Wednesday, July 2, 2014

CWP, 7 March 2014 A.D.
Greetings Concealed Weapons Permittees,

***** Training *****

     The South Carolina Department of Corrections
will be hosting a Smith & Wesson revolver armorer's
school on April 15-17 in Cola, SC. Please contact
Bill Schaekel at for more info.

     Hey, Staff, what can I do to prepare
for a class?
     Adjust your attitude before signing
up for the class.  The instructors have
a lot of good information to teach me.
The value of the class is far more than
the cost of the class.  The value of the
class is far more than the cost of the
ammunition for the class.  I'm going to
pay attention, and I'm going to be safe.
     Run three miles a day.  5 minutes at
an easy jog to warm up.  20 minutes at a
run; get your pulse up to 80% of maximum.
(Maximum pulse rate is achieved when you
feel like you're going to vomit.)
5 minutes at an easy jog to cool down.
     Good cardiovascular fitness will improve
your attitude.  If you're out of condition,
you'll be feeling, "I'm tired. I want to
go home."  If you're in good condition,
you'll be thinking, "Ya, this is fun. 
What's next?"  (At least that's what they
taught us at the Olympic Training Center
in Colorado Springs, CO.)
     Do pull-ups.  The Marine Corps thinks
20 is a reasonable number of pull-ups.
(10 for old guys like me)
     Do push-ups.  The Army thinks 71 is
a reasonable number.  (56 for old guys 
like me)
     With one hand at a time, crumple a
sheet of newspaper into a tight ball.
(The entire Washington Times, not just
the sports section.)
     As Steve Cooper of Paladin Training
says, hand and arm strength is essential
for shooting self-defense pistols.

     Well, Staff, it seems you've finally
made the big time.
Yup, nothing like preaching self-defense
to a bunch of organic food eating, yoga
practicing, raw milk drinking hippies. 
This ain't your mother's Tea Party.

***** Lessons Learned *****

     A friend of mine from college
(Columbia University in New York),
who is highly educated, saw the movie
"Wanted" with Angelina Jolie.  He asked
me if a shooter could really make bullets
curve around objects the way they did
in the movie.  I explained to him that
that was not possible. 
     Hey, if you've never taken a physics
class you might not understand inertia.
Almost everyone on this planet has not
taken a physics class.
     Compare the amount of time the
average person watches TV and movies to
the amount of time they spend in school,
and you will see that the vast majority
of people know what they know from mass
media.  Rush Limbaugh refers to such
persons as the low information voters
(if they vote).
     So, you have to get yourself educated
so that you can explain to others.
You have to get your children educated
so that they can teach others.
Our political and cultural enemies are not
evil.  [If they were, we would be justified
to kill them on sight.  That's what makes
zombie killing so popular.  It's
intellectually lazy.  All the high order
intellectual processing has been removed.
You don't have to look at their hands to
determine a weapon.  You don't have to
determine their intent.  And they are
easily positively identified.]
     Our political and cultural opponents
are ignorant.  As President Ronald Reagan
said, the problem with our liberal friends
is that so much of what they know just
isn't so.

***** Gear *****
What's wrong with this picture?
You can't get a high tight grip on the
pistol while it is still in the holster,
because the leather is not cut
low enough to allow you to get your
middle finger up against the trigger


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