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***** Mindset *****

     "Advanced Handgun Survival Tactics"
by David H. Leflet with Curtis L. Porter
"The fact that an opinion has been widely held is
no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd;
indeed in view of the silliness of the majority of
mankind, a widespread belief is more likely to be
foolish than sensible." -- Bertrand Russell
     Our classes are not for beginners.  But, we
have to teach the basics in our classes, because
so much of what is taught in other classes is wrong.

"In the real world, if a dangerous criminal is
trying to kill you, shooting that person in the
back is usually safer than waiting until he can
turn around.  If you are an innocent victim
facing a ruthless criminal, you need to be more
concerned about survival than fairness." has many pages of this book
available online.
Click on "Look inside" in upper left of web page.


"Carrying a Handgun - Separate Facts From Fallacies"

***** Training *****

A video to help you focus on your front sight.

Front Sight, example of safety rule 4, be sure of your target
and what's in line with it.  The video is in the middle of web page.
     The pharmacists shoots the armed robber in the back.
See excerpted quote a few paragraphs above.

"Securing pistols in cars"
"In the broader context, it was a training and doctrine failure."
     Leaving two children in a car with a loaded gun
is criminal negligence. (That's what the Lt. was alluding to)
     Primary source:

     We teach sight alignment and sight picture in
the class.  Most students think this is obvious and
trivial.  In pristine conditions, it is.  But under
stress, you have to force yourself to aim.  The
natural, instinctive tendency is to focus on the
target, not the front sight.  It takes a lot of
practice to be able to focus on the front sight
during combat. 
     When we train in the simulators and replay
the scenario, the student will often say that
the machines are malfunctioning, because that
is not where he was aiming (referring to the
white cross that shows where the pistol was
pointed throughout the scenario).  The fact is
that he was not aiming the pistol at all.  So,
of course the pistol is not pointed where he is
     We try to do the simulators before the IDPA
match, so that the student learns this and strives
to aim the pistol during the match.  Because it's
harder to analyze why he missed during the match.

Thunder Ranch - Urban Rifle (PART 1)
     Look at their hands!
     Command presence.
     Shoot around cover, not over cover.
     Practice with moving targets.
     You don't have to shoot fast, you have
to shoot good.
     High capacity magazines are not so you
can shoot more.  They exist to minimize rifle
     Putting a bolt in backwards in the bolt
carrier group of an M-16 type rifle so that
the brass ejects into the rifle, instead of
out of the ejection port, means that the 
bolt was machined incorrectly.  The bolt
carrier group should not assemble with the
bolt in backwards.
     Keep it simple.
Thunder Ranch - Urban Rifle (PART 2)
     In kneeling, the support side lower leg
should be vertical.
     The cheek weld should have the stock in
contact with the cheek bone and jaw bone.
Teeth together, mouth closed, jaw relaxed.
     Natural Point of Aim.  In prone, rotate
the hips around the support side elbow.  In
the kneeling, rotate support side foot and
firing side knee around the firing side toes.
In standing, rotate around the support side
heel.  Or, you can just twist your body.
     Offset is also large with Uzi's.
     Mr. Smith says 3000 to 5000 repetitions
to engrain muscle memory.

***** Pedagogy *****

     The reason we do 16 to 20 hours of dry practice
pistol manipulation with dummy ammo before live fire,
is to avoid the startle response that is evident in
this video.
     The wobble exercise demonstrated in the video
is interesting.
     Gunsite Academy is giving a 5-day Close Quarter Pistol
class in Nunnelly, TN, August 24 - 28, 2015 A.D.
Cost:  $1,895.00
     The minimum class size for these remote training
classes for Gunsite Academy is 15 students.  I have
always had a maximum class size of 5 students.  A
different philosophy, I suppose.
     I mention this because several of my students
had asked about further training.  Yes, when you get
outside of Jon's little world, things get very
expensive.  A week off from work, $2000, and a
hotel for 4 nights.

***** Education *****

***** Tactics *****

***** Gear *****

     "Negligent Discharge Wounds Four"
"Naked carry" means carrying a handgun without
a holster, which is wrong.


"How to improve your fiber optic sights for FREE,
thanks to Strike Industries"
     Let's do some science!

     Concealed Carry Purses
     Ms. Lightfoot does not mention steel cables running
through the straps to prevent slash and grab purse snatchings,
but I know several manufactures provide such. 
     Some zippers are of the tear open type, which allows
the user to pull the sides apart to get to the pistol without
first unzipping.  Important feature for combat.  All the modern
military sleeping bags are made that way.
     She mentions shooting through the purse.  As Wes Thompson
says, it's better to use a hammerless revolver because a
semi-auto has no place to eject the spent brass, which could
cause a malfunction.
     When she draws the pistol from the purse, notice how far
away from her body the pistol ends up.  You really want to
keep the pistol close (as in touching) to your body (weapon

***** Good Guys Win *****

Concealed Carrier Rescues Hostage,
Captures Naked Attacker

***** News *****

Teen Mistakenly Shoots Friend Who Was
Trying to Wake Him Up at His Window
     Identify your target before shooting.
Safety rule 4.

***** Opinion *****

***** Promotions *****

"The Modern Technique of the Pistol"
by Gregory B. Morrison, with Col. Jeff Cooper.
$26.00 wants over a $100 for this book.

***** Politics *****
     Make no mistake.  Our enemies in this culture
war are evil.  They are not well intentioned or
misguided.  They mean to disarm us, re-educate us,
and if necessary kill us.  If you don't believe
this, read history.

Federalization of Law Enforcement Would
Remove Bulwark for Second Amendment

Tennessee Firearms Association meetings:
May 19 – Nashville Chapter, Hermitage – Golden Corral – 5:30pm
May 21 – Memphis Chapter, Memphis – Range USA, 2770 Whitten Arms – 7:00 pm
May 21 – Williamson County Chapter, Franklin – Logan’s, Cool Springs – social starts at 5:30pm
May 25 – Cheatham County Chapter, Ashland City – Riverview Rest. – 6:00p
May 28 – Monroe County Chapter, Athens – Western Sizzlin’ – 6:00p. 
May 28 – Rutherford/Cannon Chapter, Murfreesboro – On Target – 5:30p
June 1 – Putnam/Upper Cumberland Chapter, Cookeville – Logan’s – 6:00p
June 2 – Knoxville Chapter, Knoxville – Gondolier Rest. – 6:00p
June 9 – DeKalb County Chapter, Smithville – Pizza Hut – 6:00p
June 9 – Morgan County Chapter, Wartburg – Liberty Recreation – 6:00p
June 11 – West TN Chapter, Jackson – Brooks Shaws Old Country Store – 5:30p

     The purpose of gun-control laws has always been to
criminalize the behavior of political enemies.  So,
that they may be arrested, imprisoned, and disenfranchised
(lose the right to vote and hence their political power).
     Conservatives assume responsibility for themselves,
their loved ones, and their community.  So, they keep
and bear arms to defend themselves, their loved ones,
and their community.  Liberals shirk this responsibility
and demand that the government protect them.
     The 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution has nothing
to do with sports, hunting, or self-defense.  The 2nd
Amendment is to ensure that the people will always have
the means to overthrow the government.  The Founding
Fathers understood how dangerous government was and
that the only way to prevent the government from enslaving
the people is an armed populace.  The purpose of the
militia is to defend the people from the government. 
"free state" refers to the people being free from
oppression by the government.  The Bill of Rights are
rights reserved to the people to protect them from the
government.  You are the militia.
     The preceding three paragraphs are true.  They may
not be what some people believe, but they are
Constitutionally true and historically true.  Evangelize.

***** Recalls *****

***** Instructors *****

     Instructors, please vet your students. 
I have received requests from persons, known
by law enforcement, to be associated with
drug gangs (Vice Lords) and motorcycle gangs
(Pagans), for training.  I was not aware of
the connection, but local law enforcement
informed me.  Apparently, some criminal
organizations are reaching a level of
sophistication where they recognize the need
for self-defense training in the conduct of
their business.  The applicants assured
me that the training was not for offensive
operations, but rather for self-defense.
If they pass the background check, I guess
it's a judgment call.  Please exercise good
     Some gun schools run background checks,
some ask for a self certification that the
student has no disqualifying convictions,
some take anyone who pays.  Consider your
responsibility for due diligence.

***** Miscellany *****

The Gunner's Guru
 (aka: Lt. Colonel Jeff Cooper )

Cool web site:  Active Response Training

     Past emails are at
     Lesson plans are at
or send me an email to get the latest version.


Jonathan Low

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