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***** Mindset *****

Complacency kills.

Posted by John S. Farnam on 4 Mar 2015
Excerpt:  Froze to death while waiting for help from 911.

     What's the most important attribute of self-defense?
Mental alertness. 
     What's the most important attribute of survival? 
Physical fitness. 
     What's the most important attribute of avoiding injury? 
     In the Marine Corps, we were trained to high crawl
(crawl on our hands and knees) and low crawl (on our
belly, side of the head scraping along the ground, using
elbows, feet, and knees to push ourselves forward)
to avoid getting injured or killed.  In a recent
conversation with a lady, who had slipped on
the ice and broken her hip, requiring total joint
replacement surgery and many months of rehab,
I suggested that in the future she should crawl over
the ice.  I told her that I had negotiated treacherous
ice safely many times by crawling.  She told me that
she was a lady and that crawling would be
undignified.  So, she would never do such a thing.

***** Training *****

     Slow is smooth.  Smooth is efficient.  Efficient is fast.
Speed will come automatically with practice. 
     Accuracy will not automatically improve with practice. 
     You must force yourself to keep your aiming eye open
through the shot process and follow through.  So, that
you can watch where the front sight is going during the
follow through, while you have the trigger trapped to
the rear.  And bring the sights back onto the target,
before resetting the trigger.  Watching your follow through
allows you to control your follow through, which is essential.
     You must focus on the front sight.  Sharp clear focus,
see the serrations on the front sight.  Visual focus equals
mental concentration.  If you are not focused on the front
sight, you are focused on the target.  Which means you are
concentrating on the target.  In such a case, your front
sight will wander off and you'll never notice it.
     You must get a surprise break to defeat your autonomic
nervous system.  Otherwise, you will anticipate the recoil
and push the shot low left for right handers, low right for
left handers.  Do not fire the shot.  Hold the sights on
the target and smoothly increase pressure on the trigger.
The pistol will fire.  You don't have to make it fire.
If you intentionally fire the pistol, you've got a good
chance of missing.  If you let the pistol fire, without
forcing the shot, you will be able to place the bullet
where you want it on demand every time.  In particular,
on the first shot.  Which is the most important, because
if you can end the fight with your first shot, you minimize
your injuries.  Yes, this is counter intuitive.  Yes,
this takes a great deal of practice to engrain in your
     Perfect practice makes perfect.  Imperfect practice
engrains bad habits that must be broken and fixed.

Improve Your Trigger Pull with These 6 Tips
Posted by Rob Leatham

***** Pedagogy *****

     I have had many many students take offense when I tell
them that they missed because they were not aiming.  They
assure me that they were aiming.  I'm standing behind them
when they are shooting and I can see their pistol far below
their line of sight (the line from their eye to the target).
It is natural to focus and concentrate on the target in a
high stress situation.  So, it is easy to neglect to aim.
     Shooting well under stress is not easy.  It is not
natural.  We are not born with guns in our hands.
The natural reaction to loud noises (report) and sharp
jerking motions (recoil) is to tense up our muscles and
shut our eyes.  It will take a great deal of training
to defeat this innate instinctive response to report and
recoil.  But, we must in order to shoot well.

***** Education *****

Understanding Transonic Flight
     Circulation theory (in the realm of fluid physics)
says that, at the boundary between the bullet surface
and the air, the air velocity relative to the bullet is zero.
That is to say, the air sticks to the surface of the bullet
and moves faster relative to the bullet, the further away
from the bullet the air gets.

***** Tactics *****

     Front Sight Reality Check
     Brad Ackman is analyzing the incident from the
perspective of a civilian under U.S. laws.  This
incident was in Brazil executed by a law enforcement
     Closing the distance to the bad guy in
the store was correct to avoid shooting the store
clerk and to increase the probability of a hit. 
     Shooting the accomplice (on the motorcycle) was
correct to prevent the escape of a violent felon
(the driver was guilty of murder, because his
accomplice killed the customer in the store as
witnessed by the plain clothes police officer
[under Brazilian law].) 
     Shooting the fleeing suspect was correct
to prevent the escape of a violent felon (the
officer witnessed the suspect shoot the customer
in the store).

***** Gear *****

Preparing Your Home, Family, and Business for TERRORIST ATTACKS
by U.S. Representative Robert Pittenger
Chairman of the Congressional Taskforce on
Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare
     Related article,

***** News *****

ATF’s AR-15 Ammo Ban Halted in Big Win for California

"Slate: Not Fair to Say Gabby Giffords’
Attacker Passed Background Check"
     Truth hurts.

"Everytown: Fight Campus Sexual Assault
With Backpacks, Not Guns"
     Stupidity kills.

***** Promotions *****

     Wilson County Friends of the NRA banquet tickets,
see attached file.

     Donation contest (Raffles are illegal in Tennessee.)
Kimber Custom CDP II, 1911 pistol, .45 ACP, MSRP $1,331.00
Tickets are $20.  Only 100 tickets will be sold.
You do not have to be present to win.  Winner will be
drawn when last ticket is sold.  Winner will be posted
on the Wilson County FNRA Facebook page.
See attached file.

     Alien Gear holsters, 2 for $49.88
     You might not notice the fine design unless you've
used holsters from other manufacturers.  You might not
notice the quality craftsmanship until you've worn it
for a while.

     Gamaliel Shooting Supply, Gamaliel, KY
(800) 356-6230,
CMMG AR15 - 16" SS 300 Blackout
Caliber:300 AAC BLACKOUT Chamber
Barrel: 16" M300 Profile Barrel, 416 Stainless Steel, 1:7" Twist, 5/8-24 Threaded

***** Politics *****

     Did your U.S. Representative sign this letter?
     News article explaining the letter,
"Congressional Opposition to AR-15 Ammo Ban Grows"

***** Miscellany *****

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