the bad guy in the
cranio-ocular cavity without warning from a meek
countenance.  Which is correct.  Because if you
give the bad guy any indication that you are a
threat to him, he will shoot you first.

Dave Spaulding on Being Willing

Dave Spaulding on the Most Essential of Essentials

***** Training *****

The Single Most Important Self-Defense Accessory is . . .
Hit the track, or the stadium stairs, carry a tourniquet,
and breathe in MORE air. All of your trials and tribulations
through life, will be exponentially easier,
the higher your exercise capacity is.

The “Best” Offense

Situational Awareness is your best survival tool – learn to use it

Want To Be An Accurate Pistol Shooter?
     The front sight must be seen through the rear sight
in a way that their relative alignment is easy and
repeatable. That calls for square and hard angles
and for sharp corners (not circles and round shapes).
     . . . go see an eye doctor and see if he can help.
     A good trigger can be single stage or two stage,
but it must be smooth as glass on the take up. Every
bit of grit will move your muzzle off target. When it
breaks it must break clean and not be so heavy that
it jars your pistol off target as you press. And the
reset after the shot must be clear and easy to feel.

Sub Zero Survival Tips
     Have you ever left your car out in the cold and
tried to open the door only to find the handle frozen
and stuck? Had to spray WD-40 in the key hole?  Well,
your pistol can get frozen and stuck too.
     That's why I always carry concealed, inside the
waist band.  A warm gun is a happy gun.
     Unfortunately, some states, as Missouri, require
their licensed armed guards to open carry.  They
can't even legally put their jacket over their pistol.

Training Versus Practice: Why You Need Both
. . . the late, great, Randy Rhodes, the original
guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne, would seek out and
take guitar lessons from the guitar instructors
in the various cities he would visit while on tour.
. . .
If we don’t obtain good instruction, then we
spend many hours and a lot of resources practicing
wrong technique.

Advanced Skills

"The Wild Boar and the Fox"
A WILD BOAR stood under a tree and rubbed his
tusks against the trunk. A Fox passing by asked
him why he thus sharpened his teeth when there
was no danger threatening from either huntsman
or hound. He replied, “I do it advisedly;
for it would never do to have to sharpen my
weapons just at the time I ought to be using
Aesop's Fables (p. 44).
Translated by George Fyler Townsend. 
Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

***** Tactics *****

***** Techniques *****

     In climbing, you will hear,
"Belay?"  meaning, Is the belay ready?
"Belay on."  meaning, I am ready to protect you as you climb.
"Climbing?"  meaning, I am preparing to climb and
                      am awaiting your response.
"Climb on."  meaning, I am ready to protect you, you may climb.
"Slack."  meaning, Give me rope or take up the slack.  What
                   to do is usually obvious from the context
                   or the tension on the rope.
     Similarly, in combat operations with a partner,
you must communicate. 
"Reloading."  meaning, I have to reload.  Cover me. 
"Covering."  meaning, I am shooting at the enemy. 
                      Do whatever you need to do.
"Moving?"  meaning, I have chosen my destination behind cover
                    and am prepared to move, awaiting your signal.
"Covering."  meaning, I am shooting at the enemy. 
                      Do whatever you need to do.
     Or, if you are the leader,
"Cover!"  meaning, Shoot at the enemy to allow others to do
                   whatever they need to do. 
"Move!"  meaning, Move to cover, or a position of tactical
                  advantage, or to escape.

Weak Hand Shooting

Handgun Malfunction – Getting Out Of A Jam

***** Gear *****

Ayoob: 13 Cases That Show Why You Should Carry a Backup Gun

Magazine Maintenance

Simple Tips for Buying a Handgun

A Tale of Two Cartridges
Excerpt:  Never re-chamber a cartridge.

***** Instructors *****

An Interesting Experience at the Shooting Range . . .
     Not just for instructors.  For all of us.

"In martial arts and especially if you claim to teach self-defense,
the price of error is blood. The luxury of an instructor is that
it will not be your blood. That makes bullshit more reprehensible,
not less." -- Rory Miller

     I teach my instructors not to tell war stories during class. 
Unless it directly relates to the subject at hand and directly
answers the student's question.  Perhaps at lunch after the lectures
if we have dead time (which we never do).  Perhaps it would be
best to send the student the war story via email if he asks to
hear it.

How to Become a Firearms Instructor

Rodney Dangerfield must’ve taught beginners
. . . teaching beginners is the most dangerous and
difficult task any shooting instructor ever faces.

The Cornered Cat blog

     I once had a lady drop out of a class that I was teaching.
Before she left, she told me that she didn't realize that the
class would be so intense.  I have prayed several times that
she try again in the future.

***** Pedagogy *****

     A new climbing gym opened near my residence, so I went to
check it out.  A little girl was having difficulty with a problem
(what they call paths up the wall using a particular sequence of holds). 
So, I asked her if I could advise her.  She said yes.  I suggested
that she: 
1)  keep her hips close to the wall (as opposed to keeping
her center of mass close to the wall to minimize the vector
component of force on her hands perpendicular to the wall),
2)  keep the sides of her climbing shoes flat against the wall
(not letting her toe or heel stick out away from the wall),
3)  not bend her elbows (it tires the arms), rather rotate at the
hand hold and rotate at the shoulder joint, [Have you ever seen
monkeys climb?  They never bend their elbows.  Because they are
smart.  At least smarter than most humans who play in climbing
4)  expect to make 5 to 7 foot moves for every hand move
so as to put yourself in a position to use your legs to push
yourself up the wall, as opposed to using your arms to pull
yourself up the wall,
5)  don't be afraid to turn your back to the wall.
     Looking at her facial expression, I apologized for giving
her too much information. 
     She said, it was fine and that it must be frustrating
for you to watch us. 
     Not at all, I responded, you are learning fast. 
     No we're not.  We're just farting around. 
     That's okay, play is good.  You learn a lot when you play.

     But, some people decide (and it has to be a conscious decision)
that they don't want to just fool around anymore.  They want to
master this skill.  When such people ask, you have to be in a
position to guide them.  Instruct them if you are competent to do so,
or refer them to a competent instructor.  Because wanting to learn and
not being able to find a mentor whom you can communicate with
is frustrating, and may cause the student to move on to other

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
     The paper that Kathy Jackson refers to,
"Unskilled and unaware of it:
how difficulties in recognizing one's own incompetence
lead to inflated self-assessments."

Learning How to Learn: The Steps

We Can Do Better At Training Leaders

***** Education *****

Human Predators: Four Features and Four Phases of Assault
     Share this essay on non-stranger rape with your
daughters.  So, they can see the attack coming, rather
than being surprised by it.

Intimate Partner Violence: Warning Signs
     Share this essay on abusive relationships with your
daughters.  So, they can see the attack coming, rather
than being surprised by it.

"Defensive Living" 2nd Edition
by Ed Lovette and Dave Spaulding
ISBN-13: 978-1932777093
ISBN-10: 1932777091
     The section on driving is invaluable. 
     This presents an enormous challenge to [the students]
during personal security training because they often
have no frame of reference for what the instructor is saying.
They hear the explanations for why they should or should not
do something. They are able to perform the indicated exercise
to the appropriate level during the training. But they may
not take very much of what they learn with them when they
complete the training if the instructor hasn’t done his
. . .
     The defeatist attitude is a selffulfilling prophecy.
It is most often identified by the phrase, “If they want me,
they’re gonna’ get me.” If you honestly believe that, close
this book and pass it on to someone else. We can’t help you.
More to the point, you can’t help yourself.
. . .
     Clint Smith . . . tells his students, . . . ,
“Get the best training you can afford. But train with the
understanding that most firearm’s practice is about 75%
physical and 25% mental.  A gunfight is about 75% mental
and about 25% physical.”
. . .
     . . . the sole purpose of motor skills training is
to develop a conditioned response to a specific threat.
You will have about a 3-5 second window in which to react
to worst case situations. If you have to stop and think
about what you are going to do you will simply run out of time.
. . . 
     The journalist asked her what precautions she took
when she was outside of her home. She replied,
I open my eyes. I open my mind.
. . .
     "Is it possible to empty-hand defeat an opponent with a gun?
Yes, of course it is.  But in addition to skill, the martial
artist must be very lucky.  And the man with gun must be very
stupid." - Sekeichi Toguchi, Karate Grandmaster
. . .
“Advanced training is nothing more than the basics mastered.”
. . .
Shown here is a rear sight that has been widened with a file . . .
     [This is critically important.  In low light
conditions the light on either side of the front sight
will get very thin or disappear if the rear sight is too small. 
(And they all come from the factory too small.)  This
forces the shooter to move the front sight up relative
to the rear sight, so he can distinguish the front sight
from the rear sight.  This causes his bullets to impact high. 
-- Jon Low]
. . .
     If you look like prey, you will be preyed upon.
     [No, you can't bluff.  You have to get training and you
have to practice what you've learned in your training. 
There is no other way to convince the predator that you
are a competent operator, and will kill him if need be. 
     If you convince the predator, he will leave, and
you win in every sense of the word.  -- Jon Low]

7 Competitive Shooting Books You Need To Read

The Cornered Cat

Defensive Use of Firearms
     The techniques are clearly explained.  But many
differ from what is taught in modern gun schools.
Technique must also adapt to conditions.

Fackler Discusses Shots To The Pelvic Area

"Building Shooters"
ISBN-10: 0692621784
ISBN-13: 978-0692621783
"Mentoring Shooters"
ISBN-10: 0692890564
ISBN-13: 978-0692890561
by Dustin P. Solomon
     The important thing is that Mr. Solomon is
good about responding to questions.

***** News, Legal, and Political stuff *****

'God and Second Amendment' saved Richard Childress from home break-in attempt
     On a car racing web site.

"Law of Self Defense Case of the Week"
     Regaining the element of innocence.  Or, not.

Other credentials for carrying:
     Armed Forces Courier Card
On the back of this card are orders from the President of the United States
directing all law enforcement, military, and government employees to render
all aid and assistance to the bearer of this card.  When we carried
classified material, we would not surrender to arrest by police or anyone
else.  Of course, some people don't recognize the authority of the POTUS. 
You just have to shoot them.  Because you can't let them shoot you and
get access to the classified material, especially crypto keys.
     State Armed Guard/Courier License
Congress enacted the
Armored Car Industry Reciprocity Act (ACIRA) of 1993,
amended several times thereafter.
The magic words are, "We are transporting federal money." 
(Isn't all money, federal money?  Think about it. 
Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's.  Give unto God what is God's.)
The cops should leave you alone.  If not, eventually an FBI agent
will threaten to arrest the policeman for violating federal law
if he doesn't release you.  Some cops are not as legally educated
as others.
     A written contract with the U.S. State Department saying
that you will not be prosecuted for anything you do in this
third world pit.  Oh, you mean you've never hear of Blackwater? 
Of course, the U.S. State Department is not trustworthy and you
might be prosecuted.
     Operating in an absolute monarchy with written orders from
the King (or Crown Prince) is really nice.  Or, Status Of Forces
Agreements (SOFA) with the hosting country will suffice.
Hunting terrorist in Riyadh and Ankara during the Iraqi Freedom
operation, those were the days. 
     And then, of course, there is nepotism.  We were on the
second floor of Fisalia Tower (a high rise) in downtown Riyadh. 
It's a big shopping mall.  We were eating at the McDonalds. 
Across the way, a Matawa (religious policeman) is beating a woman
with his stick (Matawa only carry sticks.) and screaming at her
to cover her head.  (Women exposing their hair in Saudi is
pornographic.)  She pulls out a pistol and shoots the Matawa dead. 
The regular police (Ministry of the Interior), armed with
submachineguns, immediately show up.  She shows them her ID card,
which identifies her as a princes of the al Saud family
(the royal family).  The cops let her go.
     Lucky you live in America.

***** Survival Tips *****

     Police shoot one of their own every 18 months
around the nation in everyday police work, . . .
. . .
     All of this, "we are there to save lives . . .
we are there to intervene in the conflict and negotiate"
is nonsense.  For every negotiator type, you have a
dozen meat eaters racing to be the first one to make
his career by taking down the terrorist.

If [the police] seem focused on you,
have your hands empty, open palms toward them,
and get on your knees.  The snake flag people
may have issue with this, but its like arguing
the rain has no right to wet you down.

     I have heard medics argue about what to use
to clean a wound if clean water is not available. 
One of my friends, who is an M.D., opines that
urine is okay.  It's sterile and it's warm;
and if the donor is properly hydrated,
it's clear and in large volume.  So, it's close
to water.

***** Basics *****

Back Curve
     Combat rifle trajectory considerations.

***** Miscellany *****

     If you would like the lesson plans for my
NRA Defensive Pistol course, send me an email,
and I'll send you the latest version.  The lesson
plans constantly change as I take courses,
communicate with other instructors,
and stay abreast of best practices.


Jonathan Low

Friday, December 22, 2017

CWP, 22 December 2017 Anno Domini

Merry Christmas Sheepdogs,

***** Mindset *****

"If you prepare for the emergency,
the emergency ceases to exist!"
-- Dr. Sherman House

     Tom Givens says that panic is the result of not
having a pre-programmed response for that situation
that you can automatically default to. 
     You don't necessarily have to practice your
response for thousands of hours in order to engrain it. 
Visualization works well for Olympic athletes.  It will
work well for you.  The more you practice visualization,
the more detailed it will become and the more effective
it will be.
     Simply ask yourself, "What will I do if someone
attempts to rob the cashier?", "What will I do if
that guy walking towards me gets too close?", "What
will I do if I hear glass breaking in the middle of
the night and my daughter screaming from her bedroom?" 
Answer your questions in detail.  Go through the motions
of actually doing it (without your gun drawn). 
     Now, if the situation should occur, you will be
thinking, "Okay, I've done this before.  I can handle

Should more people bear arms after Schlenker shooting?
     "We (law enforcement) call ourselves the first responders,
but in reality, we're the second responders,"
said former Melbourne police Detective Mark Laderwarg
     "I'm firmly convinced we can no longer sit back and pray
the fight isn't brought to us,"
Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey said in a YouTube video
he posted in June on the "Brevard Sheriff" account.
"If there's an active shooter, until law enforcement arrives,
it's up to you to neutralize or eliminate the threat."
     "(The gun) does no good in your car or in your house,"
Ivey said.

They [criminals] Don't Think Like You Do

When we "Go to Guns!"

     Words have definitions, as in a scholarly dictionary,
as American Heritage (not a popular dictionary, as in Webster's). 
[No, the OED (Oxford English Dictionary) is not American
English.  It is British English.  The two diverged in the
time of Shakespeare when English speakers moved to America.]
Bad guys use violence to get what they want.
Good guys use force to defend themselves from bad guys.
Good guys don't commit violence.
     Words don't necessarily have meaning (semantics). 
In English, the sentence is really the minimal unit of
meaning.  Yes, there are one word sentences.
     In English prose, the paragraph is the standard
unit of prose.  Yes, there are one sentence paragraphs. 
But, it generally takes more than one sentence, so as
to eliminate ambiguity.

***** Training *****

How Do You Train?

Practice smarter: Information is key to improving shooting
Unfortunately, there are several problems with practicing
this way. First, it's a waste of time because little
productive learning takes place.

Beyond the CCW Pistol: Four Factors of Survival

Why? On the subject of Sight Radius.
     This article has nothing to do with sight radius. 
Dave Spaulding is talking about how essential it is
that the student know why he is using a certain piece
of equipment or why he is using a certain technique.
     I am always tickled when a student just tells me the
truth when I ask him (or her) why they do something
questionable.  "Yeah, I think these sights (technique,
tactic, etc. . . . place one here) looks really cool.  It
makes me feel awesome."  Beer will do this as well
and will not place you in as much danger as looking
cool in a gunfight, providing you don’t drink and
drive.  Of course, my response will be "how is
(insert whatever here) ability to enhance your
performance working for you?  If it is not enhancing
anything then WHY are you doing it?"  Once again,
we are back to why.
     In the case of cool looking sights,
the view of the sights that is important is from
the rear . . . not from the side where "cool looking"
is determined.  So which is it . . . cool looking or
performance enhancing?  If you can’t answer this
question, then is cool looking a good enough answer? 
Only you can decide but one thing I will offer,
"shooting cool" can be fatal.

Get on Target: Overcoming Anticipation
     Untrained shooters anticipate the recoil and
push against it.  This is one of many autonomic
nervous system responses to the recoil (push) and
report (bang).  The way to defeat your autonomic
nervous system responses is to strive for and
achieve a surprise break.  This is subtle.  This
is difficult to do by yourself.  Ask for help.
Get a coach.  Get an instructor.  Yeah, you may
have to pay them.  It's worth it.  You get what
you pay for in this world.

Drill Your Way To Victory

Your Tactical Training Scenario- Juvenile Violent Criminals
     It's really important that you answer the questions. 
Lack of preparation causes panic.

5 Critical Elements Of A Handgun Training Program

***** Tactics *****

The Truth About Target Identification
Target identification is relative and not absolute. 
Once you have enough, waiting for more is a tactical blunder.

Options for Non-Combatants

***** Techniques *****

How to Avoid Shooting High
     Opening up the rear sight is essential on combat
pistols, because in low light conditions the light on
either side of the front sight will disappear if the
rear sight notch is too narrow.

***** Gear *****

     With the decline in sales of firearms in the U.S.
(in large part due to the easing of fear because of the
Trump presidency) the prices have been coming down. 
The price point for a reliable self defense pistol
used to be $500. I just got a Ruger American in .45 ACP
with two magazines for $450 retail.  So, things are
good for the consumers these days.
     Truly ambidextrous pistols with adjustable
grip size at reasonable prices are the: 
Ruger American (~$450), H&K P30 and variants (~$550),
and the Springfield Armory XD variants (~$550). 

     Your gear is heavy.  It may make your pants or
skirt sag.  My solution is a study gun belt and
Perry Suspenders.
     Their regular suspenders
are too weak for our needs. 
I recommend the RUF-N-TUF suspenders.
     They also have polypropylene suspenders that
don't stretch as all.
If you're a fireman, policeman, or soldier carrying
a heavy load on your belt, this would make sense. 
But, they are not comfortable because they are not
     These all hook around your belt.  But they
also have the type that clip to your belt or clothing.

1911 Emergency Field Repair

Excerpt from a letter that I sent to several students in an upcoming class --
     You must be able to easily and quickly field strip your pistol and
re-assemble your pistol in the dark (or with a blind fold on).  If you
can't do this with your pistol, your pistol's design is wrong.  The pistol
should not have springs shooting out when you field strip it.  The pistol
should not have small pieces falling apart when you field strip it. 
     If you disassemble beyond field stripping then you may have springs and
small parts flying all over the place.  So, you should have a
gunsmith do any disassembly beyond field stripping.  Or, if you feel
compelled to do it yourself, do it inside a clear plastic bag, so you
don't lose pieces; and video record it, so you get all the pieces back
in the correct place.  Yes, badly designed pistols may be re-assembled
incorrectly, causing deadly problems.
     Never disassemble more than one pistol at a time.  If you get
parts mixed up between the pistols, you are demanding trouble. 
And Murphy's Law will oblige.
     Difficulty field stripping and assembling your pistol will create a
barrier to cleaning your pistol.  So, you won't regularly clean your
pistol as you should.  [Instead of watching that ball game on TV,
I'm going to clean my pistols.  Ah, I can feel my character improving
and my soul maturing.]
     Don't use a revolver for combat.  They take too long to reload and
reloading is much more difficult than with a modern semi-auto pistol. 
     No, revolvers are not more reliable than semi-auto pistols.  Anyone
who tells you that is ignorant, to put it politely.  If you open up
a revolver, you will see many tiny parts that have to be precisely
timed.  It looks like the inside of your grand father's wind up pocket
watch.  The more moving parts a mechanism has, the less reliable it is. 
     The ammunition capacity is too low.  The reload capacity is too
     There is no technical or tactical advantage to using a revolver. 
Anyone who tells you that there is is wrong.  Tell me the reasons
that they gave you and I will explain why.
     Winning in combat depends on speed, accuracy, and power. 
You can control speed and accuracy in real time.  Power is what
you bring to the fight.  So, you might as well carry the most
powerful cartridge that you can shoot accurately.  The NRA
recommends 9mm to .45 ACP.  Anything smaller than a 9mm
has too low a probability of stopping the attack.  (It is
ineffective.)  Anything larger than a .45 ACP will make
accurate shooting difficult because the recoil is too great.
     I have standardized my pistols on the .45 ACP cartridge
(so I don't have to stock more than one pistol ammunition) because
terminal ballistics (effect on target) is determined by penetration. 
Penetration is determined by momentum.  Momentum is
determined by mass.  So, you should throw the most massive
bullet that you can.  No, as a matter of fact, bullet speed
doesn't matter that much in our context.  No, over penetration
is not a realistic concern, it almost never happens.  Because pistol
ammunition is ballistically deficient.  If we knew we were going
to be in a fight, we would be armed with a rifle or shotgun. 
We only carry pistols because they are convenient and
     If your pistol has a magazine release in some position that does
not allow easy one handed operation, you don't have a combat
     You're not going to have two hands in combat.  You'll be
carrying a baby.  You'll be injured.  Murphy's Law guarantees it.
     Just because you are right handed does not mean you are
going to be right handed in combat.  So, your pistol must be
     The Glocks and S&W M&P's that allow putting the magazine
release on either side are not ambidextrous.  The SA XD's and
the Ruger American's are ambidextrous (and many others).
     If your pistol does not have a trigger guard, it is not
a modern combat pistol.  Get rid of such pistols before you
have a negligent discharge.

     In a standard full size (not compact or sub compact)
pistol chambered for .45 ACP, a double stack magazine will
hold about 13 rounds and a single stack magazine will hold
8 rounds.  So, why does the Ruger American hold 10 rounds? 
In an effort to make the grip slimmer to better fit people
with smaller hands, the magazine is slimmer.  It is actually
in between a double stack and a single stack. 
     So, ordering common full size self defense pistols
in .45 ACP from fattest grip to thinnest grip (in my opinion)
we have: 
(magazine capacity + 1 in the chamber) 
Glock G21, 13+1
Para, 14+1
Springfield Armory XD, 13+1
Heckler & Kock USP, 12+1
Heckler & Kock HK45, 10+1
Smith & Wesson M&P, 10+1
Ruger American, 10+1
CZ 97 B, 10+1
1911 type single stack pistols, 8+1
(Of course, you can change the stocks, back strap, etc.
to change the size of the grip.)

    Avoid holsters that require the use of the trigger finger of the firing hand to
actuate a button to release the pistol, such as the Blackhawk SERPA holster.
Because, the common factor in documented negligent discharges is an unintended
continuation of the movement of the trigger finger toward the trigger due to the
"push button" motion required by the trigger finger to initiate firearm release.
    The manufacturer recommends that you not insert the pistol backwards into
the holster, because the pistol can get stuck in the holster. This is the primary
technique taught for support side hand presentation in the federal law enforcement
training schools (FLETC, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center).
    The release mechanism may fail to release the pistol due to debris (dirt,
small pebbles, snow) lodging behind the release button.
    Citation – email from U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park
Service, 1849 C Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20240; dated July 5, 2012; from
Acting Associate Director Louis Rowe; reference W34 (2460).
    Many IDPA clubs forbid this holster.  The Federal Law Enforcement
Training Center and the U.S. Interior Department forbid this holster.
    But, the U.S. Army has hundreds of thousands of these holsters.  Well,
that says something about the procurement personnel in the U.S. Army.

***** Instructors *****

     Instructors, you are the leaders of your class, not
just the teachers of your class.  Take heed,
"How Leaders Build -- And Destroy -- Trust"


***** Pedagogy *****

***** Education *****

Lessons learned from watching 12,000 gunfights

CRIME LAB: Myths & Misconceptions

***** News, Legal, and Political stuff *****

Concealed Carry in America

Man stealing AR-15 assault rifle from police car caught on surveillance video
     What gun control laws would have prevented this?
Where did this criminal get his gun?  From the cops.


Dismal Truth: Police Use-of-Force Training

WATCH: Off-Duty Officer Tracks Gunman Through Costco Before Shooting Him Dead

***** Survival Tips *****

***** Basics *****

***** Miscellany *****

Husband and Wife Christmas Shopping:
A couple were in a busy shopping center just before Christmas.
The wife suddenly noticed that her husband was missing and as
they had a lot to do, she called him on the mobile.
The wife said, "Where are you, you know we have lots to do."
He said, "You remember the jewelers we went into about 10 years
ago, and you fell in love with that diamond necklace?
I could not afford it at the time and I said that one day I
would get it for you?"
Little tears started to flow down her cheek and she got all
choked up . . .
"Yes, I do remember that store." she replied.
"Well, I'm in the gun shop next door to that store."

     If you would like the lesson plans for my
NRA Defensive Pistol course, send me an email,
and I'll send you the latest version.  The lesson
plans constantly change as I take courses,
communicate with other instructors,
and stay abreast of best practices.


Jonathan Low

Friday, December 1, 2017

CWP, 1 December 2017 Anno Domini

Greetings Sheepdogs,

***** Mindset *****

-- Dr. Sherman House

Please read the section under "Graphic Content" in this
month's issue of the Rangemater newsletter,
     This is reality. 
     A couple nights ago my downstairs neighbor called me to help her,
as some one was pounding on her doors and windows.  I got home in about
15 minutes.  She had also called the police, before calling me. 
The Metro Nashville Police hadn't shown up.  She left to stay at a
friend's house.  I waited for the police.  The police never showed up. 

What Really Happens In A Gunfight?

Slaughter of the Disarmed

     Self defense is combat. (Whether you believe
it or not.)  Combat training is dangerous.  If
the training is not dangerous, it is not realistic
combat training.  (Sorry, but that's just true.)
In the Marine Corps, Marines sometimes get injured
and sometimes die in training.  Because it is real. 
So, if you attend a gun school that brags about zero
injuries in the history of their school, you can
rest assured that they either don't do combat training
or they only formed recently.
     If you make peanut butter at home in small
batches, you can maintain zero rat feces in your
peanut butter.  But, if you mass produce peanut
butter, it is impossible to have zero rat feces
in your product.  So, the FDA has standards for
acceptable levels of rat feces in peanut butter. 
If the inspectors test and find the product is
within standards, it is sold for human consumption. 
If not, it is labeled "Not for human consumption"
and sold.  Similarly, any large gun school will
have a certain percentage of incompetents attending. 
Screening for criminal background, as some do,
will not prevent the incompetent from attending. 
So, you get people shooting themselves while
holstering and sometimes worse than that. 
How can you avoid that situation? 
Attend small classes.  Many instructors limit their
classes to 5 persons or less.  Such instructors
are worth finding.  All of the NRA classes that
I have taken have had 5 students or less; in some
I was the only student.

     Any conflict (a gunfight, a divorce, etc.)
should be as short as you can make it.  The
shorter it is, the less hurt you get.  What
happens to the other person is incidental. 
Because your goal is to avoid getting hurt.
     If your goal is to wreak revenge or to mete
out punish, YOU ARE WRONG!  Jesus commanded you
to forgive, to free you from the mental entanglement. 
Not, to be nice to the other person.  God is
not going to be nice to that bad guy.  God is
going to put that bad guy in hell for eternity.
     You forgive the pedophile, but you don't
let him work in the Sunday school nursery. 
Similarly, you forgive your attacker, but you
still shoot him until he stops his attack.
     Forgiveness is not pacifism.  Pacifists
are not practicing Christian theology. 
They're just stupid.

A New Record!
"That nation is surest to live in peace,
that is most capable of making war;
and a man with a sword always by his side,
shall have least occasion to make use of it."
-- John Trenchard

It is our honor and privilege to advance our Art,
and teach it to the worthy, aware, and audacious
who know and understand that victory is the only
reality in the universe!

***** Training *****

13 Common Concealed Carry Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

2 simple drills that will make you a better shooter

"Are You Really Ready?"
After almost 28 hours of training with shotgun and
pistol, I can most definitely tell you that I am
nowhere near as prepared as I thought I would be. 

Review of Rangemaster shotgun class

What to Look for in a Firearms Trainer

***** Tactics *****

How to protect yourself during a mass shooting

How to Clear Corners in a Home-Defense Scenario

***** Techniques *****

Head Position: A Misunderstood Basic

History of "Shoot To Reset"

This is why you must carry with a round in the chamber.

***** Gear *****

Shooting Sports USA recommends
5 Great Action Pistols Under $700
starting on page 14.

What Some Clueful Instructors Carry as a Defensive Firearm

10 Essential Criteria for Selecting Your Concealed Carry Holster

5 Best Tactical Flashlights Under $100 [2017]

"Everything there is to know about handheld tactical lights"
(Well, at least everything I’ve come to believe about them. 
In regards to civilian defensive firearms and self-defense.)

     Be careful thinking that because some law enforcement agency or
military unit bought it in large quantities, it must be good,
because they surely know what they are doing.  This is in general false. 
Government agencies are required by law to give the contract to the
lowest bidder.  There is rampant corruption in the government procurement
systems.  (hundreds of Navy Admirals are presently under investigation for
corruption).  The U.S. Army has purchased hundreds of thousands of the
Blackhawk SERPA holsters.  Even though they knew that the
Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (FLETC) and the U.S. Interior
Department have forbidden these holsters.  Because, continuation of
the motion to release the pistol will fire the pistol; small rocks
or snow can get into the release mechanism preventing the pistol from
being released; inserting the pistol into the holster backwards (which
is the technique taught at FLETC for support hand only presentation)
will cause the pistol (usually a Glock) to get stuck in the holster.

***** Instructors *****

As instructors, we have a grave responsibility

     It's worth your time to go into the gun stores and dry fire and disassemble
and play with all the pistol you can.  So, that when a student attends your
class with some strange pistol, it's okay, because you've handled it before
in the gun store.

***** Pedagogy *****

***** Education *****

The Dump Pouch (Training Blog)

Wound Ballistics -- Practical Issues
     Dr. Williams suggests actually killing a hog. 
Especially if you've never killed anything.  Yes,
he acknowledges that this will be difficult for
city folk. 

***** News, Legal, and Political stuff *****

Chris Cox of the NRA-ILA Speaks with James Yeager
     Legislative realities are ugly.  Because
democracy is ugly.  Because humans are ugly.

If The Supreme Court Takes This Gun Control Case,
Its Decision Will Be Huge

The Marine Corps Now Has Its Own FBI-Approved Concealed Carry Glock

The Wolf and the Lamb (Aesop's Fables)
     A WOLF, meeting with a Lamb astray from the fold,
resolved not to lay violent hands on him, but to
find some plea to justify to the Lamb the Wolf’s
right to eat him. He thus addressed him:
     “Sirrah, last year you grossly insulted me.”
     “Indeed,” bleated the Lamb in a mournful tone of
voice, “I was not then born.”
     Then said the Wolf,
“You feed in my pasture.”
     “No, good sir,” replied the Lamb,
“I have not yet tasted grass.”
     Again said the Wolf, “You drink of my well.”
     “No,” exclaimed the Lamb, “I never yet drank water,
for as yet my mother’s milk is both food and drink to me.”
     Upon which the Wolf seized him and ate him up,
saying, “Well! I won’t remain supperless, even though
you refute every one of my imputations.” 
     The tyrant will always find a pretext for his tyranny.
[Translated by George Fyler Townsend.
Aesop's Fables (p. 15). Amazon Digital Services, Inc.]

Gunmaker Remington faces default as Americans buy fewer firearms
     Blaming Remington's failure on the consumers is
non-sense.  Any corporate failure is due to mismanagement
at the executive level.

***** Survival Tips *****

     Ken Alexandrow of Agape Tactical
spoke to the Tennessee Firearms Association monthly
meeting last night, 11/21/17, at the Golden Corral in
Nashville, TN.  I paraphrase --
Concerning Church Security
     No one rises to the occasion.  That's just a myth. 
They sink to the level of training that they have mastered.
     What does the bad guy fear?  Not death, because he
plans to die (to get his 72 virgins) or thinks he can get
away without dying.  The bad guy's greatest fear is
mission failure.  So, if you make him believe that he will
fail at your venue, he will leave and go to another venue.
     For church security (or generally for security of your
organization) you need to implement:
     Deterrence - The South Carolina mass murderer went
to the College of Charleston, but left when he saw the
armed security guards.  He then went to several churches,
but left each one because a greeter approached him in the
parking lot to greet him.  (He had many racist and white
supremacist bumper stickers on his pick up truck.) 
Anything bad that happens in your church has to come
through your parking lot.  So, that is where you must
intercept it.  Finally, he went to the Emmanuel AME
church which he knew was a gun free zone, because the
pastor had publicly declared his church to be so. 
No one greeted him in the parking lot.  So, he walked in.
[When I was working with the Dowelltown United Methodist
Church, I put up posters all over the area inviting
people to our Defensive Pistol classes and advertised
widely to ensure it was common knowledge that DUMC
was not a gun free zone. - Jon Low]  Don't post signs
indicating that your church is a gun free zone.  That's
just telling criminals that it is safe to prey on
unarmed victims here.  If you're afraid of scaring
off liberals, adopt a don't ask don't tell policy. 
Make sure your security team knows who in the
congregation is armed.  If someone not on the security
team is armed in church, explain to them that we have
a security team.  So, please let the security team
deal with the situation.  If you present a weapon, the
security team might think you are the bad guy. 
(Ken was speaking in the context of mega-churches
where you don't recognize everyone.)
     Detection - There is nothing racist about
profiling criminals.  Shake the prerson's hand. 
Maintain your grip.  Don't let go of his hand. 
With your left hand feel his waist area.
(87% of the American population is right handed and
so will carry weapons on the right side waist line.)
If you feel a gun there, maintain a grip on his right
hand and ask him about the gun. 
     Denial - If you are not happy with his answer,
ask him to leave.  Your church is a private business. 
You can deny service to anyone for any reason. 
If he won't leave, call the police and ask the police
to arrest him for trespassing. 
No, you don't have to post "No Trespassing" signs. 
Just call the police.  The police will arrest him.
     Once the bad guy is in your building, it's
too late, you're screwed.  You're now going to have
a fire fight with a high body count.  Unless someone
immediately stops the attack.
     The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a
gun is a good guy with a gun.  If the good guy is
competent.  Which means training and practice.
     Nothing in the Bible says you have to bow your
head and close your eyes when praying.  The members
of the Emmanuel AME church were killed when they
closed their eyes to pray.  Many pastors have been
killed when they closed their eyes to pray.  Pray
with your eyes open and looking around.

A New Active Killer Trend and Eight Ways to Counter It

Dr Kenji Inaba is a trauma surgeon at the University
of Southern California. He is also the director of
their surgical ICU.
Bleeding from an area that is a junction of an
extremity and the torso (and neck) that is not
amenable to hemorrhage control by tourniquet.

Self Defense in the House of God

Staying Mentally Healthy

***** Basics *****

Free Basic Handgun Safety Course
This FREE 20 minute online course will satisfy
the training requirements for a Virginia CCW
when the optional certificate is purchased
after completion.

Safety First: Basics of Pistol Shooting

Getting a Gun for Self-defense? You Need These Five Things

***** Miscellany *****

     If you would like the lesson plans for my
NRA Defensive Pistol course, send me an email,
and I'll send you the latest version.  Because
it is constantly changing.  Because I am
constantly taking courses to improve my knowledge
of the subject.


Jonathan Low

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

CWP, 8 November 2017 Anno Domini

Greetings Sheepdogs,

***** Mindset *****

"The Thick of the Fight!"

The Test, Ready or Not!

Self Defense Success – It’s All In Your Head


***** Training *****

MAG-20 course (Massad Ayoob Group) JANUARY 27-28, 2018 in Summerville, SC
Armed Citizen's Rules of Engagement
     Even flier at
     Registration at
     at the Palmetto Gun Club

Train For Pain

Gunfighter Logic: 10 Rules for Conceal Carry


Real & Imaginary Dangers of Firearms Training Classes

Skill Set: Simple and Effective
"There are no advanced skills. Responding to a threat
is a matter of being able to apply the fundamentals."
     Simple is always better.  Because it is more reliable. 
Simple is not easy.  Simple things are often very difficult
to do, and require self discipline to cause yourself to

Why you should stop plinking and start training at the gun range
Training means knowing when it is time to seek professional
instruction in order to push your individual limits to get
better, faster and more accurate. A second set of eyes
helps identify weaknesses and target areas of needed
improvement. A quality firearms instructor will give you
new ideas on ways to improve your weaknesses when practicing
on your own. They can help you self-diagnose and
self-correct your mistakes so you can work on improving
your skills outside of class. In other words,
you don’t know what you don’t know. Instructors can help
bring your previously unknown weaknesses to light so that
you can work on turning them into strengths.

Reality Training: Distance and cover
     How would you deal with a hostile bystander?
     You don't dictate the use of force.  The other
guy determines how much force you have to use.

Fact-based Decision Making
     After basic firearms training, people who's training
has moved up through shoot house simulators to force on
force will tell you that when they did their first
simulator it was a mess. They made mistakes and their
hearts pounded, but after a dozen times through the
simulator it became fairly mundane.
     Then when they added force on force training, the
training became much more challenging again. In one’s
first force on force exercises, one becomes more excited
and more agitated, and makes mistakes. You do that for
a while, and you get better.
     What makes people think it takes any less practice
to evaluate circumstances and make a decision while
under pressure, under a compressed time frame, than
it does to make a difficult shot under pressure?
These are both skills that can be learned and practiced.
Some will be better at either or both skills than others,
but everyone will benefit from training and preparation.

Adequate Learning Vs Overlearning: How Many Repetitions Is Enough?

Negligent Discharges During Training — Lessons Learned

Active Shooter Response Training Tip

Concealed Carry Training Mistake: Hollow Points

     For those of you who do not practice,
Proverbs 13:4 ESV The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing,
while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied.
Proverbs 10:4 ESV A slack hand causes poverty,
but the hand of the diligent makes rich.
Galatians 6:9 ESV And let us not grow weary of doing good,
for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.

Louis Awerbuck
Muzzle Awareness
Body sizes
Target Selection
Close Quarters

***** Tactics *****

***** Techniques *****

Important information on recognizing threats and trigger control
     May I invite your attention to,
Behavioral Cues to Impending Aggression
Mastering Trigger Control

AR Optics (pertinent to all systems)
Excerpt:  "It all looks great in the showroom" -- Anon

Richard Dimitri explaining the Shredder. 
In section 2 of this article,
A technique worth exploring.  Especially when lethal force
is not appropriate.

***** Gear *****

October 2017 Rangemaster Newsletter
     Paint your front sight a color that will contrast
with your probable targets.
     ". . . a big factor is the bad guy's training,
education, and life experience.  Most bad guys go
through the entire careers without ever running
into an armed citizen on the street.  Only about
4% of the U.S. population has some kind of carry
permit, and I'd bet less than 1% of them actually
carry on a routine, daily basis.  So, when a bad
guy confronts a citizen who is actually armed and
produces a weapon, the resulting mental lag time
for the bad guy allows even an untrained or
minimally trained defender a golden opportunity. 
The one who starts the fight has an enormous
advantage.  In this context, the bad guy started
the incident, but the student starts the fight."

The 2016 LEOKA Report- Studying the Cop Killers
In practical numbers, the Taser is only effective
a little more than half of the times it is deployed.

     Wire mesh goggles never fog up as do plastic
safety glasses.  That's why firefighters and forest
rangers use them.  This is the same technology
we used for fencing masks.

Skill Set: Holster Tips

     The company I work for, ATM Solutions Inc.,
requires us to wear at least level 1 retention
holsters, because we open carry when servicing
the automatic teller machines.  I could not find
an inside the waist band retention holster that
I liked.  Outside the waistband holsters flop
around when you move.  With an inside the
waistband holster, your gun belt holds the holster
tight against your body.  So, I got a Safariland GLS
holster (releases the pistol with pressure from
the middle finger when establishing a high tight grip),
unbolted it from the paddle that it comes with, and
bolted it to my Alien Gear leather holster backing. 
So far so good. 

     My Springfield Armory XD in .45 ACP was
giving me a blister on the inside of my right
thumb at the joint that connects the thumb to
the hand (sesamoid bones).  I'm right handed. 
So, I took a round file, removed a couple
millimeters of the grip and rounded the area
of the grip that was rubbing. 
     Leave the lines from the file.  You don't
want to take fine sand paper and make the
finish smooth.  You want the rough surface for
a high friction grip.  If you have sharp edges
in the surface, scratch them off with your
fingernails.  The plastic is really soft.
     If you don't shoot a thousand rounds in
a weekend in a high intensity course, you
will probably never get blisters. 
     I also got blisters on my brain.

Wash. PD to add suppressors to all service rifles
     134 decibels is still pretty loud. 
Ya, I know decibels are measured on a logarithmic scale.

     My company is constantly posting reports of our
colleagues getting shot (and sometimes killed) to
prevent us from becoming complacent, so I bit the bullet
and bought "soft" body armor.  I got a Safariland Level III set. 
It has lots of adjustments.  You really need someone
who knows what they are doing to fit you with a proper
set of body armor.  (I went to Greene Military and Police
in Nashville, TN.)  Just as your pistol has to fit your
hand.  One size does not fit all.
     Overview of body armor,
     Thoughts for buying body armor,
     National Instutute of Justice, Body Armor,
     Body Armor that Complies With NIJ Ballistic Resistance Standard, 0101.06
     The truth is that once you wear it for a while,
it becomes comfortable and you won't want to leave
home without it.  Just like your pistol.
     You have to wash the cloth carrier every
week at a mininum.  Otherwise, no one is going
to sit next to you.
     My son would buy helmets and body armor at the
gun shows, just to shoot them up to see what happens. 
But, if you're going to wear the armor for protection,
buying at a gun show is not a good idea, because you
don't know how old it is and you don't know what
abuse it has suffered.  Age is directly related to

***** Instructors *****

"Give more than you have to,
charge less than you can."
-- Pat Goodale

To Be A Good Instructor, You Have To Be A Student
     The first time I was in Israel for training,
a group of us were having a conversation and the
lead instructor said "When Imi gave us our black belts,
he said 'congratulations . . . now go learn the next thing'."
     That’s profound right there. The guy that invented
the system, gave him a black belt, then made a point to
tell them to go learn something else.  Expand your
knowledge base.
. . .
     If you do not MAKE TIME to be a student,
you will fall into mediocrity. You will puff
yourself up by telling yourself lies about
how much you know and how the others don’t
know shit.

***** Pedagogy *****

***** Education *****

Concealed Handgun Licensing: Asset to Texas
     Collating conviction data reported by Texas Department of Public Safety,
crime data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and census data,
it’s possible to determine relative criminality of handgun carry
licensees to their equivalent non-licensee population. This paper
analyzes Texas carry licensees versus non-licensee Texans over
age 21 to determine relative criminality, and also cites research
enabling a comparison between police officer malfeasance and
carry licensees.
     There are five sections in this report:
• Conviction rates determine relative criminality of each population.
• Carry licensees more law-abiding than police officers.
• Carry licensees are more law-abiding than non-licensees.
• Over 96% FBI crime reduction, if non-licensees were as law-abiding.
• About $10 billion annual savings, if non-licensees were as law-abiding.

Law of Self Defense
Live online session, every Wednesday, at 1PM Central time,

Confirmation Bias: Why You Make Terrible Life Choices
     Why is this article so important to your shooting? 
Because shooting is a high order intellectual activity. 
(At least if you're striving to shoot well and legally.)

Language Lessons: Normalcy Bias

11 Research Based Concealed Carry Tips From Criminal Video Analysis
     Prior to this analysis I would have thought that the vast majority
of assaults and robberies, which is what these scenarios generally
are, would have been one on one.  This is simply not true!
1.    Carry a high capacity weapon, ideally 8 rounds or above.
2.    Be able to access your gun with one hand.
3.    Keep your head on a swivel, checking your 6, the most dangerous area.
4.    Delay your draw.
5.    Obscure your draw.
6.    Do not engage immediately unless you must.
7.    Practice pivoting and engaging threats
8.    Practice gun grappling and one handed engagement within 3 feet
9.    Shoot from cover if available
10.   Practice shooting and moving at man sized target at 3-5 yards
11.   Validate all live training with force on force training

Signs Someone Has a Hidden Gun
     ". . . none (as in zero) of the criminals interviewed used a holster."
     "I always looked at their eyes, face and neck. 
People tense up before they launch and you can see
this as their eyes narrow or squint, their facial
muscles tighten and their carotid arteries in the
neck throb as their pulse quickens." -- Ed Head

***** News *****

Why police use of deadly force does not equate to intend to kill
     Instructors, carefully train your students. 
     "Why did you shoot him?"
     I feared for my life.  I shot him to stop his attack.
     "Were you trying to kill him?" 
     No, I was trying to stop his attack.

Texas man who shot, chased down Texas church gunman was NRA instructor
     The question is, "Why didn't anyone in the church shoot back? 
Why did a Good Samaritan have to rescue the congregation?" 
     Some churches have publicly declared all of their facilities
to be weapon free zones.  Even though Jesus told his disciples
to get swords, and if you don't have a sword,
sell your coat and buy a sword.  Luke 22:36

Lots of interesting stuff at
Crime Prevention Research Center

***** Survival Tips *****

Texas Rangers: Armed Citizen 'Engaged' Killer, Ending Rampage

What Most of Us Don’t Think About When Staying in Hotel Room

Is Carrying a Knife for Self-Defense a Good Idea?
. . . training is a must in order to effectively
use a knife for personal defense, . . .

Women: Reconnect with Your Innate Ability to Physically Defend Yourself

***** Basics *****

How To Make Sure Your Handgun Fits You

How To Use An AR-15

Gun Cleaning

     For rifles, the effective range is the distance over
which the bullet is supersonic.  Rifle bullets come out
of the muzzle at supersonic speed (except for smallbore
rifles firing match ammo, whose bullets are subsonic
from muzzle to target).  This puts the bullet in front
of its shock wave.  So, the bullet is traveling through
calm air.  (And hence laminar flow, at least around the
front of the bullet.  The idea of a boat tail bullet is
to reduce the area of the base of the bullet,
because at the edge of the base is where laminar flow
is lost to turbulent flow.)  When the bullet makes the
transition from supersonic to subsonic speed, it is
traveling through its own shock wave.  This means the
bullet is moving through turbulent air, an unstable
     For pistols, the situation is different.  Some
pistol bullets, such as a standard 230 grain .45 ACP
comes out of the muzzle subsonic [about 850 feet
per second (speed of sound is about 1100 to 1200
feet per second, depending on temperature, pressure,
humidity, and other things)]. 
So, there is never a trans-sonic transition. 
     For those bullets that leave the muzzle at supersonic
speeds, such as most 9mm cartridges, over pistol ranges
(25 yards) the bullet remains supersonic.
     The only problem you could run into would be when
you reload or buy extremely light bullets at extremely
high muzzle velocities.  They could undergo sonic
transition at pistol ranges.  But, you can determine
this, as there are many free online ballistic calculators.
     "Staff, that doesn't make sense.  Won't a bullet
with a higher muzzle velocity take longer to slow to
subsonic speed than a bullet with a lower muzzle
     No, at the speeds we are talking about,
air friction is approximately proportional to
the cube of the speed.  So, the faster bullet suffers
much more air friction, and so loses much more speed.
     A slow moving projectile suffers very little
air friction.  That's why precision air rifles (an
Olympic sport) are so efficient.
     A car traveling at 55 mph is using about half
of the energy from the engine to overcome air resistance. 
(Only half of the energy from the gasoline is converted
to mechanical energy.  The other half is lost as heat.
Electric cars are stupid, because half of the electrical
energy generated at the power plant is lost in the
transmission lines.  Where does the electricity come
from?  Burning oil and coal.)

***** Miscellany *****

     If you would like the lesson plans for my
NRA Defensive Pistol course, send me an email,
and I'll send you the latest version.