Wednesday, July 2, 2014

CWP, 27 December 2013 A.D.
Greeting Concealed Weapons Permittees,
     The slide stop of a pistol should not be
used to bring the pistol into battery. 
(Because that is a fine motor skill.)
It should only be used to lock the slide to the rear.
You should always rack the slide to release it
(Because that is a gross motor operation.)
and let the recoil spring ram the slide into battery. 
This ensures that the slide goes into battery.
The racking should be done in close to your chest. 
Not like a sling shot.
     Some modern pistols are manufactured so
that you cannot release the slide with the slide
stop lever; an incremental improvement in technology.
     But, what if I only have one hand available?
Then rack the slide on your holster, magazine pouch,
or boot heel.

     May I invite your attention to
     When using the restroom, the pistol
should not have been removed from the
holster (assuming it was in a holster). 
If the pistol was in his pocket, it
should not have been removed from his
pocket.  If the pistol was in his
waistband, he desperately needs basic
firearms training.
     Leaving the pistol anywhere,
other than in the holster, is WRONG!
The responsible gun owner keeps control
of his handgun.
     A modern handgun will not fire when
dropped.  All handguns commercially sold
in the U.S. must pass a BATFE (Bureau of
Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives)
drop test.  So, it's hard to believe that the
pistol fired because it hit the ground.

     A web site for finding gun shows.

     All guns are always loaded.

     The Knock Out game is real in spite
of what the liberal media says.
In my other job, I forwarded
an intelligence report about this game to
the North Charleston Police Department in
August of 2011.
     The goal of the game is to knock out
the victim with one punch.  So, the assailant
has to get close to you and surprise attack.
Solution?  Don't let anyone, whom you don't
know, get that close to you.
Never let a gang of young males get that
close to you.  You don't want to appear rude? 
No, no, you don't want to be dead.

     Residents of Josephine County in Oregon have formed
Community Watch groups, which are armed militias,
to protect their communities, because the Sheriff
only responds to life threatening calls.
     Official statement from the Sheriff:
     Deputies patrol 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.
Residents under the protection of a restraining order have been
advised to leave the county.  Sixty jail inmates were released.

     Not Carrying

Happy New Year!

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