Shooting biography for Jonathan Low
 1975 - 1977 Punahou School, Rifle Team, smallbore 3 position.

1977 - 1980 Columbia University, Rifle Team, smallbore 3 position.

1981 – 1985 U.S. Marine Corps (active duty); Expert Rifle Badge; Expert Pistol Badge; 1st Radio Battalion, Fleet Marine Force Pacific, Battalion Armorer; Pacific Division Rifle Team.  
1985 – 2013 U.S. Marine Corps (reserve)

2002  Military Police, Provost Marshal’s Office, New River Marine Corps Air Station, qualified in pistol, shotgun, submachinegun, baton, pepper spray, hand to hand defensive tactics (different from the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program).  

2006 Navy and Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center, taught a basic pistol class while in intel school.

1997 – 2011 Front Sight Firearms Institute, Pahrump, NV
Graduated from the following classes:  4-day Defensive Handgun (5 times), 4-day Practical Rifle, 2-Day Uzi Submachinegun, 4-day Select Fire M-16, 2-day Edged Weapons, 4-Day Front Sight Instructor Development.  Assisted teaching the 4-day Defensive Handgun class as a line coach.

2006 – 2011  Chief Instructor at the Palmetto Gun Club, Ridgeville, SC.
Coach of the Palmetto Gun Club junior rifle team, smallbore rifle.
Coach of the Palmetto Gun Club junior pistol team, IPSC, Steel Challenge, IDPA.
Taught a monthly pistol classes at the Palmetto Gun Club that some people used to get their Concealed Weapons Permit.  Our class far exceeded the state standards.

National Rifle Association Instructor in rifle, pistol, shotgun, personal protection, and advanced pistol.  NRA # 1485008.
South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit Instructor.  Instructor Certificate # 200800838.
Tennessee Handgun Permit Instructor.  ID # 195/90/4030.

Coach of the Punahou rifle team, smallbore rifle.

Leader of the LIFE group, Lessons in Firearms Instruction.  The Hawaii legislature passed a law that required persons to take a class in order to get a permit to acquire a firearm.  The legislature said the police departments and the state sheriff would give the classes.  After the law passed, the law enforcement agencies declined to give the class, creating a statewide firearms ban.  So, we created LIFE and taught the NRA Personal Protection class (in the days before it bifurcated into Personal Protection Inside the Home and Personal Protection Outside the Home) and I signed the certificates so people could get their state permits to acquire a firearm.

Assistant Coach of the Mount Juliet Christian Academy Rifle Team.

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