Tuesday, November 18, 2014

CWP, 18 November 2014 A.D.

Greetings Concealed Weapons Permittees,

***** Events *****

Fund raiser for the Hume-Fogg high school
rifle team.
McKay's Bookstore
636 Old Hickory Blvd
Nashville, TN 37209
(615) 353-2595
Saturday, January 10th, 2015 A.D.
4:00 to 5:00 PM
Book signing, "Defensive Pistol" by Jonathan Low.
Readings from the book, questions answered,
opinions given, paper and CD versions of the
book exchanged for a donation to the Hume-Fogg
high school rifle team.  Buttons for sale.

***** Mindset *****

     Sensei Fitzgerald says that a primary
initiator of a violent confrontation is the
perception by one party that the other party
showed disrespect toward them.  A solution
to prevent this situation would be to make
eye contact and say, "Good morning, Sir.",
"Good evening, Ma'am.", or something like

     Which is more important, the stranger
getting beaten or your family?  A legitimate
argument against intervening.
page 32.

***** Tactics *****

Student:  What do you think about point shooting?

Jon:  The only time it is reasonable to shoot
without aiming is when you are in a close
contact position, holding your pistol against
your rib cage to prevent the assailant from
grabbing your pistol. 
     By point shooting, I assume you mean
pointing the pistol at the target without
using the sights to aim the pistol.  That
will often result in a miss.  As ethical
moral people, we do our upmost to avoid
missing, because every miss is destroying
property and injuring or killing innocent
bystanders.  So, I think you should always
aim your pistol (except in the situation
cited above).

***** Training *****

     Coach Harvey invites our attention to,
"Much Ado About Nothing"
Sometimes it's hard to sort the truth from
the propaganda with regards to training.

     Griffin recommends the LaserLyte chamber lasers.
"I've found that using one adds some verification to
the sight alignment and trigger-control I practice
in dry-fire training.  They're a little pricey,
but can be had for 20-40% less through Amazon. 
I think mine has been worth the price.
As a bonus, the company has really good customer
service.  They're giving me a new one, out of
warranty, after I burned mine out."

     Shooting from a vehicle in the dark.  Yeah!

"If you aren't seeing the flame -- you're blinking."
page 22.

Technique for 200 yard pistol shooting.

     In the Defensive Pistol class that I am
presently teaching, I made some statements
concerning the use of force as we were taught
in Marine Corps Military Police training
back in 2002.  Here is a different opinion,

***** Gear *****

     Dave has found that replacing the magazine
release button and the slide lock lever with
extended versions on his Glock has made the pistol
much easier to manipulate.  A gunsmith at
Guns and Leather in Hendersonville, TN did the
job in a few minutes while Dave waited.
     That's why it is so important to take
classes.  We must learn what does not work
in training, not in combat.  We must fix the
problems at our convenience, not under deadline.

     Ralph Mroz has a nice article on holsters.
page 62.

     How are high end leather holsters made?

***** News *****

     U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals
(arguably the most liberal circuit) strikes
down "good cause" requirement for concealed
carry in California.
     On February 13th, 2014 the Ninth Circuit
(a three judge panel)
ruled that the Second Amendment is sufficient
cause for bearing arms for self-defense. 
     The California Attorney General appealed,
asking for an en blanc hearing
(the full 11-judge panel) to reverse the decision.
     November 12th, 2014 the court denies the
petition.  That means the court didn't even
bother to hear the appeal.  That is a very
aggressive way of upholding and defending the
Consitution against domestic enemies. 

     Yes, Virginia, registration does lead to

***** Miscellany *****

     Why are that statistics of police shootings
so bad? 
     "Most police retire without ever
having fired their weapons." -- Joe Sexton
     "nearly 95 percent of New York City's 38,000
officers have never fired their weapons while
fighting crime" -- Joe Sexton
     "Cops, at least most of them,
don't like to shoot their guns." -- Jack Ryan,
a deputy district attorney in Queens
[This was said in the context of practice,
not combat.]
     So, there exists an extreme sampling
bias concerning police shootings.  Correct
statistics are therefore extemely difficult
to calculate. 

     Older postings may be found at
     Lesson plans may be found at


Jonathan Low

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