Wednesday, October 22, 2014

CWP, 22 October 2014 A.D.
Greetings Concealed Weapons Permittees,

     Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.
Teach a man to shoot and he'll feed and protect
his family for a lifetime.

***** Mindset *****

     Adapted from the National Safety Council's
"Ten Habits of Defensive Driving".
Ten Habits of Defensive Shooting:
1.  Always carry your loaded concealed pistol.
2.  Evaluate the conditions -- yours,
the other people around you, and the
escape routes.
3.  Avoid impaired carrying.
4.  Use the "What If?" strategy to recognize hazards.
5.  Avoid distracted shooting.
6.  Always maintain emotional control --
Reflect, Reframe, Refocus.
7.  Avoid fatigued shooting.
8.  Maintain a safe distance from others.
9.  Always have a plan for every situation.
10.  Consider the innocent bystanders, armed
citizens, and plain clothes law enforcement
officers -- communicate (for instance by
yelling "STOP!" to determine the intent
of the suspect), be courteous (you don't
have to be a hero, being a good witness
is important too), and have patience
(sometimes finding a safe place to
defend is better than attacking).

***** Training *****

Shot Placement by John Hoschen

     If you're using a double action / single
action (double action on the first shot and
single action on subsequent shots until
decocked) pistol, and finding that your first
shot is impacting low left (for right handed
shooters) or low right (for left handed
shooters), it means you're not getting a
surprise break on your first shot.  It takes
a lot of training to master the long heavy
double action trigger pull. 
     If you are unable or unwilling (as I am)
to put in the training time, then the solution
is to use a single action or striker action
pistol, where every trigger pull is the same. 
     If carrying a pistol with a round
in the chamber and the hammer cocked bothers
you, I assure you that your discomfort is
due to ignorance.  The modern single action
and striker action pistols are safe.  They
can't be sold in the U.S. until they have
passed the BATF's drop test.
     They will not magically fire on their
own.  You must pull the trigger.

     Okay, I admit it.  It is possible to
magically fire the pistol even when the
safety is on and the trigger is not pulled.
But, you need a really strong magnet.

     Other schools of thought.
The instructor muzzles his left wrist when holstering.
That's why we don't recommend the appendix holster
position, and why we insist on one handed holstering.

     The National Safety Council says,
1.75 seconds for average perception time.
0.75 seconds for average reaction time.  Therefore,
2.50 seconds for an average person
from seeing the danger to pressing the brake pedal.
     Compare that time to the study
by Mike Waidelich that concluded
1.50 seconds for the average person
from perception of threat to shooting the threat.
One second is a significant difference.
The National Safety Council's average perception
time is greater than the Tueller Drill's total time.

Secretive Guerrilla Group Fighting Back Against ISIS in Syria
"We trained them ..."
     Yes, training is essential.
Vigilantes, guerrillas, and militias
without training are ineffective.
The courts and parole boards release
criminals (many of whom are
illegal aliens) to prey upon us.
The mass media calls us vigilantes
for defending ourselves.  All that
matters is that it's better to be
the victor than the victim.
Your loved ones are depending on

***** Tactics *****

Karl:  In a carjacking scenario,
does one ever shoot through a window? 
We learned the bad guy's bullet will
penetrate a side or rear window. 
If like today the bad guy has pistol drawn, ...

Jon:  Your pistol bullets will definitely
penetrate side and rear car windows,
if the angle isn't too close to parallel
to the plane of the window. 
Your pistol bullets will penetrate front
windshield windows if the angle is near
perpendicular to the plane of the windshield.
Always best to try to get perpendicular
to the barrier that you're shooting through,
because the barier will deflect the bullet. 
Shooting perpendicular to the plane of
the barrier minimizes the deflection.
     Front windshields are at least two layers
of glass with laminate (glue) inbetween. 
So, the direction of deflection is not necessarily
intuitive.  I took a sniper class at
Kaneohe MCAS in the early 80's in which
we shot at an assortment of barriers
including windshields and "bullet proof"
glass.  We learned that no matter what
angle the bullet enters, the bullets
exit at random angles; except when the
angle is perpendicular to the plane
of the barrier.  Maj. John Plaster's
book, "The Ultimate Sniper",
1st Edition, notes a similar result.
     If I can positively identify
the enemy through the window, I would
shoot through the window.  Be prepared
for the deafening report, back blast,
and glass fragments (that's why I
wear eye glasses instead of contact lenses). 
Frangible bullets, such as Glaser or
MagSafe are designed to disintegrate
on initial impact, so they would not
be effective after breaking
the window.  I would expect hollow
point bullets to deform after breaking
the window.  I would use a copper
jacketed round nose bullet for best
penetration and minimum deformation.
     You may be shooting through
the car door to stop the carjacker. 
Generally speaking, modern
automobile doors are not cover.
Again, I would use a copper jacketed
round nose bullet for the best
penetration.  Because we can't see
the inside of the car door and so
don't have intimate knowledge of
the inside of the car door,
we should expect deflection.

***** Gear *****

"Reliability is the non-negotiable baseline.
Carry the load(s) that work 100% in your
particular pistol.
     By "Reliability", Massad Ayoob is referring
to the ammunition that feeds from the magazine
and chambers without malfunction.  This is more
important than muzzle velocity, bullet weight,
terminal ballistics, or anything else.

     LED replacement for the xenon bulb in
your flashlight.
Flashlight Bulb LED Upgrade
650+ lumens
CREE T6 1 Mode Drop-in
P6 P60 Surefire
Arizona Tactical Gear
1754 South Linda
Mesa, AZ 85204
     This recommendation came from one of
our students, Karl.  The flashlight was effective.

     I bought ProEars ReVo youth active hearing
protection headsets for the kids. They were
about $80 each [the headsets, not the kids].
Had to purchase "N" type batteries for them.
They have a control knob for volume on each
ear piece (2 total) adjusted individually.
The kids were able to pick out their
favorite color (pink rain and green zombie)
and they really like them. Said they were
very comfortable and didn't complain about
wearing them for extended time. We were
able to have normal conversation on the
range yet block out noise from shots. Makes
for a much easier time coaching and talking
while shooting. I would recommend them.
-- Jeff Cole

***** News *****

Pro-gun Hollywood actors.
His wife, Angelina Jolie, is also
on the record as pro-gun, and has
stated that she would be more than
willing to shoot anyone attacking
her children.

***** Miscellany *****

     Swedish Soldier/Marine recruiting advertisement.
Making fun of U.S. Marine ad.

     Friday Night Gun Porn – the M1 Garand
Stripping and slow motion videos.

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