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***** Mindset *****

Short Circuiting The OODA Loop

***** Training *****

Slow in practice means fast in combat

Sight alignment is far more important than sight picture.

Self Defense Training vs. “I’m Trained”

Thunder Ranch - Defensive Tactics (PART 1) 

Thunder Ranch Defensive Tactics (Part 2, flashlights)

The Top 3 Firearms Training Myths: Recoil + Dry Fire + Live Fire

"Get that training before you need it."

Improving Marksmanship: Call Your Shots

Sheriff's Tips: Practice With Either Hand

***** Tactics *****

  Fighting while carrying a child.

***** Techniques *****

What’s the fastest way to reload a pistol?
     This video does a grave disservice to its intended
audience, because the underlying assumption is that the
slide will be locked back when the pistol is empty. 
This is a false assumption, especially in combat
situations when people and things are bumping into you
and persons are attempting to foul your actions.


     I’m aware of what I think is your aversion to
Appendix Carry and offer this for your review: 

Hi Tom,
     Thank you very much.
     It's not a matter of shooting your penis (because
that is not life threatening).  It's a matter
of shooting your femoral artery in your support side leg
(because this is life threatening in a matter of seconds).
     It's not a matter of shooting your firing side leg.
It's a matter of shooting your support side thigh.
(Pincus is creating and defeating a straw-man argument.)
Because as normally used by most people, the pistol
is pointed at the femoral artery of the support side
thigh.  Not pointed straight down, as in the video
with Rob Pincus.
     People carry in the pelvic crease, which points
the muzzle at the femoral artery of the support
side thigh.  It violates our safety rule,
"Never cover anything you are not willing to destroy."
     The way Pincus has his pistol holstered, the
pistol is pointed down into his firing side thigh.
I can't believe he can sit comfortably with this
carry position.  Try it, you'll see what I mean.
     A pot belly makes the pistol inaccessible
in appendix carry.  No matter what Bob Leatham

***** Gear *****

Advantages of Striker-Fired Pistols
     I agree with this article.  I always recommend
striker action pistols to my students.

What Makes A Good Handgun Holster?

What not to buy and use.

     John Farnam says, "Ambidextrous magazine-release buttons
are considered by the naive to be modern and trendy,
but for one, I don’t want my magazine flying out of the
pistol when I fall on my strong side!"
     I think Mr. Farnam is wrong.  Just because you are
right handed in practice, does not mean you will be
right handed in combat.  Arms, shoulders, hands, fingers,
etc. are commonly injured in high stress situations. 
Falls, pinching, friendly fire, enemy fire, etc. can force
you to use your support side hand.
     I believe your self defense pistol should be
ambidextrous.  Your spouse or buddy who picks up your
pistol might be left handed.  One has to be optimistic
in combat.  (Hey, they could have just run away and
left you.)
     You might be sleeping on your support side when
the truck bomb goes off.  Leaving your firing side
injured with shrapnel and stuff.

     May I recommend Mason Henry rifles (AR type rifles) and pistols (1911 type pistols)
These are custom jobs with attention to detail and fine craftsmanship.
Life time guarantee on everything.  Support local small business.

     I have never taken money from anybody. 
So, I can write honest reviews.
     When Smith & Wesson sided with former President
Clinton against America's gun owners, I promised to
never buy another S&W gun.  Nothing good every comes
of breaking a promise to one's self.
     I bought a new S&W M&P 15 in caliber .22 long rifle,
serial number HCE6249. 
The adjustable stock was jammed in place.  The lever
that unlocks the adjustable stock for movement did
not work, because the knurled knob was screwed too
far out.  I could not screw it down because there
was a pin holding it in place and preventing it
from moving.  So, I attempted to contact S&W on their
web site.  After filling out the online form, you
have to type in some characters from an image. 
The web site repeatedly told me,
"The characters you entered did not match those
in the image. Please try again."  After several
tries, the web site stopped giving me captcha
images.  So, I could not send the message.  I
suspect S&W does this intentionally because
they are overwhelmed with complaints.
     I then sent them an email.  I have not
received a reply.
     I then phoned.  The customer service
representative said, "We make the rifles that
way.  There is nothing wrong with the rifle.
The fixed stock is required by Massachusetts law."
     I said, this rifle was shipped to Tennessee
for purchase in Tennessee.  To which the S&W rep.
responded, "You got what you ordered.  Take it
up with your retailer."
     They did not ask me to ship it back for
replacement.  They did not allow me to ship
it back, at my expense, for replacement.
     Truly world class customer service.
     I had to have a gunsmith fix the rifle.
     I bought a new Weatherby PA-459 tactical 12
gauge pump action shotgun, serial number AK33899. 
     The action repeatedly jammed when attempting to
rack the slide. 
     The mechanism for holding the shells in the
tubular magazine is unreliable, causing
double feeds and jamming in the receiver
when two shells are in the receiver, instead
of one. 
     This also causes stoppages when
attempting to load the tubular magazine. 
After loading one round, the loaded round
will pop out of the tubular magazine into
the receiver preventing you from loading
the next round into the magazine.
     After having a gunsmith take it apart
and inspect it, it is clear that the design
and workmanship are poor.
     The shotgun is made in Turkey.
     I had to have a gunsmith fix it.

***** Instructors *****

     Instructors, you must demonstrate every technique
for your students.  No, it is not obvious.  No, the
student will not figure it out.  The student
has to have a model to copy. 
     This includes rhythm, the timing between the
things you do. 
     This includes pace, the speed at which you do
things.  (Two shots at 3 yards will be much faster
than two shots at 25 yards.  The student has to know
how fast to shoot.  How fast he is expected to shoot. 
How fast it is reasonable to shoot at that distance.)
     You must let the student see the demonstration from
both sides of your body.  You must demonstrate it
left handed if you have left handers in your class.
(If you're not comfortable performing left handed,
practice.  That's your duty.)

***** Pedagogy *****

***** Education *****


***** Legal and Political stuff *****

Self Defense Insurance Comparison

     NRA Self Defnese Insurance
     I don't know anything about it.
Just saw the advertisement and thought you
might be interested.

***** Survival Tips *****

     The Crossroads Mall was, and is still, posted as a Gun Free Zone.
This ensured that the victims were unarmed.  Hence, 8 stabbed
before a person who violated the posting shot the
"soldier of the Islamic State".  Hanging out in gun free zones
is an act of stupidity, because such zones attract criminals. 
A hero who had the courage to violate the posting is the only
reason another 100 persons were not stabbed.

Emergency fire starters

***** Miscellany *****

2012 NRA Annual Meetings - Women's Tactical Association
Excerpt: (in the context of police departments)
"It's cheaper to pay lawsuits than to pay the
annual cost of training [police officers]."
at 1:57


     Lesson plans may be found at
or send me an email requesting the latest


Jonathan Low

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